How Much Space Do You Need For A Hot Tub?

How Much Space Do You Need For A Hot Tub?

Hot tubs are relaxing and enjoyable for people of all ages. A hot tub brings welcome relief to aching muscles after a long day and helps people relax. Hot tubs can be used at all times of the year, for relaxation and recreation.

Many people consider hot tub ownership a luxurious experience. With hot tubs more affordable than in the past, people are becoming increasingly interested in ownership.

No matter where you install a hot tub, having enough space is integral for its function and your comfort. Learning about the space requirements will prepare you for installing your beautiful new hot tub with ease.

How Much Space Do You Need For A Hot Tub?

Structural Support Is Essential

Before we jump into information on space requirements, there is another more pressing matter. Hot tubs can be installed just about anywhere inside or outside of your home, but they must have ample structural support.

Empty hot tubs are already massively heavy, at around 850 pounds. Add water, and your hot tub could easily rise well over 5,000 pounds. In addition to the water weight, you must then consider the weight of the bathers.

You cannot install a hot tub in your home without getting help from professionals. Inside your home, a special slab, joists, and beams will need to be installed. It is wise to get service from a structural engineer to ensure the weight of the hot tub will not be a problem.

Because of the excessive weight of hot tubs, many homeowners decide to put them outside on decks or concrete slabs. Concrete slabs will need to be at least four inches thick to accommodate the pressure of the weight. You will need to ensure the hot tub is installed to meet all municipal codes and building standards.

installing deck support beams

Where Should You Install a Hot Tub?

Now that you understand how massively weighty hot tubs can become once filled with water, it’s time to consider where to install one. Even with the excessive weight, you do have options for installation.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a location for installation.

  • Will there be enough space for bathers to walk around the tub and enter and exit it safely and comfortably?
  • Is there enough space for a repair technician to come in and access the control panel for repairs?
  • Does the area have enough space for placing the hot tub cover when not in use?
  • Is there room for any additional plumbing and electrical line components?
  • Is the installation area private, or will you need to construct a fence for additional privacy?
covered hot tub on wooden platform

Just How Big Is a Hot Tub?

You now know about some of the space requirements and the structural support, but before you purchase a hot tub, you need to know the average dimensions. Average hot tubs measure around 7 to 8 feet square, depending on their occupancy level.

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The following offers information on some of the common sizes of hot tubs and their measurements. Allow this information to help you when purchasing a hot tub and deciding on the space.

  • Small hot tubs: 69 inches by 79 inches
  • Corner hot tubs: 78 inches by 78 inches
  • Medium hot tubs: 84 inches by 84 inches
  • Large hot tubs: 94 inches by 94 inches
  • Master hot tubs: 108 inches by 94 inches

You also need to understand another integral consideration which is the height. Why do you need to consider the height?

First, the height of a hot tub affects how it is delivered to your home. If you are having the hot tub delivered into your home or on a screened-in porch, you need to know the height of the tub.

The hot tub is going to be delivered on its side. If you purchase a master spa hot tub, it is 34 inches in height.

You also need to consider the height of the hot tub to know where to place it. Think about the height of the hot tub and the height of the bathers. You need to ensure you have plenty of room to sit back and put your hands behind your head and relax. You will need enough ceiling clearance to be able to stand up comfortably to get out of the hot tub.

large open hot tub with steps

Where Can You Install a Hot Tub If You Don’t Have a Deck?

While many homeowners install a hot tub on their decks, there are other options if you do not have one. The following foundations can be customized to fit the exact needs of your hot tub and its size. By using the two options below, you can install a hot tub in the backyard or even in a garden area.

Block Foundation

If you are on a budget, use blocks to build a strong foundation for your hot tub. Before you lay down blocks, you must make sure the ground is level. You will need to put down a layer of gravel or sand to prevent shifting in the earth.

When choosing blocks for your hot tub foundation, make sure they are at least three inches thick. To cover the blocks and make them look more attractive, you can add inexpensive decorative stones.

Concrete Pad Foundation

Most homeowners pour a concrete pad foundation for their hot tubs. You will need to pour a foundation at least four inches thick. You should embed rebar to reinforce the slab and prevent it from cracking.

hot tub sitting on concrete slab

A Hot Tub Will Relax Your Cares Away

Now that you know about space requirements and standard dimensions of hot tubs, you have all you need to get started. Choose the perfect hot tub, and enjoy it every day!

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