What Size Shower Curtain Do I Need?

What Size Shower Curtain Do I Need? With Measuring Tips

Unless your shower has glass doors or some type of enclosure, you will need a shower curtain to keep water from invading your bathroom floor and creating a mess. It is imperative to choose the correct size of shower curtain to ensure it will offer the right protection.

Choosing a shower curtain for your tub or shower stall does not have to be overly stressful. Today, we will give you all the information you need to select the right size for your shower needs.

bathroom with green shower curtain

Shower Curtains Do Not Offer Universal Sizing

You might think shower curtains are one-size-fits-all, but this is not correct. While there are some standard shower curtain sizes, showers today come in all sizes and shapes, making it more challenging to get an accurate fit.

Standard Tub Sizes

If you have a standard tub shower, you can expect it to be around 60-inches long, although you should always measure to confirm this number. We will get into the instructions on how to measure your tub or shower further down.

Standard Shower Stall Sizes

Although shower stalls come in a wide array of sizes and can even be custom-made, standard shower stalls are usually 36 inches wide. Make sure to measure your shower stall carefully before selecting a shower curtain.

Standard Claw Foot Tub Sizes

If you have a claw foot tub and want to hang a shower curtain, you are going to need to measure the full circumference of the tub. Most standard claw foot tubs are 180 inches in circumference

claw foot tub with shower curtain

How to Measure to Determine Which Shower Curtain Size You Need

There are a few ways you can measure for a shower curtain, depending on whether you have a tub or a walk-in shower stall. The following gives you step-by-step instructions.

Measure Your Existing Shower Curtain

Chances are you already have a shower curtain that works nicely to keep water from spilling onto your floor. If your current shower curtain works just fine, take it off the rod and lay it as flat as possible on the floor.

It helps to have a partner to assist you with measuring your shower curtain. Use a measuring tape to measure the full width of the shower curtain, making sure there are no folds and it is laid flat.

You will need to measure both the width and the height to ensure your new shower curtain will fit precisely in your tub or shower. Make sure you write these measurements down and take them with you to the store so you don’t forget.

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Measure Your Shower Curtain Rod

Although this will not tell you the length you need, it will give you a close idea of what width your shower or tub requires. Take a measuring tape and measure the length of your shower curtain rod.

After you get this number, add twelve inches to it because you want to be sure you have room to reach from one wall to the other and have extra fabric to create a nice flow in the curtain.

purple colored shower curtain in a bathroom

Measure Your Tub

You will need to take a couple of measurements for your tub to ensure you get a perfect shower curtain fit. First, you will need to measure from wall to wall across your bathtub. Tubs vary in width so it is essential to measure.

If your shower rod is fixed to the wall, you will also need to measure from the top of the rod to the floor to get your height measurement. This measurement will help you select the right shower curtain length.

shower curtain outside of tub

Measure Your Shower Stall

You will need to follow the same steps you did for the tub as you do for a shower. Measure the width and height from the shower curtain rod to the floor. Remember, if you are using shower curtain rings, start your measurements from the top of the rings and not the bar.

Standard Shower Curtain Sizes

Most manufacturers stick to a basic few sizes, but there can be differences among brands. You will find the following to be standard sizes.

  • 70 X 70
  • 72 X 72
  • 74 X 74

Occasionally, you will also see extra wide shower curtains and even those that are longer than normal sizes. Extra wide sizes are used for shower curtain rod extenders that have a bowed appearance.

You need extra fabric for these rods because they add around 33% more space in a tub or shower.

Common Shower Curtain Measurements for Different Types of Showers and Tubs

  • If you have a 60-inch tub, you will likely need a 70 X 70 or 72 X 72 shower curtain.
  • If you have a walk-in shower stall, you will need a 54 X 72 or 54 X 78 shower curtain. For shower stalls, you will need to consider your height when purchasing a curtain.
  • If you have a claw foot tub, you will need a 180 X 72 shower curtain.
  • If you have a larger than standard tub, you will need a 78 X 72 shower curtain.

The suggestions above are only to get a rough idea of the size you will need. Make sure to follow the measuring instructions above to get a precise fit. If you are in a hurry and do not want to measure, try the guide above for quick reference.

Getting a Proper Fit Is Essential

Now you know how to select the right size shower curtain for your tub or shower. Getting a precise fit will prevent wet floors and uncomfortable exposure. In addition to knowing the size, you should also purchase a durable mildew-resistant shower curtain so it will last.

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