Cost Of Living In Sicily: 11 Expenses To Consider

Cost Of Living In Sicily: 11 Expenses To Consider

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean sea. It is one of the 20 regions of Italy located off the southern tip of the country.

The cost of living in Sicily is lower than in other parts of Italy. In fact, the cost of living in Sicily is around 1.2% lower than the average cost of living for the rest of the country.

The current population of Sicily is close to 5 million. If you are considering a move to Sicily, you will need to make decisions on where to live and work unless this is planned ahead of time.

The cost of living can have a direct impact on your financial well-being. It’s essential to consider the factors and necessary expenses involved in calculating the overall cost of living.

Here are 11 expenses to consider when determining the cost of living in Sicily.

map of Sicily

Cost of living in Sicily

Depending on your lifestyle, a person can expect a cost of living between $1,000-$1,500 per month. Although it’s possible to live for less, I would plan for the average cost of living to be in this range to live comfortably.

In Sicily, the local currency is the euro which is equal to 0.92 USD.

people walking in Sicily artwork

1. Housing

The cost of housing in Sicily includes rent or mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance, and utilities.

An average-sized one-bedroom apartment in the city will cost between $400-$800 with the average being around $600. Smaller apartments can be found cheaper in the range of $400-$500.

If you are purchasing an apartment, condo, or home, expect to pay anywhere from $125,000-$250,000 for a one-bedroom unit. The prices will go up from there and a higher-end home for a family of 4 can have a starting price of around $300,000.

Utilities that include electricity, water, and heating will cost around $80 per month.

Property taxes range from 0.4%-0.7% and house insurance can range from $200-$350 per year.

Catania, Sicily, Italy
Catania, Sicily, Italy

2. Food

The cost of groceries in Sicily can vary but on average, a single person can pay around $400 per month. Of course, this depends on your eating habits and diet.

Examples of food prices:

  • 1 Dozen eggs – $2.55
  • 1L Milk – $1.10
  • 2 Lbs potatoes – $1.20
  • 2 Lbs bananas – $1.55
  • 2 Lbs chicken breast – $7.65
  • 1 L bottle of water – $0.30

If you plan to dine out at a fast-food restaurant, expect to pay around $6 per meal. Eating at a family restaurant will cost around $18-$20 per person.

Other prices include:

  • Soda 500 ml – $1.65
  • Beer – $3.75 per glass
  • Coffee – $1.35
Italian food dishes

3. Transportation

If you plan to purchase a vehicle, expect to pay around $10,000 for a used vehicle in good condition. You can buy cheaper vehicles of less quality or in not as good shape.

If you have a vehicle loan, you will need to allow for a monthly payment of around $200-$300 depending on the vehicle price and interest rate.

Public transportation will cost around $45 per month for bus tickets. If you ride the bus only on certain days, you can buy individual tickets for around $1.35 each.

The cost of gas in Sicily is around $1.70 per gallon based on the date of this writing.

If you need to use public parking, expect to pay between $10-$15 per day with cheaper monthly rates being available.

4. Healthcare

Unless you’re interested in paying for private healthcare, you can get free healthcare in Sicily and throughout Italy.

You’ll need to register with the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale to sign up for this healthcare. This healthcare covers most medical procedures and also covers emergency dental care.

Although healthcare is generally free, you might still need to pay a copay for certain prescriptions or procedures. This copay is usually around $36.

If you want to get additional health coverage, you can pay for supplemental insurance. This insurance usually costs about $300 to $550 per year, but it can be as much as $3,000 per year.

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Seeing a doctor without any health insurance, private or public, usually costs between $50 and $120.

5. Taxes

How much you will be taxed in Sicily depends on how much you make each year. The more money you make, the more you will be taxed. Most people are charged between 23% and 43% of their total income.

You’ll also be charged a regional tax fee, which costs between 0.7% and 3.33% of your total income. This rate varies depending on how much you make and the exact area where you live.

