Things Around The House That Weigh 2 Pounds

Things Around The House That Weigh 2 Pounds

Whether you’re trying to visualize 2 pounds or you want to find some household items to use as weights for a home workout, being able to estimate 2 pounds by using other objects as an example can be very useful.

Things Around The House That Weigh 2 Pounds

A Quart of Milk

Most people can imagine the weight of a gallon of milk, which makes it useful for estimating other weights. A gallon of milk generally weighs about 8.6 pounds, so a quart of milk, which is a quarter of a gallon, weighs about 2.15 pounds.

Two Paperback Books

Paperback books vary in weight depending on whether they are trade paperbacks, which are taller and have slightly thicker paper, or mass-market paperbacks, which are shorter and have thinner paper. The number of pages in the book can also change the total weight. However, most paperback books weigh right around 1 pound, which means that two of them would be equal to about 2 pounds.

paperback book on the beach

One or Two Tablets

The size and weight of a tablet depend on the type of tablet, what it’s designed to do, and how sturdy it is. Most tablets weigh about 1 pound, although some can weigh as much as 11 pounds if they’re designed to have a high processing power or are made for more rugged work. When a protective cover is added, many tablets weigh about 2 pounds.

Two Large Towels

Although a towel might not seem very heavy, large towels, such as a towel for drying off after a shower or a dip in the pool, can weigh as much as a pound. These towels have dense, durable fibers that are designed to lock in moisture, and this construction adds to their weight.

folded towels on shelf

Two Bags of Coffee Beans

Like many dry goods, coffee is often sold by the pound. This amount is plenty for daily use, but buying by the pound ensures that the coffee beans won’t spoil or go stale before they’re all used. This also means that two average bags of coffee weigh about 2 pounds.

Many other dry goods are also excellent for estimating the weight of 2 pounds. For example, sugar is often sold in 1, 2, or 5-pound bags. Flour and rice are also commonly sold by the pound.

A Pineapple

The weight of a pineapple can vary depending on the exact variety, where it was grown, and how large it was allowed to grow. On average, most pineapples sold in grocery stores weigh about 2 pounds, however, making them a perfect example of the weight.

Other fruits can also be used to estimate 2 pounds. A honeydew melon, for example, weighs between 4 and 8 pounds, which means that half of a small honeydew weighs about 2 pounds. An apple weighs between about 0.33 and 0.55 pounds, so you would need between three and six apples to equal 2 pounds.

a pineapple on a wooden shelf

A Cabbage

Vegetables can also be used to estimate weight. A cabbage of average size usually weighs about 2 pounds. A head of lettuce, on the other hand, often weighs right around or just over half a pound, so you would need four heads of lettuce to equal 2 pounds.

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A Two-Slice Toaster

Although commercial toasters or toasters that are designed to toast four or more pieces of bread at a time can weigh as much as 20 pounds, most home toasters are much smaller and lighter. A two-slice toaster usually only weighs between 2 and 3 pounds.

These toasters are usually made of lighter plastic and may have plastic levers or switches instead of sturdier, heavier metal components. The use of plastic helps to reduce the overall price of the toaster.

2 slice toaster

Two Loaves of Bread

Bread might not seem very heavy, but the ingredients of flour, yeast, salt, and sugar add up, and the moisture trapped inside the bread, which makes it chewy and fluffy, adds a good amount of weight. The weight of a loaf of bread depends on the type of bread, what ingredients were used, how fresh it is, and how big the loaf is. However, most loaves of bread weigh about 1 pound, so two loaves would equal around 2 pounds.

A fresh loaf of bread will weigh slightly more than an older or stale loaf. As bread sits, it loses moisture, and this loss of moisture results in a lighter weight.

A Pair of Shoes

The weight of shoes can vary depending on the shoe type, size, and what materials the pair is made of. However, most women’s shoes, and many large children’s shoes or small men’s shoes, weigh about 2 pounds per pair. Sandals will usually, of course, weigh less than boots or dress shoes, as they have less material. However, anything with a thick sole or a wedge heel will generally weigh a little bit more.

Two Jars of Peanut Butter

Like many food products, peanut butter is often packaged by the pound. A jar of peanut butter often weighs exactly or just slightly over 1 pound, so two jars weigh about 2 pounds. You can also purchase large jars that weigh 2 or, for commercial use, even 5 pounds. Many people assume that chunky peanut butter weighs more than creamy peanut butter, but the two are actually both sold in jars that hold the same weight.

You can also use butter to estimate 2 pounds. Most butter is sold in packages that hold half a pound, so four packages of butter weigh about 2 pounds.

jar of peanut butter on a cutting board

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