Things That Are 6000 Feet Long

11 Things That Are 6000 Feet Long

This article will show you a list of items that are 6000 feet long. 

Although it can be difficult to see something that is exactly 6000 feet in length or height, it becomes much easier if you combine items together to equal 6000 feet.

The following items can be used to reference the length or height of 6000 feet.

Things That Are 6000 Feet Long

Airport runway

If you have ever traveled on a commercial airline or private jet, you will notice how long the runways are during takeoff and landing. 

Not all airports are the same and the length of a runway can vary. Some runways used for private airplanes are much shorter than longer runways used for large airliners. 

A runway used for commercial passenger airplanes will range in length between 5000 and 10,000 feet with some being even longer. It’s quite common for an airport to have at least 1 runway that is 6000 feet long. 

airport runway overhead view

I-375 Michigan 1.06

Interstate 375 in the state of Michigan runs north and south and was once known for being the shortest highway in the USA. Currently the shortest highway is the I-110 in Texas. 

The I-375 was opened in 1964 and is still traveled today. It doesn’t take long to drive from the beginning to end of this interstate highway as it is only 1.06 miles long. 

1 mile is equal to 5,280 feet. Therefore 1.06 miles is equal to 5,597 feet. Although it’s not exactly 6000 feet in total, driving the I-375 will give you a close estimate.

6 Cruise ships

Cruise ships are a great item to use as a size reference as most people are familiar with them. Even if you have never been on a cruise, it can be simple to visualize the size. 

Depending on the type of cruise ship, when it was made, and what its purpose is, will vary in size. Most large cruise ships are close to being 1000 feet in length.

If you can picture 6 of these cruise ships placed together in a row, they would be close to equalling 6000 feet in length.

large cruise ship moving towards islands

17 Soccer fields

Most professional league soccer stadiums around the world have a similar sized playing surface. In fact, according to FIFA, a soccer field must be between 330 and 360 feet in length.

Soccer fields used in high school leagues or children’s leagues are much smaller. 

If you have ever been to a live soccer match, you will be familiar with the field size. In order to visualize the length of 6000 feet, you would need to place 17 soccer fields together in a row. 

30 Ice hockey rink surfaces

Professional ice hockey is a popular sport played around the world. The most well known hockey league is the National Hockey League or NHL. 

If you have ever been to an NHL hockey game, you will be familiar with the size of the ice surface. According to the NHL rulebook, the ice hockey playing surface must be 200 feet long

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It’s not only the NHL that uses an ice rink of this size. Many high school, junior, and minor leagues will use the same sized ice surface.

Since the ice surface is 200 feet long, you can imagine 30 of them placed together in a row to equal 6000 feet in total length.

ice hockey arena

4.5 Laps around a track

Outdoor running tracks are used by athletes during olympic events but they can also be used by anyone who likes to run or is undergoing training. 

Not every track is the same size as indoor tracks are generally smaller than outdoor tracks. 

Many people will be familiar with the 100 meter dash which takes place on the straightaway portion of the track. If you add up the total distance around the track it will equal 400 meters which is equal to 1,312 feet. 

So in order to figure out 6000 feet in length, you would need to run 4.5 laps around a track. 

4.5 x 1,312 = 5,904 feet. It doesn’t equal exactly 6000 feet but it can be used as a reference. 

6 Aircraft carriers

Aircraft carriers are used by many countries around the world and not all aircraft carriers are the same size. 

One of the most popular and well known aircraft carriers is the USS Gerald R Ford which is the largest aircraft carrier in the world. 

This aircraft carrier measures 1,092 feet in length which is longer than many cruise ships. The length of 6 USS Gerald R Ford aircraft carriers will equal just over 6000 feet.  

26 Boeing 747 Aircraft

The Boeing 747 jumbo jet is one of the most popular and largest passenger aircraft in the world. This aircraft has 4 engines and can hold over 500 passengers. 

If you have ever traveled to a large international airport, you may have seen a Boeing 747 there. They are easily recognizable due to their huge size.  

The Boeing 747-400 aircraft measures 232 feet long. Therefore, if you could place 26 of these aircraft together in a row, they would be close to measuring 6000 feet long. 

Boeing 747 aircraft on runway

4 Par 5 golf holes

The game of golf is very popular and is played by many people around the world. If you play golf, you will know that the length of each golf hole on the course can be different.

For example, a par 3 hole will be much shorter in distance compared to a par 5 hole. Most 18 hole golf courses will have a mix of par 3, par 4, and par 5 holes each being a different length. 

The longer par 5 holes will normally take more shots to reach the green due to its longer size. Many par 5 holes vary in length between 450-575 yards with the average being around 500 yards. 

500 yards is equal to 1,500 feet. Therefore if you played 4 par 5 golf holes, you will have traveled 6000 feet in length. 

golf player swinging in fairway

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