things that are small but weigh a lot

11 Examples Of Something Small That Weigh A lot

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Have you ever wondered what something is that weighs a lot but seems small? Well we have found the answer.

Small items seem like they should, logically, weigh less than larger items. However, if the density of an item is high, it makes the object heavier, no matter its actual size. There are several small items that, once picked up, seem surprisingly heavy.

Here are 11 examples of small items that actually weigh a lot.

things that are small but weigh a lot

#1. A Cue Ball

Although newer billiards balls, which are most often made of plastic, are lighter, a traditional or vintage cue ball, made of wood or clay, can be surprisingly heavy for its size.

These small balls, which can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, weigh about six ounces or 170 grams. The billiard balls in a set generally all have the same weight, with the exception of the cue ball, which is just slightly heavier than the others.

#2. Batteries

Although they’re tiny, batteries can be surprisingly heavy due to their contents. AA batteries, for example, can weigh anywhere from about 15 to 31 grams. Lithium batteries are the lightest, while alkaline AA batteries weigh about 23 grams each. Rechargeable batteries are the heaviest, weighing in at about 31 grams each.

#3. Fishing Weights

Some fishing enthusiasts love to use weights while others feel that they’re unsporting. Whether you like them or not, however, anyone can agree that fishing weights, which are made of lead, are very heavy.

Most lead fishing weights are quite small, ranging from half an inch to only a few inches across, but they can weigh up to a few pounds. Lead is one of the heaviest and densest metals, which is what makes it perfect for when you need to sink a fishing lure.

#4. A Swiss Army Knife

Because they include so many tools, most if not all of them made of metal, packed into such a small package, a Swiss army knife can be very heavy.

These useful tools, which often include a pocket knife, pair of scissors, tweezers, nail file, and even a screwdriver, might be small enough to fit into a pocket, but they can weigh as much as a pound.

Many outdoor enthusiasts, campers, or anyone who simply likes to be prepared, however, feel that a pound in weight is a small price to pay for the convenience that a Swiss army knife offers.

#5. Glass Paperweights

As their name suggests, paperweights are designed to weigh down papers to keep them from blowing away or getting knocked aside.

Paperweights, therefore, need to be heavy enough to keep things in place, and glass paperweights specifically can weigh a surprising amount.

Paperweights can vary greatly in shape, style, and size, so most paperweights won’t weigh exactly the same as other glass paperweights.

However, in general, even small glass paperweights can weigh about 80 grams, and larger paperweights can be very heavy. Some large paperweights can even be difficult to lift.

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#6. Baseball Bat Weight

If you’ve ever watched a major league baseball game, or any baseball game played for fun, you’ve probably seen batters in the on-deck circle taking practice swings with a bat.

These bats might have an object wrapped around the widest end. This object is a baseball bat weight, and it helps to strengthen a batter’s swing.

When the weight is removed, the bat feels much lighter and batters can often make cleaner, faster swings to get better hits.

Baseball bat weights come in various sizes and weight amounts, but they’re all surprisingly heavy. This is because these weights are usually made of a durable fabric wrapped around pieces of heavy lead.

#7. A Gold Coin

Another heavy metal is gold, which can feel astonishingly heavy for its size when it’s picked up. People are often quite surprised by how heavy a gold coin is.

Gold coin weights vary depending on the coin size and shape, as well as the exact mixture of metal used.

An American gold eagle coin, for example, weighs just under 34 grams, which is about six times as much as a nickel weighs.

#8. A Meteorite

A meteorite might look like any other rock, although this particular rock is one that has traveled through space, passed through the Earth’s atmosphere, and landed on the planet.

However, meteorites are usually quite a bit heavier than an average rock from Earth, and it can be startling to pick one up and experience that weight.

Meteorites, which often fall from the tails of comets, are heavier than other rocks of the same size because they have a higher metal content than rocks from Earth. Generally, meteorites contain more nickel and iron.

Although all meteorites are different sizes and shapes and contain different metal ratios, so they vary in weight, in general, a meteorite the size of a softball will weigh between five and six pounds.

#9. Lead Shot

A shotgun shell, with its plastic outer layer, looks relatively light, but if you pick one up, you’ll quickly find that this isn’t the case. Shotgun shells are heavy due to the lead shot sealed inside the outer case.

When they’re packed together, a box of shotgun shells can weigh several pounds, depending on the type of shot in each shell.

#10. A Zippo Lighter

Although most pocket lighters, which can be handy for everything from lighting a candle to starting a campfire, are quite lightweight thanks to their plastic casing, many Zippo lighters, which are slightly larger than disposable lighters and often have a metal case, can be heavy.

Brass Zippo lighters in particular weigh more than you would expect. Between the metal case and the lighter fluid, these lighters can weigh about 100 grams.

#11. Magnets

Pull any magnet off of the refrigerator and you’ll be surprised at how heavy it feels in your hand. This is because the magnetic part is made of one type of metal or another. These metal materials usually include iron, steel, or nickel.

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