How To Measure Coffee Without A Scale

How To Measure Coffee Without A Scale

There is nothing quite like that first taste of coffee in the morning. The perfect pot of coffee is difficult to achieve without the best coffee and precise measurements. Guessing the ratio of grounds to water simply will not do when it comes to making delicious coffee.

Scales offer precise measurements for ensuring you get the golden ratio of one gram of coffee to 15-18 grams of water. Of course, everyone has their idea of the ratio that makes the perfect cup.

If you need to measure coffee by weight, how can you get a precise measurement without a scale? Not everyone has a kitchen scale. If you are new to making coffee at home, you may eventually want to invest in one of these kitchen tools. You can get a decent scale for around $20.

Even without a scale, you can still make coffee with precision. You have a few options for measuring the precise amount of coffee. Keep reading to learn more.

How To Measure Coffee Without A Scale

Why Do You Use Precise Measurements When Making Coffee?

Many people talk about the golden ratio when it comes to making coffee. Most people consider this the sweet spot when it comes to making brew. This is also the ratio most coffee shops use.

One gram of coffee to 15-18 grams of water creates a perfectly harmonic cup of Joe. The reasons for using this ratio include the following.

  • If you use this ratio, the bitterness and acidity will be better balanced.
  • All of the flavor elements of coffee become perfectly balanced.
  • The notes of sugar in the background come forth and create a pleasant taste that satisfies the palate.

If you use too much water when making coffee, you will find the coffee is very weak and has no boldness. Unfortunately, too much water also makes the coffee especially bitter, which is something no one wants.

If you use too much coffee and not enough water, the result is going to be incredibly bitter. So, getting the perfect ratio is essential if you want your coffee to taste as good as the best coffee shops. The secret to a beautiful cup of coffee is precise measuring.

cup of coffee with beans

How to Measure Coffee By Volume

It’s very simple to get the ratio right with a kitchen scale. Just weigh the coffee and the water, and you get the perfect ratio. Without a scale, it will be a little trickier to get a perfect measurement but not impossible.

There are two tools you can use for measuring coffee and water. You will need a tablespoon and a liquid measuring cup. Most people have these in their kitchens, even if they do not own a scale.

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A level tablespoon of coffee is generally 4-7 grams. For simplicity’s sake, let’s round this to 5 grams per tablespoon. Make sure you are using a true tablespoon.

Liquid Measuring Cup:

One cup of water equals approximately 237 grams of water.

tablespoon of coffee

How to Measure Coffee For a Single Cup of Coffee

If you want to make a single cup of Joe, the following steps will make it perfect.

  • 1. Measure 225 grams of water and pour it in your kettle for heating.
  • 2. Measure 15 grams of coffee, which would be three level tablespoons.

It is important to note that a cup of coffee is not 8 ounces. A cup of coffee is about 5 ounces. Keep this in mind when measuring your coffee, whether you are making a single cup or an entire pot.

woman holding cup of coffee

How to Measure Coffee For an Entire Pot

Sometimes, a single cup of coffee just won’t do. If you are in for a marathon of work or just want to make coffee for your family or friends, you are going to need to measure differently.

The average coffee maker holds around 12 cups of coffee. Remember, a cup of coffee is around 5 ounces. So, for an entire pot of coffee, you are going to need 60 ounces of water.

For the coffee grounds, you are going to need 36 tablespoons of coffee. To make this measurement easier, convert tablespoons to cups, which would be 2 1/4 cups of coffee. This sounds like a lot of coffee, but it will offer the perfect pot.

pouring coffee into a cup

Tips for Measuring Coffee Without a Scale

  • Different coffees will measure differently, according to how they are ground. You may have to go through a trial and error approach until you get a perfect cup to your liking.
  • Always pack the coffee tightly in your measuring vessel.
  • Make sure you carefully level the coffee in your measuring vessel before you make coffee.

In a Pinch: Count the Beans

If you have whole beans and no scale or other way to measure, you are not without options. This will not be as precise, but you can still get a delicious cup of coffee.

Seven average coffee beans weigh around one gram. To figure out how many beans you need per cup, multiply. It takes 15 grams of coffee per cup. So, multiple 7 X 15, and you get 105 beans. You can measure your water by using a coffee cup.

coffee beans in hands

Measure Coffee Precisely

The absolute most precise method of measuring coffee is to weigh it on a scale. If you do not have a scale, use the methods above to get your measurements very close to perfect.

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