Living In Sweden - What Is A Good Salary?

Living In Sweden – What Is A Good Salary?

If you’re thinking about moving to Sweden, the first step is to consider the cost of living and what kind of salary you’ll need to make to support yourself.

The demand for different jobs in other countries can vary, so seeing what professions match your skills, and what kind of salaries those jobs come with in Sweden, can be a big help.

Living In Sweden - What Is A Good Salary?

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Sweden depends on what part of the country you plan to live in and how expensive the housing is in that area.

For example, Stockholm is Sweden’s most expensive city, and the cost of living there can be significantly more than choosing to live in a more rural area.

However, on average, both the cost of living and the cost of rent tend to be less expensive in Sweden than they are in the United States.

The cost of rent is about 51% lower, and the cost of living averages about 12% lower.

The average cost of living for a single person in Sweden is about 8,772 Swedish kronor per month. This is equal to about $828. The cost of living for a family of four averages about 32,500 kronor per month, which is equal to about $3,072.

Minimum Salaries for Living in Sweden

The minimum salary you need to live comfortably in Sweden depends on what seems comfortable to you. Some people prefer more luxuries, while others are more comfortable saving money and living frugally.

Similarly, buying or renting can alter the type of salary you need.

However, as a single person, a salary of about 12,800 kronor or $1,250 per month is usually adequate. This equals about 153,600 kronor or $15,000 per year.

A family of four will most likely require dual incomes or a single higher income, as they will need an income of about 23,000 kronor or $2,250 per month.

This amount equals about 276,000 kronor or $27,000 per year.

Doctors and Nurses

Doctors and surgeons are some of the most sought-after and highest-paying jobs in Sweden, but they tend to pay a bit less than they do in the United States.

The average monthly income for a doctor in Sweden is about 70,000 kronor or $6,840. This averages out to an annual salary of about 840,000 kronor or $82,080.

Nurses in Sweden make an average of 25,000 kronor or about $2,440 per month. This equals 300,000 kronor or $29,280 per year.

male doctor in hallway

IT Jobs

IT jobs are also very popular in Sweden, and they tend to pay quite well. People working in information technology can expect to earn between 35,000 and 55,000 kronor each month, although this range can fluctuate.

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This is equal to about $3,420 to $5,380. An average annual salary, therefore, would be between 420,000 and 660,000 kronor or $41,040 to $64,560.

Teachers and Professors

Teachers earn a very comfortable salary in Sweden. Preschool, middle grade, and high school teachers tend to earn between 30,500 and 47,900 kronor or $2,980 and $4,680 every month.

This means that a teacher’s yearly salary is between 366,000 and 574,800 kronor or $35,760 to $56,160.

Professors generally make more than other teachers, and this is also true in Sweden. Most professors make about 78,000 kronor per month or about 936,000 kronor every year.

This is equal to about $7,625 per month or $91,500 per year. This means that, in Sweden, professors are usually paid even more than doctors.

female professor at whiteboard

Bank Managers and Employees

Bank managers are also some of the highest-paid professionals in Sweden. They routinely make more than doctors or professors, and because of this, the job is very desirable.

Bank manager salaries average about 85,900 kronor or $8,400 per month. This equals about 1,030,800 kronor or $100,800 per year.

Bank tellers make a much lower salary than their managers. Most bank tellers make an average of about 17,200 kronor or $1,680 per month, which is equal to about 206,400 kronor or $20,160 per year.

Although this seems quite low after considering some of the other jobs on the list, it’s actually a very comfortable salary for a single person in Sweden.

Bank teller

Retail Employees

Whether you’re in the United States or Sweden, retail employees are always highly in demand. Retail employees in Sweden are paid very well, for the most part, and most people can support themselves on a retail job wage.

The average salary for a retail employee in Sweden is about 49,300 kronor per month or 591,600 kronor per year. This equals about $4,820 per month or $57,840 per year.

This is much higher than the average in the United States, which is about $29,000 per year.

Construction Workers

Construction workers are very much in demand in Sweden, so if you have construction experience, you’re likely to find a good job.

Construction workers make about 26,500 kronor or $2,590 per month, which equals 318,000 kronor or $31,080 per year. Employees with skills in particular areas will often make a slightly higher salary.

male and female construction worker

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