How Much Does A Frisbee Weigh? Decorative image

How Much Does A Frisbee Weigh?

Frisbee is a very unique outdoor game that involves people tossing and catching a flying disc.

Many people play recreational frisbee for fun and amusement but it can also be played in competition. 

Regardless of whether you are playing for recreation or competition, it’s important to know how much a frisbee weighs. 

Keep reading to learn more about the weight of a frisbee. 

How Much Does A Frisbee Weigh? Decorative image

What is the weight of a frisbee?

On average a frisbee weighs between 6-7 ounces or 170-200 grams. Not all frisbees are the same size and the weight can vary slightly depending on your personal preference, skill level, and weather conditions. 

The weight of a frisbee plays a role in throwing accuracy and precision along with the distance traveled and stability of the frisbee in flight.    

Person holding a yellow frisbee

What is a frisbee made out of?

The frisbee was introduced in the early years of the 1950s and is made out of a thermoplastic material called polyethylene. 

Ethylene is a colorless flammable gas that goes through a process of high temperature and pressure to convert the gas into a polymer.

Other chemicals and colors are added to the frisbee for the overall design, performance, durability, and stability.

Man tossing a yellow frisbee

What is the standard size frisbee?

Although frisbees can vary in size, it’s common to use a frisbee that is between 8 – 10 inches or 20 – 25 centimeters in diameter. This is the standard size.

Discs that are used for playing disc golf are generally between 8.3 – 8.7 inches or 21 – 22 centimeters in diameter.

Certain golf discs are approved up to 11.8 inches or 30 centimeters in diameter. 

Blue frisbee showing diameter of 8-10 inches

What makes a frisbee fly?

The shape of a frisbee and its rotation through the air contribute to its ability to fly. 

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Similar to an aircraft wing, frisbees encounter 2 forces that act on the frisbee during flight. Lift and drag.

Lift keeps the frisbee airborne and opposes gravity as it travels through the air. 

Drag is a force that is perpendicular to lift and opposes the forward movement of the frisbee. 

The curve of the frisbee is crucial as the air must travel over the disk creating a lower pressure over the top of the disc compared to the airflow underneath the disc.

The pressure difference of air between the top and bottom of the frisbee is known as lift.

This is the science behind how an airplane wing produces lift.

How far can a frisbee travel through the air?

There are many variables that can determine how far a frisbee will travel.

But on average, the distance a frisbee can be thrown is 600 feet for men and 400 feet for women.  

The longest distance ever flown by a frisbee was 1333 feet which was thrown in 2003.

This frisbee toss is longer than ¼ mile long and the record still stands today.  

man on golf course throwing a frisbee

Difference between a frisbee and golf disc

Some people think that a frisbee and golf disc is the same thing. 

Although the theory behind how they fly is the same along with other similarities, there are a few differences.  

  • Golf discs are generally smaller and are designed to travel further distances with better accuracy.
  • Unlike a regular frisbee, golf discs are made to throw by one person and not meant to be caught by someone else.
  • Golf discs can travel faster through the air.
  • Golf discs generally weigh more than a standard frisbee.
  • Golf discs can have different edges and shapes which can be used for various reasons during the game. Frisbees are normally round and all similar in shape. 
Disc golf basket with red disc inside

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