What Is The Capacity Of A Large Washing Machine?

What Is The Capacity Of A Large Washing Machine?

Last updated on July 19th, 2022 at 12:38 pm

Taking care of your laundry would be much more difficult without the modern convenience of washing machines. When you need to purchase a new model, understanding the capacity of washing machines will help you select wisely.

If you have a large family, having a washing machine with a greater capacity will help you speed through loads of laundry like a breeze. This article is meant to help you understand the capacity of a large washing machine. You will also get some answers to questions you may have.

What Is The Capacity Of A Large Washing Machine?

What Do Manufacturers Consider to Be a Large Capacity?

The term large capacity gets tossed around a lot in the washing machine industry, but is there a standard capacity or is this term more of a misnomer? Large capacity washers are larger than standard models which average around 3.3 to 4.4 cubic feet of capacity.

Anything larger than 4.5 cubic feet is going to be considered a large-capacity washing machine, but this number can vary according to the manufacturer. For instance, Whirlpool® has a large-capacity washing machine that is 5.0 cubic feet. This machine can wash over three baskets of laundry in a single load.

There Are No Industry Standards for Washing Machines

Many people find it confusing to purchase washing machines because there is no industry standard measurement. While there is no industry standard of measurement, the following comes pretty close to offering standardized information.

  • Small washing machines average 1.5 to 3.4 cubic feet which will hold an average of 9 full-sized bath towels.
  • Medium washing machines range in capacity from 3.5 to 4.4 and hold 9 to 15 full-sized bath towels.
  • Large washing machines are 4.5 cubic feet plus and hold 11 to 21 full-sized bath towels.

Washing machine sizeCapacity – Cu.Ft# Towels/load
Small1.5-3.49 Full sized bath towels
Medium 3.5-4.49-15 Full sized bath towels
Large4.4 +11-21 Full sized bath towels

What Is the Largest Capacity Washing Machine?

Manufacturers are finally realizing big families exist and some people have more laundry to handle than others. Over the years, manufacturers have begun making increasingly larger capacity washing machines.

At the time of this writing, the largest cubic foot capacity washing machine is 9.0 cubic feet. The largest capacity washing machine is made by LG Electronics, though Maytag comes close with an 8.8 cubic foot washing machine.

What Is the Capacity of a Large Front-Loader Washing Machine?

If you want to purchase a front-loader washing machine, you are going to need to know the capacity will be reduced. Many people mistakenly believe top loaders have less capacity because of the agitator, but this is not true.

woman loading a front load washing machine

What Size Washing Machine Do You Need For Washing Large Comforters?

A king-size comforter takes up a lot of room in a washing machine. Years ago, people had to visit a laundromat to fit their large comforters and duvets. With washing machine capacities rising, it is now possible to wash these bed linens at home.

Large-capacity washing machines, those 4.5 cubic feet or larger, should be able to hold a king-sized comforter with plenty of room for agitation. If you attempt to wash it in a smaller machine, problems could arise.

It is essential you heed the load capacity warning of the manufacturer. If you try to overload your washing machine, the clothes will not wash correctly, and the bearings could break, resulting in machine failure.

Large capacity washing machines measure 4.5 Cu.Ft or more and can hold up to 21 full sized bath towels.

How to Figure the Capacity of the Washing Machine You Need

When deciding on the capacity of your new washing machine, there are a few factors to consider. The following are some of the considerations.

The Size of Your Room

One of the first considerations is the size of your room. Because of their increased capacity, the dimensions of large-capacity washers are going to be higher than standard. Taking into account the measurements of the space will help you select the right size.

The Size of Your Family

Another integral consideration is the size of your family. Larger families are going to require a higher capacity than single people. Families with a few children are going to need higher capacities of at least 4.5 cubic feet or over.

The Size of Your Dryer

Aside from matching the make and model of your current dryer, you also need to ensure the dryer is twice the cubic feet rating of your washing machine.

washer and dryer in laundry room

How to Calculate the Tub Capacity of Your Current Washing Machine

If you have had your current washing machine for years, you may not remember the capacity. To find the volume in cubic feet, you will need to put your numbers in the following equation: (pi)(r²)(D)

radius=diamater divided by 2
depth= the height of the washing machine cylinder

To find the radius of the tub, measure from the center to the outer wall. To find the depth of your washing machine, measure from the bottom to the top of the tub.

Higher Capacity Brings More Convenience

Whether you have a large family or simply a lot of laundry, having a large-capacity washing machine is beneficial. Large capacity models offer more room so you are dealing with fewer loads of laundry.

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