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How Much Money Is 1 Pound Of Nickels?

In this article, you will find out how much money is in 1 pound of nickels. 

If you happen to have 1 pound of nickels, you might be curious to know how much money you have. 

In order to figure this out, you need to answer the following questions.

How much does a nickel weigh?

How many nickels are in a pound?

When weighing your 1 pound of nickels, you will need to consider the weight of the bag or container that the coins are in as this will add additional weight. 

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So how much money do you have with 1 pound of nickels?

The answer is you will have $4.55. A single nickel coin or five-cent piece from the USA weighs 5 grams each which is 0.011 pounds. Therefore 5 nickels weigh 0.055 pounds, 10 nickels weigh 0.11 pounds, 50 nickels weigh 0.55 pounds, 75 nickels weigh 0.825 pounds, and 91 nickels weigh 1 pound.

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To determine how much money is 1 pound of nickels, you just need to use a simple formula.

# of pounds in coins/weight per coin = # of coins.

In the example above, 1 pound / 0.011 = 91.

Once you know how many coins you have, multiply that number by the value of the coin to tell you how much money you have.

91 Nickels @ 0.05 cents each = $4.55.

91 x 0.05 = 4.55.

Now you know that if you have a 1-pound bag of nickels, you have exactly $4.55.

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Note that not all nickels will weigh exactly the same depending on their overall shape and condition. Some older coins could be chipped, dented, dinged, and worn down and might not weigh exactly 5 grams. 

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If the coin is rusty, corroded, and dirty it can affect the coin’s weight slightly so take this into consideration when weighing coins. 

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Weight of other coins

  • 10 cent coin or dime weighs 2.268 grams.

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