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How High Is The Empire State Building? (Other Facts Revealed)

Last updated on September 22nd, 2023 at 01:34 pm

The Empire State Building is one of the most famous skyscrapers in the world that has had millions of visitors since its opening in 1931. 

Located in New York, USA, many people are familiar with this popular tourist destination but don’t realize how high the building really is.

This article will show you the exact height of the Empire State Building along with many other facts you may not know about this historic skyscraper.

How high is the empire state building?

How High Is The Empire State Building?

The Empire State Building itself stands 1250 feet or 381 meters tall and 1453 feet or 443 meters to the tip. This is equal to 102 stories high and includes several observation decks. The building also measures 424 feet east to west and 187 feet north to south. 

Empire state building showing height

Empire State Building Facts 

It was the world’s tallest building

The original plans to build the Empire State Building included a design to ensure it was the tallest building in the world. 

In fact, it was the tallest building in the world until the World Trade Center was constructed in 1970.

The designs changed 15 times until the proper plan ensured it would be the tallest building on earth. 

Even though the building stands 1453 feet tall, as of 2020, it is the 7th tallest building in New York and the 49th tallest in the world. 

The world’s tallest building until 1970

The Empire State Building is known for its appearance in many tv shows and featured films. 

The most popular film it was shown in was the 1933 version of King Kong. Many people remember the final scene where a giant ape climbed the building and was attacked by several aircraft in an attempt to shoot it down. 

The building at the time was only 2 years old. 

Toy king kong ape on Empire state building

It weighs over 365,000 tons

365,000 tons is equal to 804,687,257 pounds. That’s just under 1 billion pounds!

A structure of this size requires a huge steel framework to support the entire building. 

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The framework is covered in concrete and bricks which makes up much of the weight. 

Aluminum paneling is also used and there are over 6514 windows. 

Many lives were lost during construction

Although the exact number of lives lost during the construction of the Empire State Building was conflicted in magazines and newspapers, official accounts say that 5 lives were lost.

The New York  Daily News stated that 14 people had died and The New York Masses magazine mentioned that 42 lives were lost. 

More than 3500 construction workers were needed to complete the project. 

It has it’s own zip code

Not many buildings can say it has its own zip code but the Empire State Building can.

With so many offices and businesses inside the building that all receive mail on a constant basis, the Empire State Building was given the zip code 10118 in 1980 to help route mail to the different floors. 

Empire State Building zip code – 10118

An aircraft crashed into it

In 1945, a military B-25 bomber crashed into the 78th and 79th floors of the Empire State Building. It is said that the pilot was flying towards La Guardia airport and encountered heavy fog and became disorientated.

A large explosion occurred and the crash cause the loss of 14 lives including the pilot and 2 crew members.

Firefighters were able to distinguish the flames quickly and the building reopened 2 days after the crash. 

It will cost you to visit

If you plan to visit the Empire State Building, you should plan to pay a fee. Most people who visit plan to check out the observation decks on the 86th and 102nd floors. 

Tickets are available for purchase and depending on when you visit, the price will be around $42 for adults and $36 for children for the 86th floor.

Visiting the 102nd floor will cost more. Expect to pay $75 for an adult ticket and $69 for children.

There are several ways to receive a discount including purchasing a New York City pass, using discount codes online, and booking multiple tickets as a group. 

Seniors and military personnel also receive a discount. 

It gets hit by lightning

The Empire State Building gets hit by lightning on average 25 times every year. This is one of the many reasons why it’s the most photographed building in the world according to a study from Cornell University.

Lightning strikes provide photographers with some amazing images. A quick online search will show you striking images of lightning hitting the Empire State Building. 

Empire state building with lightning in background

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