How Tall Is 60 Inches Compared To An Object?

How Tall Is 60 Inches Compared To An Object?

If you are trying to get a sense of how tall 60 inches is, think of something that is 5 feet tall as they are the same height.

One of the best ways to guess the size of something or determine the height of an object is to compare it with something else that you are familiar with.

You can easily see how tall 60 inches is by comparing it to the following items.

How tall is 60 inches?

60 inches is equal to 5 feet or 152.4 centimeters. If you were to place 5 two-liter soda bottles on top of each other, it would equal 60 inches tall. Each soda bottle is 12 inches long.

Other items that equal 60 inches tall are:

10 Dollar bills

If you live in the USA, you will be familiar with the dollar bill.

Not many people know the exact dimensions of the bill without measuring it, but every bill is 6.14 inches long x 2.61 inches wide.

If you were to place 10 of these dollar bills together in a row, they would equal close to 60 inches long.

5 rulers

A standard-sized ruler that you may be familiar with is 12 inches long which is equal to 1 foot. These are commonly used in schools and offices.

If you placed 5 rulers together, they would equal 60 inches tall.

30 Golf tees

The standard-sized golf tee used by many players is 2 inches long.

Picturing 30 of these golf tees lined up together would equal 60 inches.

golf tee length 2 inches

60 Quarters

Money is a great tool to use when measuring the size of something.

The USA quarter is 1 inch in diameter and although you may not have 60 quarters on you, picturing the size of 1 quarter will give you an idea of 60 inches tall.

60 quarters will equal 60 inches or 5 feet.

A car

Not all cars are the same in height. Some are shorter and some will be taller. But on average, a normal-sized car measured from the ground to the top of the roof will be close to 60 inches tall.

Mid-size cars are known to be around 15 feet long on average. 

Depending on the make and model, they can vary in length but most are close to 15 feet long which is 180 inches. 

To get a sense of 60 inches, imagine ⅓ of a car length.

18 Crayons

Many people are familiar with a crayon that is used for coloring and drawing by children in school. Each crayon is 3.5 inches long.

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6 crayons would equal 20 inches long and 18 crayons equal 60 inches long.

Picturing 18 crayons together will give you an idea of 60 inches tall.

6 Business envelopes

A standard size business envelope is 9.5 inches tall. They are also 4 inches wide. If you can place 6 of these envelopes lengthwise together, they would equal close to 60 inches long. 57 to be exact which is 3 inches short of 60 inches.

Also, consider the size of six #11 envelopes.

If you work in a post office or are familiar with envelopes, you know there are many different sizes and shapes available.

The #11 size envelope has the dimensions of 4 ½ x 10 ⅜ and is great for mailing regular letters or cheques. 

Although they are not exactly 10 inches long, if you picture 6 of these sized envelopes placed in a row, they would be close to equalling 60 inches in height if you stood the envelopes on end.  

10 Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes are available in different shapes and sizes.

But you can use them as a reference as most of them are close to 6 inches long each.

So if you picture 10 of the same toothbrushes together, they would equal 60 inches.

4 Bowling pins

The bowling pins commonly used in 10 pin bowling, measure 15 inches tall. 4 of them placed one on top of the other would equal 60 inches tall or 5 feet tall.

Half of an alligator

Although alligators can vary in size from 3 to 13 feet long, it’s very common for 10 foot long alligators to be seen in many parts of the USA.

A 10-foot alligator would be 120 inches or 10 feet long.

So half of the same alligator would be 5 feet long or 60 inches.

Width of a queen sized mattress

Not all mattresses are the same size and they vary in width and length.

For example, a twin-sized mattress is 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. 

A king-sized mattress is 76 inches long and 80 inches wide.

A great example of something that is 60 inches or 5 feet is the width of a queen-sized mattress. 

They have dimensions of 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. 

5 Subway subs

Subway is a popular sandwich restaurant and is known for its famous footlong sub.

Although you can buy smaller sandwiches there, the footlong is the most common.

The footlong is measured as 12 inches or a “foot” long, so if you had 5 of these subs together, they would be 5 feet or 60 inches long.

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