List Of Things That Weigh 40 Pounds

List Of Things That Weigh 40 Pounds

Last updated on May 14th, 2022 at 02:05 pm

Forty pounds is somewhat of a heavy weight that not everyone can lift themselves. 

Without weighing an item on a scale, knowing what 40 pounds feels like can be challenging.

But if you can compare items of similar weight it will be very helpful.

If you are looking to get a sense of how heavy 40 pounds is, I have put together a list of items that weigh around 40 pounds for you to reference.

Basset Hound

With so many different breeds of dogs around the world, it can be difficult to identify all of them.

But the Basset Hound is very recognizable and one of the most popular dogs kept by families.

They are very friendly and have great personalities.

Basset hounds are medium-sized dogs with very short legs.

They have an amazing sense of smell and were originally used for hunting rabbits and hares. 

The male Basset hounds are slightly larger than the females and can weigh a few pounds more.

On average, a small female Basset hound will weigh very close to 40 pounds, and picking up one of these dogs will give you an excellent example of something that weighs 40 pounds. 

Some Basset hounds can weigh more with males often reaching 50 to 60 pounds when fully grown. 

List Of Things That Weigh 40 Pounds


The overall weight of a kayak can vary based on a number of things including construction materials and size. 

Kayaks are generally used for recreational use with single or tandem seating, with the multiple-person kayaks weighing more. 

On average a single-person kayak will weigh around 35-40 pounds. Certain kayaks will weigh more or less depending on the materials used during construction and the options the kayak comes with. 

Tandems can weigh 65 to 80 pounds with some reaching up to 100 pounds. Certain kayaks used for fishing can weigh between 100-120 pounds. 

Although the weight of kayaks varies, picking up a single fiberglass kayak will weigh very close to 40 pounds giving you an idea of what 40 pounds feels like. 

List Of Things That Weigh 40 Pounds

Car tire

Like many things, car tires can vary in size and weight. Generally, the larger the tire, the more it weighs. 

When discussing the weight of a tire, you need to consider the rim weight and the rubber tire weight. 

Most small and compact cars will use tires that are smaller and lighter than full-sized cars or SUV’s. 

Light trucks generally have the same size and weight of tires as an SUV. 

Larger trucks and construction vehicles will have much heavier tires than a standard car. 

But to get a sense of how heavy 40 pounds is, you can reference a car tire that fits on most midsize cars. 

For example, a 16-inch tire will have a rim that weighs around 20 pounds. With the tire added on and inflated, the tire will weigh close to 40 pounds total.  

List Of Things That Weigh 40 Pounds

5 Gallon bucket of water

Using water is a very convenient and accurate way of determining weight. 

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If you know how much water you have, figuring out the weight of water is easy.

For example, water weighs 8.345 pounds per gallon. This is the weight of water measured at room temperature which is 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you have 5 gallons of water, it will weigh around 41.7 pounds. 

So if you are familiar with the 5-gallon jugs of water that are sold at most grocery stores, they will weigh around 40 pounds.

If you have 5 gallons of water in a 5-gallon bucket, it will also weigh close to 40 pounds. 

List Of Things That Weigh 40 Pounds

4 small bowling balls

Bowling is a very popular sport played around the world.

The size and weight of bowling balls used during play can vary, and normally the weight you choose to use will be based on your weight. 

Most bowling balls weigh between 6-16 pounds. The most popular weight is 12-14 pounds.

Many times kids and teenagers will use a lighter bowling ball than adults. 

It’s common for them to use a ball that weighs between 6-10 pounds

If you pick up 4 ten pound bowling balls, you will know exactly what 40 pounds feels like.

List Of Things That Weigh 40 Pounds

4 bags of potatoes

One of the most common items to buy at a supermarket is potatoes.

Most people are familiar with a 10-pound bag of potatoes. 

If you put 4 of these bags together and were able to lift them, it would be a perfect example of something that weighs 40 pounds. 

List Of Things That Weigh 40 Pounds

55 inch tv

Without a doubt, the average tv weighs much less now compared to what it weighed years ago. 

A 55-inch tv is a common size that you may either have in your home or have seen in a store. 

I recently purchased a Samsung 55 inch Smart tv and couldn’t believe how light it is. I can actually lift it myself. 

Before the newer flat-screen TVs were available, lifting a 20-inch tube tv was a struggle. 

I looked up the dimensions and weight of my new tv and was surprised to see that it only weighed around 38 pounds. 

Not all 55 inch TVs will weigh 40 pounds, but many of them are.

So if you are looking to get a sense of something that weighs 40 pounds, lift a 55-inch tv and it will be very close. 

List Of Things That Weigh 40 Pounds

Propane tank

If you have a barbeque at home or at the campground, you most likely have a standard size 20-pound propane tank.

These are very common and most people use them on camper trailers, BBQs, and outdoor heaters. 

When you buy one of these tanks, it will most likely be empty and will weigh 20 pounds. 

But once you fill it with propane, it will be much heavier. 

On average a full propane tank can weigh right around 40 pounds or a few pounds less. 

Lifting one of these propane tanks after having it filled will give you an idea of how much weight 40 pounds really is. 

List Of Things That Weigh 40 Pounds

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