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How Big Is A 27 Cubic Foot Refrigerator? (Exact Dimensions)

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Most homes, apartments, and condos will have a refrigerator installed. But not all will have a 27 cubic foot refrigerator. A 27 cubic-foot refrigerator is considered a large-capacity fridge and a considerable upgrade for most people.

Not all refrigerators have the same dimensions, and the sizes between different makes and models can vary.

If you are considering upgrading your current refrigerator to a 27 cubic-foot fridge, knowing the exact dimensions is crucial to ensure it will fit in the proper space.

27 cubic foot refrigerator with one open door

How Big Is A 27 Cubic Foot Refrigerator?

As mentioned, the dimensions of a refrigerator can vary between makes and models. On average, a 27 cubic foot refrigerator has dimensions of 72 inches tall x 36 inches wide x 36 inches deep.

For example, the GE Profile 27.6 Cu.ft refrigerator has dimensions of 35.63″D x 36.75″ W x 69.88″H.

27 cubic foot refrigerator dimensions diagram

How to calculate cubic feet of a refrigerator

When calculating the cubic feet of a refrigerator, you need to consider three dimensions—height, width, and depth measured in inches. It’s important to note that these measurements are based on the inside useable space of the refrigerator and not the exterior dimensions.

Simply multiply the three dimensions together and divide the total by 1,728 to determine the size in cubic feet.

There are 1,728 inches in 1 cubic foot. If we have a refrigerator with inside dimensions of 27″D x 27″W x 66″H, multiplying these numbers together gives us a total of 48,144. Then divide by 1,728 equals 27.8 Cu.ft.

You can also perform the calculation by converting inches to feet. Using the above example, 27 inches is equal to 2.25 feet and 66 inches is equal to 5.5 feet. Simply multiply those measurements together to determine the cubic feet of the refrigerator.

2.25 feet x 2.25 feet x 5.5 feet = 27.8 Cu.ft.

On average, a 27 cubic foot refrigerator has dimensions of 72 inches tall x 36 inches wide x 36 inches deep.

What is the capacity of a 27 cubic-foot refrigerator?

A 27 cubic-foot refrigerator is a large-capacity fridge suitable for larger families. To put this fridge size into perspective, an average size fridge for a family of 2 – 4 ranges between 10 – 20 cubic feet. So a 27 cubic-foot fridge is considerably larger.

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As mentioned, the capacity of a refrigerator is based on the inside measurements and not the outside dimensions.

Once you measure the exact dimensions of the inside of a fridge, you will know how much storage space you have for food and other items. Most 27 cubic-foot refrigerators have dual french doors with plenty of storage space on each door.

The layout of the refrigerator’s interior will also play a role in determining how much available or useable space it has. High-end models will have unique designs that include adjustable shelves and door bins which can allow for more useable space.

Of course, smaller refrigerators and lower-end models may not have the capacity or design for additional storage.

stainless steel fridge with french doors in a kitchen

What size refrigerator do I need?

There are several factors to consider when determining what size refrigerator you need. On average, each person will need between 4 to 6 cubic feet of capacity. If you have a family of 4, consider buying a fridge with a 16 – 24 cubic feet capacity.

If you don’t often cook at home or don’t have a need to store a lot of groceries, you can get away with a smaller size.

You also need to ensure you have the proper space in your home. If your kitchen has a designated area that has been cut out specifically for a refrigerator, make sure the dimensions of the fridge will fit inside.

You need to allow for at least 1 inch of clearance space for proper ventilation and enough clearance space for the doors when fully open.

How heavy is a 27 cubic-inch refrigerator?

One disadvantage of owning a large-capacity fridge is that it is heavy. A 27 cubic-foot refrigerator weighs 350-400 pounds, making maneuvering it difficult. A fridge of this size and weight will not fit in a normal-size car or SUV and requires multiple people to deliver, unpack, and put into place.

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