Sicily Cost Of Living Table

HousingRent 1 bedroom – $400-$800/month
Home purchase – $125-$250K
Utilities – $80/month
Property tax – 0.4%-0.7%
Insurance – $200-$350/year
FoodGroceries – $400/month
Fast food – $6/meal
Restaraunt – $18-$20/person
TransportationUsed vehicle – $10,000
Vehicle loan – $200-$300/month
Bus tickets – $1.35 each/$45 per month
Gas – $1.70/gallon
Parking – $10-$15/day
HealthcareGenerally free
Copay – $36
Insurance – $300-$550/year – max $3000
Doctor visit – $50-$120
TaxesIncome tax – 23%-43%
Regional tax – 0.7%-3.33%
ChildcarePrivate daycare – $300/month
State subsidized fee – $324
EducationPrivate school – $8,000-$40,000/year
Private school average – $10,000/year
University – $500-$30,000/year
Public university – $500-$3000/year
EntertainmentMovie ticket – $7.50
Concert ticket – $40
Gym membership – $40-$60/month
Personal Care and ClothingMen’s leather shoes – $145
Jeans – $70-$80
Casual dress/shirt – $20
Men’s haircut – $15
Internet and PhoneSim card – $25
Phone plan – $16/month
Internet – $25-$30/month
MiscellaneousLaundry detergent – $5
Private beach club – $40/month
Rentals – $12

6. Childcare

You may be able to find some free childcare options in Sicily if you choose a public daycare. However, if you want a private daycare, you can expect to spend about $300 per month for full-time care.

Parents who want their children to attend a state-subsidized kindergarten will also need to pay a fee of about $324.

childcare wooden sign

7. Education

If you have elementary, middle, or high school-aged children, you probably won’t need to pay too many school fees if you choose a public Sicilian school.

However, if you want to send your child to a private school, such as a school for international students, you can expect to spend between $8,000 and $40,000 per year.

Most private schools average about $10,000 per year.

Universities in Italy aren’t free, usually, but they aren’t overly expensive, either. Students can expect to spend between $500 and $35,000 per year, depending on what studies they want to pursue.

Public universities are also much less expensive than private ones. Most students will only spend between $500 and $3,000 per year.

8. Entertainment

Entertainment in Sicily isn’t too expensive in general, although prices do vary from city to city.

Most people will only spend about $7.50 on a movie ticket, and tickets to a concert, musical, or theater performance usually only cost $40 or less per person.

You can also visit several of the Greek ruins scattered throughout Sicily. Entrance to these areas usually costs about $10.

If you want a gym membership, you can expect to spend between $40 and $60 per month, depending on the fitness center and the plan you choose.

woman accepting a gym membership

9. Personal Care and Clothing

Clothing in Sicily can be expensive if you choose high-quality brands or fabrics.

For example, men’s leather dress or business shoes can cost as much as $145, on average. A pair of good jeans can cost between about $70 and $80.

A casual dress or shirt, however, usually costs about $20.

Costs for other personal care items are usually either lower or on par with costs in the United States. A stick of deodorant usually costs around $4, but a tube of toothpaste usually only costs about $2.

Four rolls of toilet paper cost about $2 as well, and average shampoo can cost as little as $3. Men can get a quick haircut for about $15.

10. Internet and Phone

If you want to use your current cell phone after moving to Sicily, you can simply purchase an Italian SIM card for about $25. Then, you can shop for various cell plans.

Most people pay about $16 per month, plus a $10 activation charge, for a basic plan.

In Sicily, you can expect to spend between $25 and $30 per month on internet services.

internet word graphic

11. Miscellaneous Expenses

You may also want to consider other household expenses before moving to Sicily. This could include cleaning products, and you’ll find that these products are relatively inexpensive.

For example, laundry detergent only costs about $5 for 100 ounces.

Sicily also has many gorgeous beaches, and although some beaches are free, others require an entrance fee.

Some beaches also charge for umbrella or beach chair rentals, so if you want to enjoy these beaches, you may want to factor these costs into your expenses.

A membership to a private beach club can cost about $40 per month, and rentals cost about $12.

Sicily written in sand on a beach

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