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List Of The Lightest 4K Monitors (New For 2024)

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Last updated on March 18th, 2024 at 05:46 pm

Are you looking for a list of the lightest 4K monitors on the market today?

I have done the research and in this article, you will see a variety of lightweight monitors that will easily suit your space.

As monitors evolve, they are becoming lighter all the time.

No longer do you need those bulky and heavy CRT monitors that take up all the space on your desk.

You can easily find a variety of makes and models that are modern looking, designed with lighter materials, and take up less space that you can carry by yourself!

Personal computer on the table at home. Workplace.

How heavy is a 4K monitor?

There are a variety of factors that determine how much a 4K monitor weighs. But to give you an example, a 27-inch 4K monitor weighs between 8 and 11 pounds. This weight can vary between makes and models and smaller monitors will weigh less and larger monitors will weigh more.

If you are using a monitor stand or mount, this can add between 1-5 pounds to the overall weight depending on the size and materials used.

Lightweight 4K monitors

As technology advances, materials used during construction become lighter and less bulky. 

Older CRT monitors were much heavier than the newer LED and LCD monitors used today.

It’s was common to see a 27-inch CRT monitor from 20 years ago that weighed between 50-70 pounds.

Luckily, today’s monitors are a fraction of the weight.

The following table shows a list of new 4K monitors along with the weight of each.

Monitor Type/SizeWeight PoundsWeight Kilograms
Sceptre 4K 27-inch11.46 lbs5.2 kgs
Asus 4K 28-inch12.6 lbs5.71 kgs
Phillips Frameless 4K 28-inch12.2 lbs5.53 kgs
Samsung 4K 32-inch16.61 lbs7.53 kgs
Samsung Curved 4K 34-inch20.7 lbs9.39 kgs

Factors that affect the weight of a monitor

As mentioned, monitors are evolving all the time and the materials used keep getting lighter resulting in lower monitor weights. The overall weight of a monitor is based on the following factors.

  • Size of the monitor – Larger monitors generally weigh more but that’s not always the case. It’s possible for a smaller monitor to weigh more than a larger one.
  • Digital display – The type of display used can affect the weight of the monitor. OLED is lighter than LCD and QLED.
  • Materials used to build the monitor – plastic is lighter than glass and metals.
  • Additional features and connectivity – Monitors with extra USB/HDMI ports, speakers tend to be heavier.
  • Accessories – Added accessories like stands, mounts, cameras, can add to the overall monitor weight.
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What is a 4K monitor used for?

The term “4K” is for a monitor that has a display resolution of 4000 pixels along it’s horizontal axis. These monitors are superior in high definition (HD) picture quality and are mainly used for work, photo editing, graphics editing, and gaming.

What are the dimensions of a 4K monitor?

The overall dimensions of a 4K monitor will depend on its size. For example, a 34-inch monitor will have larger dimensions than a 27-inch monitor.

The size of a monitor is the measurement of the screen diagonally from corner to corner. The actual dimensions will be different.

27-inch monitor dimensions

Here are the dimensions of each 4K monitor mentioned in the table above.

  • Sceptre 4K 27-inch – 24.19″ x 17.75″ x 8.06″ with the stand
  • Asus 4K 28-inch – 25.18″ x 18.13″ x 8.42″ with the stand
  • Phillips Frameless 4K 28-inch – 25.1″ x 19.4″ x 1.6″ (monitor only)
  • Samsung 4K 32-inch – 28.72″ x 21.04″ x 9.9″ with the stand
  • Samsung Curved 4K 34-inch – 31.76″ x 21.78″ x 9.25″ with the stand

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