How Big Are Storage Cubes?

How Big Are Storage Cubes? Size And Dimensions

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Last updated on February 25th, 2023 at 10:03 am

Storage cubes can help you organize your home or make a space look neater. However, if you plan to put the cube in a piece of furniture designed to hold these cubes, it’s important to select the correct size.

Empty white shelves close up with storage cubes

What is a storage cube?

Storage cubes are small boxes that slide into a larger storage unit. Storage cubes have even square sides and an open top, and most have a handle that makes it easy to move them.

Storage cubes are often collapsible and made of stiff fabric. This makes it simple to fold up the box and tuck it away if you decide not to use it at that time.

Some boxes, however, are sturdier and made of plastic or wood. Other storage cubes, particularly those designed to hold laundry or textiles, are made of wicker and look like a basket with a fabric lining.

Some storage cubes are even made of glass or metal, although these are usually designed to be permanently mounted, whereas fabric or plastic cubes are lightweight enough to move easily.

Storage cubes are usually placed in a specific storage container unit that doubles as a piece of furniture.

These units look somewhat like a bookcase and have spaces that are the perfect size for storage cubes.

These pieces of furniture can vary in size, so you might find one that holds two or four cubes, while another might hold 10 or more cubes.

Storage cubes slide completely out of these pieces of furniture, so you can leave some spaces in the furniture free for displays, books, or knickknacks but add cubes to store things that might otherwise look cluttered.

Empty white shelves close up with storage cubes

How big is a storage cube?

Storage cubes are available in a few different sizes, but the most common sizes are 10 by 10 inches and 12 by 12 inches. Each side of the cube will have these measurements.

These dimensions are the exterior dimensions of the cube, so the interior dimensions are often slightly smaller by about 5/8 of an inch all around.

10"x10"x10" cube

Knowing the dimensions of a single side of the cube can help us find the total volume. A 10 by 10-inch cube has a volume of 1,000 cubic inches or about 0.6 cubic feet.

A 12 by 12-inch cube has a volume of 1,728 cubic inches or about 1 cubic foot.

Although 10 by 10 and 12 by 12 inches are the most common sizes, storage cubes are also available in several other sizes.

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The DULLEMELO collapsible storage cubes have dimensions of 12″ x 12″ x 12″.

Cubes that are 10.5 by 10.5 inches, 11 by 11 inches, and 13 by 13 inches are also relatively common. These cubes have volumes of 0.67, 0.77, and about 1.3 cubic feet, respectively.

The HNZIGE fabric cube storage bins have dimensions of 11″ x 11″ x 11″.

When purchasing storage cubes, it’s important to think about how they’ll fit into the space where you want to use them.

If you’re using a storage cube unit, measure the inside dimensions of the unit before purchasing cubes.

What are the benefits of storage cubes?

Storage cubes are an excellent way to store items you want to keep handy but don’t want in plain sight. This might be because the items look messy or because they’re private.

You might only need to use two or three storage cubes in a larger storage cube container, and you can move the cubes from space to space to change up your design or make things easier to find or reach.

Many cubes can also be labeled, so you can mark what each cube holds and then move it around as needed. You can also add more cubes or move cubes out as necessary.

small shelf with wicker and leather storage cubes

Where can I use storage cubes?

When people think about storage cubes, they often think of using them in a bedroom or living room, and the cubes are very handy in these areas. However, storage cubes can be used in any room of the house.

In the bathroom, for example, storage cubes can be used to hold washcloths, toiletries, or makeup. Towels can be stored in the open cube spaces of the unit.

In the kitchen, storage cubes can store plates or napkins. In an office, storage cubes can be used to organize books or papers or hold office supplies, such as pens.

Storage cubes and their units can also be used as many pieces of furniture. Small storage cube arrays can be used as nightstands or side tables, offering storage while serving a purpose.

Taller storage cube units can help to divide a room, and leaving some of the cubes open can create an airier feel than a dividing wall might.

Storage cubes are also available in a variety of colors, so you can choose cubes that work with your home décor.

Instead of purchasing a storage cube unit, you can also purchase plastic or wooden storage cubes by themselves. This lets you create a design that’s entirely up to you.

You can use just one storage cube here and there, stack them, or even mount them on the wall.

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