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Is Miami Bigger Than Boston? Size Comparison

Last updated on September 22nd, 2023 at 01:23 pm

In this size comparison guide, you will find out if Miami is bigger than Boston by looking at the following 9 topics.

  1. Land area
  2. Population
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Sports
  5. Economy
  6. Outdoor attractions
  7. Airports
  8. Cost of living
  9. Education

Is Miami Bigger Than Boston?

Miami and Boston are both cities located on the eastern coast of the United States, but they are very different. Each has its own feel and culture, and although they’re both big cities, Boston is, in many ways, larger than Miami.

1. Land Area

Located in southeastern Florida between the Atlantic Ocean and the Everglades, Miami is one of the most famous cities in the state. The city covers about 56.07 square miles, but because it includes several islands, including artificial barrier islands, approximately 20.08 square miles of the city is water.

Boston is one of the most historic and well-known cities in the United States, in Massachusetts. It borders Boston Harbor on the Atlantic Ocean. The city is the state’s capital and covers about 89.61 square miles. 48.34 square miles are land, and 41.27 square miles are water.

downtown Boston
Boston, MA

2. Population

Miami is the 44th largest city in terms of population in the U.S. and the second-most populous city in Florida. It’s home to about 442,240 people and has a metropolitan population of approximately 6,091,750. The city has a population density of about 4,885 people per square mile.

Boston has a population of about 675,647 people, but the metropolitan area is only home to approximately 4,941,630 people. Therefore, the urban population density of the city is about 2,646 people per square mile.

This means that Boston’s metropolitan population and population density are smaller than Miami’s.

miami vs boston population graph

3. Infrastructure

Driving is the favored mode of transportation in Miami, and the city is based mainly on a grid system, which makes navigation relatively simple. Commuters can also use the city’s commuter rail, rapid transit system, and bus system to get around the city.

Boston developed organically, which means that most of its streets were unplanned. This can make navigating around Boston challenging. Boston is also the terminus for the large highway called I-90.

A large construction project, known as the Big Dig, was completed in 2006 to alleviate much of Boston’s congestion.

Many people living in or visiting Boston also use public transportation, including the oldest underground rapid transit system in the Americas, bus, and commuter rail systems. Walking is also quite popular in Boston.

metro mover train, miami

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4. Sports

Miami isn’t known for its sports as much as it’s known for its fantastic weather, beaches, and fun nightlife, but it is home to several professional teams.

The city’s NFL team, the Miami Dolphins, is quite successful, as are the city’s professional basketball team, the Miami Heat, and its professional baseball team, the Miami Marlins. Miami also has a professional soccer team called the Inter Miami CF.

Boston takes its sports very seriously. One of the most cherished teams in the country is the Boston Red Sox, the city’s baseball team. Boston is also home to four highly successful professional soccer teams, a well-known professional hockey team called the Boston Bruins, and a lauded NBA team, called the Boston Celtics.

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The Boston Marathon, one of the most popular marathons globally, is also hosted in Boston. The footrace begins in the nearby town of Hopkinton and ends in Boston.

Boston aerial view at sunset with cityscape and buildings. Fenway Park
Fenway Park, Boston

5. Economy

Boston is one of the most potent economic cities in the world. It’s home to several major companies, including General Electric and Liberty Mutual. In addition, healthcare, education, and technology are some of the top industries in the city. Tourism is also a large part of Boston’s economy.

Miami has the largest urban economy in Florida, and it’s the third-wealthiest city in the U.S. Large industries in Miami include banking, healthcare, and tourism.

6. Outdoor Attractions

Thanks to its gorgeous, temperate weather, Miami is known for its outdoor attractions and activity options. Visitors can head to the Everglades to view unique plants and animals, and tours are available.

Biscayne Bay National Park is also located nearby, and there are many opportunities for visiting the beach, sailing, fishing, and swimming. The area is also near state parks, or visitors can head to the city’s Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.

Boston offers many outdoor historical sites to visit. For example, numerous individuals stroll along the Freedom Trail, a 2.5-mile-long path that traverses 16 historic sites, including Boston Common, the USS Constitution, the Old State House, the Paul Revere House, the Old North Church, and Faneuil Hall.

People can also enjoy several city parks, known as the Emerald Necklace, which encircles the city.

everglades national park sign on a rock

7. Airports

Boston’s largest airport is Logan International Airport. The airport covers 2,384 acres and serves all of New England.

Miami International Airport, one of the most bustling international airports globally, is situated in Miami. Many people also use Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International and Palm Beach International, which serve international and domestic or local flights.

airplane departure from logan international airport

8. Cost of Living

Miami is often considered a reasonably affordable city, although the cost of living is higher than in rural areas. A single person can expect to spend about $1,130 monthly on living expenses that don’t include a mortgage or rent. An average studio or one-bedroom apartment will cost about $2,400 per month.

Boston is a relatively expensive city to live in. Before rent or mortgage payment, a single person can expect to spend about $1,285 monthly on living expenses. A one-bedroom apartment costs about $2,000 per month, while the average rent for an apartment in the city is about $3,760.

miami vs boston cost of living graph

9. Education

Miami is well-known for its excellent public elementary, middle, and high schools. Students can also enroll at some of the best private and charter schools, including the MAST Academy, Design and Architecture High School, and Coral Reef High School.

After high school, students can enroll at one of Miami’s top colleges or universities, which include Broward College, the University of Miami, and the Miami International University of Art & Design.

Boston has some of the country’s best public elementary, middle, and high schools. It’s also home to the Boston Latin School, which is the oldest public high school in the U.S. Boston is also known for its great colleges and universities, which are world-renowned and include Harvard, Tufts, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Harvard university

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