List Of Items That Weigh 3 Grams

List Of Household Items That Weigh 3 Grams

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3 Grams is a very light weight that can be difficult to judge if you don’t have an accurate scale.

One of the most effective ways to estimate the weight of something is to compare it with other things that are similar in weight.

Knowing how heavy something is without weighing it is not only helpful but it’s educational and fun to learn. 

I have put together a list of items that most people have around the house that weigh 3 grams for your reference.

3 Grams is equal to 3000 milligrams or 0.003 kilograms.

 A single penny

Did you know that not all pennies weigh the same? 

Unlike the USA dollar bill where every bill regardless of its value weighs 1 gram, the USA penny was made to be either 2.5 grams or 3.11 grams if it was minted after 1982.

The lighter penny is composed of 95% copper and 5% Zinc where the heavier penny is composed of 97.5% Zinc and 2.5% copper. 

It can be very difficult if not impossible to tell the weight of the different pennies apart unless you weigh them on a scale. 

But for round numbers, you can say that 1 penny coin weighs 3 grams. 

List Of Items That Weigh 3 Grams

½ Of an envelope

Most people will be familiar with a standard letter-sized envelope. 

These envelopes have the dimensions of 4.125 inches x 9.5 inches and weigh 6.75 grams.

An easy way to see something that weighs 3 grams is to cut one of these envelopes in half. 

Although it won’t weigh exactly 3 grams, it will be very close.

List Of Items That Weigh 3 Grams

¼ Tsp of sugar

A simple way to find out the weight of 3 grams is to use 2 things that most people have in their homes. Sugar and a teaspoon.

All you need to do is measure out ¼ teaspoon of sugar and you will have the weight of 3 grams.

Keep in mind that not all sugar weighs the same. But using the common granulated white sugar for this measurement of ¼ teaspoon will equal 3 grams in weight.

List Of Items That Weigh 3 Grams

3 Potato chips

Potato chips are a popular snack made from thin slices of potatoes that are either deep-fried or baked.

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Potato chips come in a variety of brands, bag sizes, and shapes. 

They are also available in a variety of flavors or you can have them plain. 

It is almost impossible to determine the weight of all potato chips, as they can be of different sizes and shapes. 

But on average, a single potato chip will weigh 1 gram each. Therefore 3 chips together will be very close to weighing 3 grams.  

List Of Items That Weigh 3 Grams

1 Button

A button is a small piece of round plastic used for fastening pieces of clothing together. 

Most buttons are made out of plastic but they can also be made from wood, metal, or shells. 

It’s common for shirts and jeans to have buttons for fastening.

Not all buttons are the same size and therefore the weight of a button can vary.

But if you consider the size of a button that is similar to the size of less than a penny, it will be very close to weighing 3 grams. 

List Of Items That Weigh 3 Grams

3 Thumbtacks

Thumbtacks can be used for many different things but they are most commonly used for attaching pieces of paper to a wall or board. 

Thumbtacks are also known as push pins or drawing pins, but people generally use their thumb to push a sharp piece of metal or pin into paper to hold it in place. 

Not all thumbtacks are the same size and are made out of metal, but they can also have a plastic head instead of the flat metal head. 

The common thumbtack that most people are familiar with weighs 1 gram. Therefore 3 thumbtacks together weigh 3 grams. 

List Of Items That Weigh 3 Grams

2 Blueberries

Blueberries are a popular blue or purple fruit that is widely available in most grocery stores and supermarkets. 

Blueberries are very healthy and can be eaten as a snack or put into baked goods, or used in yogurt and cereals. 

The size of a blueberry can vary slightly and they can be slightly different in weight.  

To get a sense of how much weight 3 grams is, you can put 2 normal-sized blueberries together and they will be close to weighing 3 grams. 

List Of Household Items That Weigh 3 Grams

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