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How Many Passengers Does A Boeing 737 Hold?

The Boeing 737 aircraft is perhaps the most popular commercial passenger jet flown around the world. If you are a frequent traveler, chances are you have flown on a 737 at some point.

There are several different models of the Boeing 737 and they all vary in size and the number of passengers it can carry.

The seating configurations on each model are different affecting how many passengers the aircraft can hold. 

Keep reading to learn more about the Boeing 737 aircraft and find out how many passengers each model can carry.

How Many Passengers Does A Boeing 737 Hold?

How Many Passengers Does A Boeing 737 Hold?

Depending on the model of Boeing 737 aircraft, the number of passengers it can carry will vary. Certain models are larger than others and can have more or less seats based on the seating configuration. 

The following is a list of Boeing 737 aircraft along with each one’s seating capacity.

*Note – The following numbers are not the same for all aircraft. Although seating configurations can vary, these are the maximum number of passengers each model can hold.  

Original models

  • Boeing 737-100 – Max seating capacity – 124 passengers
  • Boeing 737 -200 – Max seating capacity – 119 passengers


Classic models

  • Boeing 737-300 – Max seating capacity – 143 passengers
  • Boeing 737-400 – Max seating capacity – 171 passengers
  • Boeing 737-500 – Max seating capacity – 132 passengers

Next Generation models

  • Boeing 737-600 – Max seating capacity – 132 passengers
  • Boeing 737-700ER – Max seating capacity – 132 passengers
  • Boeing 737-800 – Max seating capacity – 189 passengers
  • Boeing 737-900 – Max seating capacity – 189 passengers
  • Boeing 737-900ER – Max seating capacity – 220 passengers
China airline boeing 737 800

Fourth Generation models

  • Boeing 737 MAX – Max seating capacity – 204 passengers
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AircraftMaximum Passengers
Boeing 737-100124
Boeing 737-200119
Boeing 737-300143
Boeing 737-400171
Boeing 737-500132
Boeing 737-600132
Boeing 737-700ER132
Boeing 737-800189
Boeing 737-900189
Boeing 737-900ER220
Boeing 737-MAX204

Boeing 737 seating configurations

Depending on the airline and the aircraft’s intended use, the amount of seats placed on an aircraft can vary. 

For example, the standard seating configuration for a Boeing 737 aircraft is two rows of three. This means there is a center aisle running down the middle of the plane with a row of 3 seats on each side. 

A Boeing 737-800 aircraft has a maximum passenger load of 189. There are two rows of three seats running to the back of the aircraft. These are all economy seats without a first class section. 

Boeing 737-800 seating configuration
Boeing 737-800 seating configuration

If a first class section is added, the maximum number of passengers the aircraft can hold is 166. The first class section can hold 16 seats and economy is reduced to 150 seats.

There is also an option for an economy plus section to be added which can hold 48 seats. In this seating configuration, first class will hold 16 seats and economy can hold 102 seats which totals 166 passengers. 

Boeing 737 seating configuration chart

The following video shows the Boeing 737-800 cabin seating layout.

The Boeing 737 Next Generation models are more commonly used by airlines around the world. The Boeing 737-100 series are no longer in operation and very few airlines still operate the Boeing 737-200 and Boeing 737-300 series. 

air berlin boeing 737 aircraft

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