How Much Does A 65 Inch TV Weigh?

How Much Does A 65 Inch TV Weigh? (With Examples)

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Knowing the weight of a tv before you buy it is important. Depending on the size, make, and model of the tv, the weight can vary. 

Not all 65 inch tv’s weigh the same and depending on its location in the home and mounting options, it can be very disappointing and frustrating to end up with a tv that is overweight for your needs. 

Newer model flat screen tvs are much lighter than they used to be. Although it’s pretty much guaranteed that a new 65 inch tv will weigh less than your older model tv, you should always confirm its weight ahead of time. 

Keep reading to learn more about the weight of a 65 inch tv along with some examples of tvs on the market today.

How Much Does A 65 Inch TV Weigh?

How Much Does A 65 Inch TV Weigh? 

As mentioned, a 65 inch tv can vary in weight. But on average, a 65 inch tv weighs between 50 to 80 pounds with most being around 55 pounds. Although it’s possible to lift a 65 inch tv by yourself, it is recommended to have another person with you to help. These TVs are quite large and bulky making them too difficult for one person to maneuver by themselves. 

65 inch tv weights

The average 65 inch tv weighs around 55 pounds and has the dimensions of 58 inches wide, 32 inches tall, and 2 inches thick. 

To see the exact weight of a specific make and model, refer to the following. 

The weights shown are for the tv only and does not include the stand. 

  • LG 65UH6030 – 59.5 pounds
  • Samsung UN65RU7100 – 55.1 pounds
  • Sony XBR-65X900F – 54 pounds
  • TCL 65S435 – 54.9 pounds
  • Hisense 65U68G – 65 pounds

TV Brand/ModelWeight – PoundsWeight – kilograms
LG 65UH603059.526.98
Samsung UN65RU710055.124.99
Sony XBR-65X900F5424.49
TCL 65S43554.924.90
Hisense 65U68G6529.48

Weight limits for a 65 inch tv stand

Most owners of a 65 inch tv will choose to place it on a stand using the included legs. You can purchase a tv stand but many people will place the tv on top of an electric fireplace or bookshelf. These are more than suitable to hold the weight of a 65 inch tv. Of course, you will want to inspect the condition of the stand to ensure its safety. 

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Each individual stand will have a recommended weight limit so check this ahead of time. 

tv sitting on wooden stand

Weight limits for wall mounting a 65 inch tv

You also have the option of wall mounting your new tv. This is done using a specific wall mount that attaches to the studs in your wall. Depending on the weight of your tv, choose the mount accordingly as not all wall mounts are designed to hold the same weight. They will have their individual weight limits. 

For example, if your 65 inch tv weighs 60 pounds, ensure that your wall mount is capable of holding this weight as a minimum. It’s recommended to choose a mount that can hold more than your tv weight as a safety measure. 

I currently have a 75 inch tv mounted on the wall using a proper wall mount. The mount comes with a kit that makes the installation easy. 

The weight of my tv is 76 pounds but my wall mount has a weight limit of 90 pounds. It works great. 

placing wall mount on tv

Best room size for a 65 inch tv?

A 65 inch tv is large enough that it can be placed in most living rooms and dens. For this size tv, you will want to sit around 9 feet away from the tv for the best viewing experience. If you plan to sit more than 9 feet away, you should consider upgrading to a larger tv. 

cartoon character watching tv

Will a 65 inch tv fit in my vehicle?

Most passenger vehicles are not large enough to transport a 65 inch tv. A tv of this size will not fit in the back seat of an averaged sized car or suv. It will also not fit in the cargo area of an suv. Keep in mind that when you purchase the tv from a retail store, it will be packaged in a large box making the tv even bigger. 

To transport a 65 inch tv, it’s best to use a van or truck. It’s recommended that the tv be transported right side up and not laying on its back. The rear doors or hatch of an suv are simply not big enough and the height of the vehicle itself is too small to fit the tv inside. 

If home delivery is available, it will most likely be your best option. 

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