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How Far Is 1,200 Miles?

Are you planning a road trip or vacation? Travelling between cities on a bus or plane? Perhaps just interested in knowing exactly how far 1,200 miles is?

Here is what you need to know.

1,200 miles is considered to be a far distance that requires a mode of transportation. Simply walking or running 1,200 miles is not something that a person can do in a reasonable amount of time.

1,200 miles can be converted to other units of measurement. For example, 1,200 miles equals:

76,032,000.00 inches
6,336,000.00 feet
2,112,000.00 yards
1200.00 miles
1,931,212,800.00 millimeters
193,121,280.00 centimeters
1,931,212.80 meters
1,931.21 kilometers

You can use our length and distance conversion calculator to do the math for you.

How long does it take to drive 1,200 miles?

If you are planning to drive 1,200 miles in a normal passenger vehicle, it will take you around 20 hours of driving time.

Of course, this time is based on a few factors which need to be considered.

Driving speed

The average highway speed limit is 60 MPH (Miles Per Hour), therefore by doing some simple math we can determine that it will take 20 hours to drive 1,200 miles.

Time = Distance/ Speed

Time = 1,200 miles / 60 MPH = 20 hours

If you drive faster, the time it will take to drive the same distance will be less. If you drive slower, the time it will take to drive the same distance will be more.

If you plan to drive 8 hours per day, it will take you 2.5 days to drive 1,200 miles. Let’s say you wanted to drive from city A to city B which are 1,200 miles apart.

If you started the trip on Monday morning, you would arrive mid day on Wednesday.

You can also break up your trip in terms of distance instead of time. For example, plan to drive 400 miles each day instead of 8 hours and you will still arrive on the same day.

To calculate the time to travel a certain distance, use the formula Time = Distance/ Speed

Rest breaks

Of course, as you drive for 1,200 miles, you will need to take rest breaks. Depending on how long these breaks are will affect the length of time it will take you to drive 1,200 miles.

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Poor weather conditions will affect your driving speed and overall time it will take to drive 1,200 miles. If you end up driving in rain which cause you to have an average speed of 40 MPH, your driving time will increase to 30 hours.

Road conditions/construction

Poor road conditions and areas of construction will slow down your trip and cause an increase in time it will take to drive 1,200 miles.

Plan ahead of time and take these factors into consideration when planning a road trip.

Examples of 1,200 miles

It can be difficult to understand just how far 1,200 miles is without some examples.

In the USA,

  • New York, NY to Miami, Fl driving distance is 1,280 miles.
  • Seattle, WA to Los Angeles, CA driving distance is 1,130 miles.

In Canada,

  • Halifax, NS to Toronto, On driving distance is 1,120 miles.

In Europe,

London, UK to Naples, Italy driving distance is 1,280 miles.

Another great example is to look at the country of Norway. From it’s most southern point to the top of the mainland, Norway is close to 1,200 miles in distance.

The towns of Egersund, Norway and Narvik, Norway are 1,167 miles apart.

map of norway

Air travel

If you are planning a trip using air travel, the time it will take to travel 1,200 mile will be considerably less. For example, a flight that goes direct from A to B at a much faster speed will take less time.

The average passenger airline jet will travel at around 500 miles per hour. If you were on a flight from New York to Miami, this flight will take you around 2.4 hours.

Of course, you will need to include possible delays and ground time before and after the flight itself.

1200 miles infographic

Can you bike 1,200 miles?

You may be wondering if a bike ride of 1,200 miles is worth considering. The average person will not be able to travel this distance on a bike for several reasons.

But for someone who is considering this adventure, the average person rides a bike at speeds of 10 to 15 miles per hour.

Using the formula of time = distance/speed, you can see that a 1,200 mile bike ride will take close to 120 hours.

Even if you could bike for 10 hours per day, this will take you 12 days of travelling. Then include other factors like fitness level, weather, breaks, and this trip can easily take you 15 or 20 days to complete.

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