Things That Are 40 Feet Long

9 Things That Are 40 Feet Long

Last updated on March 6th, 2022 at 06:52 pm

This article will show you some great examples of things that are 40 feet long.

It’s not every day that you see something that measures 40 feet in length. 

But it’s possible to see several things that can add up to 40 feet when put together. 

If you are looking to get a sense of just how long 40 feet really is, check out the following items.

large snake with green eyes

Things That Are 40 Feet Long

2 Green Anaconda snakes

The green anaconda or giant anaconda is part of the boa family commonly found in South America. 

These snakes are known to be one of the longest and heaviest snakes in the world. 

The green anaconda is a non-venomous snake that is so powerful it can trap and consume very large animals like deer and birds. 

It is also common for them to hold onto their prey using their teeth while squeezing and suffocating them to death. 

Male and female green anacondas can vary in size but they are known for them to grow up to 20 feet long

If you can picture 2 of these snakes together in a row, they would equal 40 feet long. 

green anaconda snake

5 Smart cars

A Smart car is a compact and economical vehicle that is manufactured in Germany. Many people in several countries around the world drive Smart cars. 

Smart cars are designed to be occupied by 2 people only and have the engine in the trunk. 

Although cargo space is at a premium, most Smart cars have around 12 cubic feet of cargo space for smaller items. 

If you don’t mind the small size, these cars are a very economical source of transportation. 

On average, a Smart car is around 8 to 8.5 feet long. If you placed 5 of them together in a row, they would measure close to 40 feet in length. 

red smart car

Eleven 55 inch Tv’s

One of the most convenient ways to estimate the size of something is to use tv dimensions. 

A 55-inch tv is a very common size and many people have them in their homes. 

The size of 55 inches is the actual screen size measured diagonally from corner to corner. It is not the actual length of the tv itself.

If you measure a 55-inch tv from left to right or across the top, it will be close to 44 inches wide. This is 4 inches smaller than 4 feet which is 48 inches.

If you add the width of eleven 55 inch TVs together, they will equal 484 inches or just over 40 feet in length.

flat screen tv on stand

4 Alligators

Alligators are very large animals that can be found in the USA, China, Russia. Most people are familiar with the size of teeth an alligator has along with their long and aggressive tail. 

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The size of alligators can vary but it’s common for them to reach 10 feet long in places like Florida, USA.

Alligators don’t normally grow to over 12 feet long, but it’s possible. They can also reach a weight of 250-300 pounds. 

Visualizing 4 of these 10 foot long alligators will give you a good idea of how long 40 feet long is. 

aligator on sand

Full-size school bus

School busses are commonly seen in a variety of sizes and larger busses generally can carry more people than smaller busses.

Depending on the bus type or class, the length of a school bus can range from 20 – 45 feet long.

Most full-sized school busses are close to 40 feet long. A bus of this size can carry up to 90 passengers but it depends on the seat configuration and size of people being transported. 

If you are familiar with a full-size school bus, it is a great example of something that is 40 feet long. 

large school bus

8 Hockey sticks

Hockey sticks are used for playing the sport of ice hockey. Not all hockey sticks are the same size.

For example, a stick used by youth players will be smaller than one used by an adult. 

Many adult hockey players will use a stick that is 5 feet long. This includes hockey sticks used by players in professional hockey leagues like the NHL. 

If you had 8 adult hockey sticks placed together in a row, they would equal very close to 40 feet long.  

blue hockey stick

8 Queen size beds

The most common sized bed used in many households is a queen size. There are several advantages of owning a queen-size bed. 

As they are the most popular-sized bed, finding mattresses, sheets, covers, and other parts is easy. A queen-size bed will fit into most bedroom sizes and is suitable for 2 adults. 

If you own a queen-sized bed, you will notice that the mattress is 60 inches or 5 feet wide.

To get a sense of how long 40 feet is, placing 8 queen-sized beds side by side is a perfect reference. 

queen size bed

2 doubles badminton courts

Most people are familiar with the game of badminton and what a badminton court looks like. 

However, some people don’t know that not all badminton courts are the same size. 

Both singles and doubles courts are 44 feet long. The difference is in width.  

Singles courts are 17 feet wide and doubles courts are 20 feet wide. 

Therefore, picturing 2 doubles badminton courts side by side would equal 40 feet in size.   

badminton court

5 horse length

The term horse length is often used in racing which describes the distance between horses in the race. 

When measuring horse length, you need to consider the distance from its nose to its tail. 

While not all horses are the same size, an adult horse length will be around 8 feet. 

If a horse won the race by 5 horse lengths, it would be equal to winning the race by about 40 feet. 

If you are looking at something that is 5 horse lengths in size, chances are that it’s around 40 feet.  

horse race

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