9 Examples Of Things That Weigh 10 Kilograms

9 Examples Of Things That Weigh 10 Kilograms

Last updated on September 4th, 2022 at 09:31 pm

10 kilograms is a popular weight so I was curious to find out what items weigh around that weight.

Depending on the weight, it can be quite difficult to guess how heavy something is. 

If you have other items to compare with each other that are around the same weight, it takes some of the guess work out of it. 

I made a list of 9 things that weigh right around 10 kilograms to give you an idea of how heavy that weigh actually is.

10 kilograms is equal to 22.04 pounds or 10000 grams.

9 Examples Of Things That Weigh 10 Kilograms
  1. 2 Bowling balls
  2. Bag of flour
  3. Dumbell
  4. 10 Bottles of wine
  5. Mountain bike
  6. 2 Pressure treated 2×4 x 12
  7. 3 Gallons of water
  8. Bag of dog food
  9. Beagle

1. Two Bowling balls

The game of bowling is very popular around the world. In order to play bowling, you need bowling balls which are available in many different sizes and weights. 

Depending on your age and size, you can choose the ball weight that suits you the best. There are balls more suited for a child which are lighter and some that are heavier for adults.

Bowling balls can range in weight from 8 – 16 pounds. If you had 2 average-sized bowling balls that weighed 10 pounds each, they would weigh right around 10 kilograms together. 

2. Bag of flour

Although you can buy bags of flour in different sized bags, the most common sizes are the 5 kilogram and 10 kilogram sized bags. 

One of the most popular brands of flour is Robin Hood which can easily be bought in a 10-kilogram bag. 

10 kilogram bag of flour

3. 10-kilogram dumbbell

If you are unfamiliar with dumbbells, they are basically a short bar that has weights on each end used for weight lifting exercises and muscle building.

Dumbbells are made in different weights so depending on your ability, you can choose the right size for you.

One of the most common dumbbell weights to use is the 10 kilogram which is 22 pounds. You can use 1 dumbbell or 2 at the same time while weight lifting. 

4. Seven Bottles of wine

The standard bottle of wine comes in a 750 ml bottle. Depending on the thickness of the bottle and type of wine being used, the weight can vary slightly.

For example, average quality wine in a normal bottle will weigh around 3 pounds or 1.36 kilograms each. Premium wine can weigh a bit more at around 4 pounds or 1.81 kilograms. 

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If you can picture 7 bottles of wine together, they would weigh approximately 21 pounds which is close to 10 kilograms. 

5. Mountain bike

A mountain bike is just one of many different types of bikes available to ride. Mountain bikes are designed for off-road biking with rugged terrain and trails.

Most mountain bikes have the same similarities as other bike types, but have different features which can make them slightly heavier.

Although a mountain bike can range in size and weight, it’s common to use one that weighs around 10 kilograms.  

6. Two pressure-treated 2x4s 

A 2×4 board is one of the most common pieces of lumber used in construction and DIY home projects. 

There are a few things that affect the weight of a 2×4 piece of wood. These are the size of the board, the type of wood being used, and whether or not the wood is pressure treated. 

A 2×4 is normally available in different lengths including 8 and 12 feet. 

If you were to weigh a 12-foot-long piece of 2×4 that is pressure treated, it should weigh right around 10 kilograms or 22 pounds. 

The 8-foot-long 2×4 weighs around 13 pounds or 5.8 kilograms.

7. 2.5 Gallons of water

When determining the weight of water, you need to take temperature into consideration. At 62 degrees Fahrenheit or 17 degrees Celcius, water weighs 8.34 pounds or 3.78 kilograms per gallon.

If you had 2.5 gallons of water at the same temperature, it would weigh close to 21 pounds or just under 10 kilograms.  

8. Bag of dog food

A regular-sized bag of dog food weighs around 20 – 25 pounds. This means that the same bag will weigh close to 10 kilograms.

The exact weight of the dog food bag will depend on a number of factors, including ingredients, the density of the food, and the food brand. 

However, an averaged size bag of dog food is a good way to estimate with relative accuracy what 10 kilograms feel like.

9. Beagle

Speaking of dogs, there are many types of dogs that are smaller and lighter in weight. The beagle is a good example. These dogs will generally grow to weigh around 10-12 kilograms or 22-24 pounds. 

The male beagle tends to be slightly heavier than the females. When they are adult size, the female will be around 1-2 kilograms or 2-4 pounds lighter than the males.

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