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How Much Is 10 Pounds Of Legos Worth?

Whether you played with them as a kid or watch your children play now, Legos are for everyone. There is something quite enjoyable about taking these little colored bricks and creating a masterpiece.

What happens when you have a huge box of Legos and want to sell them by the pound? How much money are ten pounds of Legos worth? Approximately how many pieces are in ten pounds of Legos?

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How Much Money Is Ten Pounds of Legos Worth?

10 Pounds of Lego prices will vary on auction sites and specialty stores. You will likely pay $70 to $100 for ten pounds of Legos, depending on the mixture.

For instance, Lego lots with popular pieces from Star Wars, Marvel, or DC Comics sets will go for more money per pound. If Legos are mixed with off-brand bricks, the price will be much lower.

When buying lots of Legos, it helps to see a picture of what is inside. You will likely never see a seller list all the pieces, but at least one picture of the contents will give you an idea of what to expect from the lot.

10 Pounds of Lego will cost between $70 – $100.

How Many Pieces Are in a Ten-Pound Lot of Legos?

If you are a Lego enthusiast, you know you can never have too many bricks. Have you ever wondered how many pieces are in ten pounds of Legos? The answer to this question may surprise you.

There are approximately 4,000 pieces in a ten-pound lot of Lego bricks. You may wonder why someone would want to know this information.

If you have ever purchased Lego sets, you know they are pricey. Some sets sell for over $100. You might consider buying lots of loose Legos to add to your Lego collection. You can find these for sale on online specialty shops and auction sites.

Buying a ten-pound lot of Legos is like going on a treasure hunt. You never know what pieces you might find. Some people have found rare and valuable pieces, including mini figures.

Kids and adults love opening a giant box of ten pounds of plastic Legos. If you are an adult who loved playing with them as a kid, the nostalgia might bring a bit of a tear to your eyes.

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Where Can You Buy Ten Pounds of Legos?

Surprisingly, there are many places to purchase ten pounds of Legos. The following are some of the places you can find these boxed treasures.

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Etsy
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In addition to the sites above, there are several Lego brick exchange sites that have risen over the years. These sites allow Lego fans to buy, trade, or sell. Here, you can find lots of Legos from various parts of the world.

Before selecting a seller, ensure you know what you are buying and that you are getting a fair price. Make sure the box only contains genuine Legos. Some unscrupulous sellers will try to sneak in off-brand bricks to get more bulk so they can charge more.

You should also know that many online sellers charge for shipping. Depending on where you purchase from, you could pay around $17 to $25 for shipping costs. Be especially careful on online auction sites because they often charge exorbitant shipping fees.

10 Pounds of Lego sold on Amazon.

How Much Do Lego Pieces Cost Per Pound?

The amount you pay per pound of Legos can vary greatly, depending on the seller and the contents. Black and gray Lego lots often sell for more because they are rare. Those that separate their lots by color and theme may charge more per pound.

The average we have found is between $7 to $15 per pound. Some people even sell single Lego pieces. In the United States, sellers offer single pieces for around one cent each.

2 Pounds of Lego sold on Amazon.

Considering Selling Your Old Legos?

If you have many old Legos lying around, you may consider selling them. You can sell on the sites listed above, but you should first sort through them and clean them.

Buyers get angry if they are promised a box of genuine Legos and it contains junk parts that do not belong. People also do not want to buy broken or dirty Legos. Sort through them first, and make sure to clean and disinfect the pieces.

Warm water and a mild detergent are all you need for cleaning Legos. If they are especially dirty, they may require a soak in warm soapy water. Make sure the Legos are completely dry before boxing them up for sale.

Legos Lots: Buying and Selling Them Is Fun

Sitting down with a box of brightly colored Legos brings out the kid in all of us. If you miss playing with plastic bricks, you can buy ten-pound lots of them. If you have an old box laying around gathering dust, why not put them up for sale to make a few bucks?

The Lego Group was founded in 1932 and remain one of the most popular toys for boys and girls.

Check out the selection online, and happy building!

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