What Are The Dimensions Of MTG Cards?

What Are The Dimensions Of MTG Cards?

Knowing the dimensions of a Magic The Gathering card might not seem crucial for collecting the cards or playing the game.

However, knowing a card’s dimensions can help when it comes to purchasing display cases or sleeves or spotting fakes.

It’s also important information if you want to make your own fan cards.

What are the dimensions of a Magic card?

A standard Magic The Gathering card is 2.5 inches or 63.5 millimeters wide and 3.5 inches or 88.9 millimeters tall. Most MTG cards are 0.012 inches or 0.305 millimeters thick. Cards that have a foil coating are usually very slightly thicker.

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If you’re designing fan cards or making replica art, you may also want to look at the dimensions of the art box and borders.

As of 2015, the art box on the front of the card is 2.3 inches or about 59 millimeters wide and 1.8 inches or 45 millimeters tall.

However, cards made before 2015 have a smaller art box that measures 2.1 inches or 53 millimeters wide and 1.8 inches tall.

The border size on Magic: The Gathering cards also changed in 2015. Currently, the border measures about 2 millimeters wide around most of the card, but the bottom border, which has a fancier edge, can be as wide as 6 millimeters.

Most cards also have another colored border along the top and sides. This colored border is about 1 millimeter wide along the top and left side but is 2 millimeters wide along the right side.

The bands that display the card’s name and type protrude slightly into this colored border.

You can also look at the size of the text box on Magic cards. Most cards have a text box that measures 1.28 inches or about 32.5 millimeters tall and 2.3 inches or 59 millimeters wide.

If you want to design your own Magic cards, it’s also a good idea to consider the resolution of the pictures on the cards.

This can help you create a card with the right amount of pixels. Most Magic cards have 750 by 1050 pixels at 300 dpi per card.

What is the font size on MTG cards?

There are several different fonts and font sizes used on Magic The Gathering cards, but most of the rules are printed in 9-point font.

However, if there are many rules or explanations, they may be printed in a font point as small as 7.5.

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A standard Magic The Gathering card is 2.5 inches or 63.5 millimeters wide and 3.5 inches or 88.9 millimeters tall.


What other collectible cards are the same size as MTG cards?

Most other collectible cards, such as baseball or Pokémon cards, are almost or exactly the same height and width as a Magic card, as this is a standard card size.

Even many playing cards are about the same size, and this particular size is often known as ‘poker card’ size.

However, there are a few exceptions, so it’s always a good idea to check the exact dimensions of the card you’re purchasing or own if you need a special case for it.

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How are MTG cards made?

Like most collectible cards, Magic cards are made by gluing two pieces of standard cardstock together.

The cards will also have a base coating and a top coating. Foil cards may be coated again. Other types of cards, such as tokens or instructional cards, are often made with thicker cardstock.

Because Magic and other collectible cards are made of relatively thin cardstock, they can be damaged easily.

For this reason, many collectors prefer to keep their cards in sleeve sheets, which can be inserted into a binder.

For particularly rare cards, you may want to invest in a thick plastic case to prevent the card from being bent.

What sleeves do I need for MTG cards?

Because Magic The Gathering cards are a standard collectible size, you can use standard-sized sleeves.

These sleeves are usually about 3.9 inches or 99 millimeters tall and 2.6 inches or 66 millimeters wide, so it’s easy to slide the cards in and out without forcing them.

Perfect-fit sleeves are another popular option. These sleeves are designed to fit easily into a binder, so you can carry your cards with you without worrying about them getting damaged.

Perfect-fit sleeves measure about 89 millimeters or 3.9 inches tall and 64 millimeters or just over 2.5 inches wide. They are designed to hold cards snuggly.

If your cards need extra protection, you can buy single perfect-fit sleeves and then place the perfect-fit sleeve into a standard sleeve.

Whenever you choose sleeves for your Magic The Gathering cards or any other collectible cards, remember to check the exact size of the sleeves before you use them.

Some sleeves offer a very snug fit, and although this can protect cards and keep them in place, a sleeve that’s too tight can bend the card.

You can also damage the corners or edges of a card if you try to force it into a sleeve that’s too small.

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