What Size Microwave Do I Need To Fit A Dinner Plate?

What Size Microwave Do I Need To Fit A Dinner Plate?

Last updated on January 23rd, 2023 at 10:00 pm

Choosing a microwave seems simple, but there are a wide range of options and sizes available.

Microwaves can heat food quickly and without hassle, and being able to fit an entire dinner plate in the microwave makes reheating that much simpler.

For this reason, it’s often a good idea to look into choosing a microwave that can comfortably hold a dinner plate.

What Size Microwave Do I Need To Fit A Dinner Plate?

What size microwave can fit a dinner plate?

What size microwave you need to fit a dinner plate depends on the size and shape of the plate. Most dinner plates are circular and measure between 10 and 14 inches across, but this can vary.

Some plates are shaped more like an oval, which can make fitting them in a microwave more challenging.

Microwaves are usually available in three size ranges, which are small, medium, and large. These sizes are measured in cubic feet, which tells you how much space is available inside the microwave area.

  • Small microwaves have an interior size below 1 cubic foot, and these microwaves can generally hold a dinner plate that’s 10 inches in diameter or less.
  • Medium microwaves are between 1.1 and 2 cubic feet in size. Medium microwaves can hold dinner plates of up to 14 inches in diameter.
  • Large microwaves are any microwaves over 2 cubic feet. Large microwaves can hold a large dinner plate or multiple smaller plates and bowls, and they’re often the best choice for families or anyone who needs a microwave for a professional or semi-professional kitchen.

Keep in mind that, although microwaves in each size category will usually hold the dinner plate sizes mentioned above, it’s still a good idea to measure the exact size of the plates you want to use as well as the dimensions of the microwave’s interior.

You’ll also want to measure the door opening of the microwave to make sure you can fit the plate in without tipping it.

small microwave with glass plate

Microwave Types

When choosing a microwave, there are several other factors you might want to consider. For example, the interior size of the microwave is important, but the exterior or total microwave size is also significant.

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Microwaves are generally available in three types, which are countertop microwaves, built-in microwaves, and over-the-range microwaves.

man putting dinner plate in microwave

Countertop microwaves give you the most flexibility when it comes to size since you’ll be able to move the microwave or other objects to make it fit.

However, you’ll still need to consider how wide or long your counter is, where you want to put the microwave, and how much counter space you’re willing to give up for the microwave.

Built-in and over-the-range microwaves slide into a space, so you’ll need to carefully measure the space to make sure the microwave will fit.

These spaces are very exact, so you won’t be able to choose a larger microwave than the space available.

If the microwave has a built-in space, you can sometimes choose a smaller microwave, but it might not look quite right if there is a lot of leftover space.

medium size microwave with glass plate


Wattage is also an important consideration. Microwaves with a higher wattage heat food faster. Higher wattage also means that food will heat more evenly.

However, microwaves with higher wattages can be more expensive. Usually, a wattage of about 1,000 is ideal.


Some microwaves are quite simple and allow you to set a timer to cook your food for a certain amount of time. Other microwaves offer additional settings, such as defrost modes, pizza, soup, or popcorn modes, or options for boiling water or heating coffee.

microwave settings


Whatever size microwave you choose, it’s a good idea to research the brand and model to ensure that it’s reliable. Most microwaves last about 10 years, which can make choosing a microwave a weighty decision.

Pick a microwave that has good reviews and was designed to last for many years. You can also choose a microwave with a strong warranty.


Many people opt for small or medium microwaves because they’re more readily available and because they cost less. Larger microwaves or microwaves with higher wattages or more features can cost more.

Think about your budget and then consider what you’re looking for most in a microwave before making your final choice.

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