Items That Can Hold About 2 Liters Of Liquid

Items That Can Hold About 2 Liters Of Liquid

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Two liters is a relatively common size for containers around the world, but if you’re used to using the imperial system, which uses gallons instead of liters, or you’re just not sure how big a liter is, getting a feel for this size can be challenging. Learning about some containers that can hold 2 liters can help you better visualize that size.

Items That Can Hold About 2 Liters Of Liquid

A Soda Bottle

A soda bottle is probably the most recognizable 2-liter container. If you’ve ever ordered pizza and purchased a large soda bottle at the same time, you can easily picture 2 liters. These soda bottles are intended to carry enough liquid for several people.

Other beverages containers also often hold about 2 liters of liquid. In the United States, it might be more common to see a gallon of milk or a 32-ounce container of juice, but these items are also often measured out in liters.

Juice, such as apple or orange juice, is often available in a 2-liter bottle. Milk is also often sold by the liter. Half a gallon of milk is just a tiny bit over 2 liters.

green 2 liter soda bottle

Shampoo Bottles

If you have a favorite type of shampoo or hair conditioner, you might buy it in a large bottle size so you don’t have to replace it as often. This can also help you save money. These bottles are often available in 1 or 2-liter sizes.

Other bathroom items, such as hand soap, lotions, and body wash, are also often available in 2-liter sizes. Dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent, and other household cleaners can also be purchased in 2-liter containers.

shampoo bottles

Plastic Food Containers and Ziplock Bags

Eventually, everyone ends up with leftovers, and those leftovers need to be stored. Using plastic storage containers is a great option, and these containers are available in a number of sizes.

Sometimes, the size of a plastic storage container is measured by how many cubic inches it holds, but other times, the size is measured in ounces, cups, milliliters, or liters. Large plastic storage containers can even hold up to 2 liters.

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These big containers are excellent for taking food to a party or potluck, or for saving an entire meal for another day.

Ziplock bags are also available in many sizes, and they’re almost always measured by volume. A 2 liter Ziplock bag is a size that’s large enough to hold an entire meal or leftover stock or soup. These bags are usually used for freezing different items.

cereal container with blue lid

Water Bottles

Because they hold liquid, water bottle and thermos capacities are measured in volume, and milliliters and liters are commonly used. A 2-liter thermos will hold about half a gallon, making it a good choice to take with you on a long walk or a hike. You can also often purchase bottles of water in 2-liter sizes.

woman drinking from water bottle

Trash Bags

Although trash bags are mostly designed to hold dry waste, their size is usually given in gallons or liters. This is because trash cans themselves are usually measured in gallons or liters, so you can select a bag size that fits well.

Two-liter trash bags are quite small, and they can be used for small bathrooms, bedrooms, or office trash cans.

kitchen trash bags

Gas Cans

In the United States, gasoline is measured in gallons, but in countries where the metric system is used more often, gasoline is usually measured in liters. Although most gas tanks on a car can hold much more than 2 liters, smaller canisters are often used to hold smaller amounts, such as 2 liters.

You may have seen a small red gas can at some point, and these often hold only a couple of gallons or even as little as 2 liters.

These cans are useful for filling an empty gas tank in an emergency or adding gasoline when fixing a car. They can also be used to fill the small gas tank on a lawnmower or snowblower.

man holding gas can


Although they’re designed to hold items such as papers or books, backpack capacity is often measured in volume. If you have a medium-size backpack, it might have a capacity of around 2 liters. These backpacks might not be able to hold many books, but they’re a good option when you only need to carry a few things.

grey and blue backpack

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