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French Bulldog Crate Size: Dimensions Guide

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Last updated on September 22nd, 2023 at 05:24 pm

Whether you need a crate for training, supervision, or preventing nighttime wandering, choosing the right crate size for your dog is important for ensuring comfort and security. 

In this article, you will learn what size crate is best for a French bulldog and provide you with the best way to choose the optimal crate for your dog.

What Is the Ideal Crate Size for a French Bulldog?

The best crate dimensions for your French bulldog boil down to your dog’s size. On average, a standard crate size for a French Bulldog should be around 36” L x 23” W x 25” H.

A crate that is 30″ in length is also acceptable as it is not too large while still providing them with enough space.

dog crate dimensions 36" x 23" x 25"

Larger dogs like the German Shepherd, require a crate size between 42″ – 48″ in length.

The crate you choose should be neither too cramped nor highly spacious. Your Frenchie should be able to turn around easily in the crate.

He should also be able to sit up without crouching. 

In addition, your Frenchie should have enough room to stretch out his legs while lying. If the dog hits his head on the crate’s ceiling while moving, the crate is too small. 

On the other hand, you need also to ensure that the crate isn’t too spacious. If your dog has too much space in the crate, it can negatively impact its effectiveness as a training tool.

One of the potential scenarios you can expect when providing your dog with a too-large crate is using one of its corners as a bathroom. 

Another drawback of using too large crates is reducing the dog’s sense of security.

So, you need to get a crate highly suitable for your French bulldog size.

What Is the Standard Crate Size for a Fully Grown French Bulldog?

To find out the standard crate size for Frenchies, we first need to take a look at the average sizes of these dogs.

Adult male French bulldogs usually weigh between 20 and 28 lbs. Females, on the other hand, have a weight range from 16 to 24 lbs.

In addition, most adult Frenchies have a length of 18” to 20.5” and a height ranging between 15.5” and 18.5”.

Therefore, as mentioned above, a crate size for a fully grown Frenchie should be around 36” L x 23” W x 25” H.

However, individual Bulldogs can vary in size based on their parents’ physical traits and other factors. For this reason, it’s a good idea to determine the best crate size depending on your dog’s specific measurements.

Keep reading for more information.

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What Is the Standard Crate Size for French Bulldog Puppies?

When picking a crate for your Frenchie puppy, you have two options. The first one is to get a new crate for the puppy at each stage of his life as his body size changes. 

The problem with this option is that the size of French bulldog puppies changes quickly until they reach adulthood.  

If you choose the first option, you’ll need to measure your Bulldog’s size every 3 months and change the crate dimensions accordingly.

Make sure to follow the instructions we’ll provide below for taking the dog’s measurements to get accurate results.

The second option, which we recommend, is to buy a resizable crate and use it throughout the dog’s life. 

In this case, you’ll buy only one crate based on estimating your dog’s adult size. Then, you’ll use a divider to limit the crate’s space according to your puppy’s current body dimensions. 

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Give your dog only a space a few inches larger than his size. This is to allow him to move freely and lie comfortably without providing him with too much space.

Here is a table of French bulldog height estimation over time:

Dog’s AgeHeight
3 months 4 to 6 in
6 months7 to 9 in
9 months 10 to 11 in
+ 12 months11 to 13 in 

How to Measure the Size of Your French Bulldog

To accurately determine the ideal crate size for your dog, you need to measure his height and length. 

Here are the steps to obtain accurate dog measurements:

  1. Have your dog stand in the corner of any room, directing his backside to the wall. 
  2. Mark the height and length of the dog on the walls using a piece of chalk or any other material that doesn’t cause permanent marks.
  3. Grab the measurement tape and calculate the marks accurately.

We recommend using your dog’s favorite treats during this process to make it easier. 

On average, a standard crate size for a French Bulldog should be around 36” L x 23” W x 25” H.

How to Ensure Your Measurements for a French Bulldog Are Accurate

You should ensure your Frenchie stands on all his paws when taking the length measurements. Start measuring from the tail and go up to the farthest point of the dog’s nose.

To accurately measure your dog’s height, take his measurements while sitting in an upright position. Start from the floor and go up to the tallest point of his ears.

When you have the height and length measurements, add a few inches to them to determine the best crate dimensions. 

These extra inches will allow the dog some space to move around the crate. The final numbers you have now should be the minimum size for any crate you purchase. 

What Are the Types of Crates for French Bulldogs?

There are multiple types of crates you can get for your French bulldog. Nonetheless, you should pick the one that perfectly suits your needs and your dog’s. 

Here is a quick look at the most common crate types:

  • Metal wire dog crate: This is the most popular option due to its durability and ease of transportation. They’re also easy to set up and maintain.
  • Foldable soft dog crate: These soft crates are highly portable due to their lightweight. This makes them the ideal choice as a pet carrier. They’re also relatively affordable.
  • Decorative wooden dog crate: This type of crate comes with designs that fit home interiors well. You can choose the one that perfectly complements your furniture. 
  • Plastic dog crate: Many people get this type of crate as a travel carrier. It’s lightweight and will make transporting the dog a breeze.
  • Heavy steel dog crate: This one is similar to the metal wire dog crate but with thicker and heavier steel. It’s best for scratchers and chewers.

The following dog crate is the perfect size for a French bulldog.

Amazon Basics – Durable, Foldable Metal Wire Dog Crate with Tray, Single Door, 36 x 23 x 25 Inches, Black
  • 36-inch dog crate for pets under 32 x 21 inches (LxH), like a Corgi, Brittany, Cocker Spaniel, or French Bulldog
  • Durable metal wire construction with manual door locking mechanism for secure containment. Sets up quickly and folds down flat for easy transport or compact storage; top handle for comfortable carrying. 1 door and a divider for adjusting the internal space
  • Removable plastic base tray for easy cleaning. Metal hook at the bottom of the crate to prevent plastic tray from moving out. Please lock the hook well after installing the tray every time in daily use.
  • Product Dimensions: 36 x 23 x 25 inches (LxWxH)
  • Please read all safety instructions prior to use. Note: Your dog should be able to stand up and turn around comfortably while in the crate. Measure from nose to base of tail when standing, and from top of head to floor. Add 4 inches to those measurements to confirm optimal crate height and length.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, a crate with a standard size of around 36” L x 23” W x 25” H is suitable for most adult Frenchies.

However, to purchase a crate that perfectly suits your French bulldog, you need to take its accurate measurements. This includes mainly his height and length.

Once you have the dog’s measurements, add a few inches to his height and length to get the ideal crate size.

For French bulldog puppies, we recommend purchasing a crate based on estimating their size in adulthood. You’ll need to use a divider to fit the crate’s dimensions to the current puppy size.

There you have it; now you know how to go about choosing a suitable crate for your adorable Frenchie. Good luck!

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