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Will A Mini Fridge Fit In The Trunk Of A Car?

As the name suggests, mini fridges are much smaller versions of standard refrigerators, and their compact size makes them easy to transport and perfect for small apartments, dorm rooms, or as a drink and snack fridge in a den or game room.

Because they’re so small, it makes sense to think they might fit in the trunk of a regular car.

Learning more about the average size of a mini fridge and how to transport it can help you get the fridge to its new destination without issue.

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Will A Mini Fridge Fit In The Trunk Of A Car?

Yes, a mini fridge will fit into the trunk of most cars. However, that doesn’t mean that a mini fridge should be transported in a trunk and this will depend on a number of factors.

  • Vehicle trunk size
  • Mini-fridge size
  • Type of mini-fridge (many mini-fridges need to be transported upright)
  • Potential damages to the vehicle and mini-fridge

If the mini-fridge does not fit in the trunk, another option is to place it in the back seat.

Standard Mini Fridge and Car Trunk Sizes

Most average mini fridges have a height of 30 to 35 inches, a width of 18 to 24 inches, and a depth of 19 to 26 inches. Countertop mini-fridges are even smaller and have a height of between 17 and 21 inches, a width of between 18 and 22 inches, and a depth of between 17 and 22 inches.

countertop mini-fridge
countertop mini-fridge

Most average sedans have a trunk width of about 55 inches, although the actual opening can be as much as 10 inches smaller. The average height of a sedan’s trunk is usually around 22 to 24 inches, and the depth is generally between 36 and 46 inches.

It can be difficult to fit a mini-fridge through the opening of the trunk as it is not a perfect square and the trunk is somewhat curved. On average, there is a 24-inch opening to fit the fridge through.

When looking at the average measurements for both mini-fridges and trunk spaces, you can see that a mini fridge could potentially fit in a car’s trunk. However, it’s important to consider a few other factors.

First, some mini fridges can be damaged if they’re not transported correctly, and this can affect whether they can be moved in a trunk.

When measuring a trunk, it’s also crucial that you remember to take the wheel wells into account. These spaces can drastically reduce the useable space in the trunk, depending on how the car is made and how much the wheel wells protrude.

trunk opening showing amount of open space

Transporting the Fridge

When transporting a mini fridge, the most important thing to remember is that some mini fridges can be transported lying down, and others can’t. Mini fridges utilize special oils and coolants to keep the interior cold.

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When a fridge is tipped, it can change how the liquids in the fridge work. Some fridges are designed to be tipped, so you can lay them on their side in your trunk, and they should fit.

You may not be able to fully close the trunk, but you can use a bungee cord to secure it for a short drive.

Other mini-fridges, however, cannot be tipped. Tipping them can damage them to the point where they will no longer work, and even if they do work, it may void the warranty.

Always double-check the specific brand and model of the fridge to see if you can lay it on its side to transport it. Never transport any mini fridge on its back.

vertical mini fridge

When you do move the fridge, whether you place it in your trunk or a back seat, always buffer the fridge to protect it and your car’s interior.

Wrap the fridge in blankets to stop the fridge’s corners from bumping into anything. You should always make sure the fridge is secure, as well, so it won’t move around too much during the drive.

If the fridge is small and will move around in the trunk, use straps to keep it from sliding.

When moving a mini fridge, never leave any items inside it. Even if the fridge is transported upright, the items inside can move around, damaging the interior of the fridge and possibly even causing mechanical or electrical issues.

Calling a Transportation Service

If you can’t fit your mini fridge in your trunk, another great option is to call a travel service. These services act as taxis, and because they often transport people to and from the airport, many drivers have vehicles large enough to transport a mini fridge.

Getting a travel service to move the mini-fridge is often less expensive than having it delivered or moved by a moving company.

Renting a Vehicle

Another way to get your mini fridge where it needs to go is to rent a vehicle. Many vehicle rental places offer trucks or vans, and these are usually large enough to move a mini fridge.

You can often rent a vehicle for just the day or even for only a few hours, so this is often a much easier and less expensive mini fridge moving option.

rent a car message on mobile phone

Let the Fridge Rest After Transportation

After you’ve gotten your mini fridge to its new location safely, don’t plug it in right away. Instead, give the fridge a day to rest.

This will let any oils or coolants that may have moved around during transit settle back into the correct places.

Letting the fridge rest can help to ensure there will be no mechanical issues and the fridge will work efficiently.

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