Things That Are 20 Centimeters Long

Things That Are 20 Centimeters Long

The size of 20 centimeters can be difficult to visualize for some people.

Learning about items that are easy to picture and similar in size can be very helpful if you don’t have a way to get an actual measurement. 

The following items can be used as examples of things that are 20 centimeters long.

Did you know? 20 centimeters is equal to 0.2 meters or 7.87 inches. 

A Dinner fork

Dinner forks are used to eat the main course of a meal. 

There are several different types of forks including a salad fork, seafood fork, dessert fork, and a few others. 

Many people are familiar with a dinner fork and will keep them in their kitchen. 

DInner forks are also used at most restaurants. 

Depending on the type of fork you are using, they can vary in size. 

Most dinner forks are around 7 inches long with some being longer and some shorter. 

Knowing that 20 centimeters is 7.87 inches long, a dinner fork is a good example of something that is 20 centimeters long. 

Things That Are 20 Centimeters Long

A Carrot

Did you know that not all carrots are orange?

Carrots are a very common root vegetable and although many people think of them as being orange, they can also come in yellow, red, purple, white, and black colors.

Carrots are known to be a very healthy to eat vegetable and can be used in a variety of recipes including soups and salads. 

You can also buy carrots in a variety of sizes. Small, medium and large carrots are sold in different sized bags from 1 pound to 10 pounds or even heavier. 

Mini or baby carrots are sold in small bags and are normally around 2 inches long. 

Small to medium-sized carrots range from 2 to 6 inches and large carrots are between 6-8 inches long.

To get an idea of how long 20 centimeters is, you can reference a large 8-inch carrot as it will be close to 20 centimeters long. 

Things That Are 20 Centimeters Long

Pool balls

If you enjoy playing pool, you will be familiar with the size of a pool ball. 

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Did you know that all pool balls are the same size? 

It’s true. With the exception of the cue ball which is slightly larger.

Pool balls are measured to be 2.25 inches or 57 millimeters in diameter. 

The white cue ball is ⅛” larger than the other balls. 

If you placed 4 pool balls together in a row, they would equal 9 inches or 23 centimeters long. 

Although it is not an exact measurement of 20 centimeters, it can be used as a reference.  

Things That Are 20 Centimeters Long

Women’s sneaker size 5 

When you purchase a new pair of shoes, you will notice they are all given a number.

This number is based on the length of your foot and is the distance from your heel to your longest toe.

It does not take into consideration the width or shape of your foot.

For example, if you look at a size 5 women’s sneaker, it will be around 21.6 centimeters or 8.5 inches long. 

So if you are looking to compare something that is 20 centimeters long, a size 5 women’s sneaker may not be exact but it will be close. 

Things That Are 20 Centimeters Long

Post-it notes

Post-it notes are sometimes referred to as sticky notes and are used to attach to a document or another piece of paper.

They have an adhesive backing that allows them to be stuck on something and removed without leaving residue.

Post-it notes are used by many businesses and are available to purchase in office supply stores and come in a variety of sizes. 

One of the most common sizes is the 3×3 Post-it note which has dimensions of 7.6 centimeters long and 7.6 centimeters wide. 

If you placed 3 post-it notes side by side, they would equal 22.8 centimeters long which is just over 20 centimeters. 

Things That Are 20 Centimeters Long

Business envelope

Business envelopes are a common size used by many businesses to mail letters.

They are also used by people in everyday use and will fit a standard piece of paper folded in thirds. 

A business envelope is 8 inches long which is slightly over 20 centimeters and a great example of something that is 20 centimeters in length. 

Things That Are 20 Centimeters Long

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