young man sitting too close to a tv while pointing a remote at tv

What Size TV For A 10×10 Room? Complete Guide

Last updated on September 6th, 2023 at 09:42 pm

Choosing the proper sized TV for your room can be difficult and confusing.

There are many factors to take into consideration prior to purchasing a new TV.

If you have a room with dimensions of 10×10 (10 feet long x 10 feet wide), it’s important to match the right sized TV with the size of your space.

In this article, I will show you how to choose the perfect sized TV for your 10×10 room.

young man sitting too close to a tv while pointing a remote at tv

What size TV is best suited for a 10×10 room?

If you are looking for a TV to use in a 10×10 room, a 42-inch to 55-inch will be best suited for this space. You need to factor in the viewing distance and screen resolution to ensure you are not using a TV that is too big or too small.

Calculating viewing distance and screen size

TV’s are continuing to improve and offer better picture quality and detail than TV’s from years ago.

This allows us to sit closer to the TV without seeing the pixels in the screen when compared to TV’s with less detail.

Most of us want to have GIANT TV’s in our room but that’s not the best idea as it can result in a poor viewing experience causing eye strain, headaches, and other issues.

Personal preference aside, it’s quite simple to calculate the viewing distance by using the following formula.

The Society Of Motion Picture And Television Engineers (SMPTE), has set a standard for us to use when calculating TV viewing distance.

They discuss how your TV display should fill 30 degrees of your field of vision. You can read more on viewing angles and field of view below.

But to keep it simple, here is the formula.

Viewing distance in inches (seating distance) x 0.625 = recommended TV size

For example, let’s say in our 10×10 room, we measure the distance from our chair or sofa to be 7 feet or 84 inches to the wall or stand where a TV will be placed.

84 inches x 0.625 = 52.5

Based on this example, a 52-inch is the recommended size to choose.

You could go with a 55-inch TV as well.

This 55-inch 4- Series Smart TV would work great in this space.

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Viewing angles – field of view

To help you determine TV size, you can use a viewing angle or field of view.

As mentioned above, your TV should fill 30 degrees of your field of vision. Field of view (FOV) is the viewing angle between you and the visible angle of a TV screen.

Your field of view will change as you move closer or further away from the TV.

Keep in mind that the viewing angle can be adjusted for your personal preference. Not everyone is the same and 30 degrees may be perfect for you but 35 degrees might be better for someone else.

Screen resolution

Another factor to consider is screen resolution. I mentioned earlier that you can sit closer to TV screens with high quality and detailed images (UHD) before seeing pixels in the screen and therefore losing picture quality.

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Screen resolution references the number of pixels that can be seen in a screen both horizontally and vertically.

If you have a 1080P TV, you will have 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. This TV will show 1,920 pixels horizontally and 1,980 pixels vertically.

If you have a 4K TV, you will have 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. This TV will show 3,840 pixels horizontally and 2,160 pixels vertically.

On average, you can sit 3 feet closer to a 4K TV compared to a 1080P TV to see the images in great detail.

Providing the picture shown on the screen is actually shown in that resolution.

If you are looking for a TV to use in a 10×10 room, a 42-inch to 55-inch will be best suited for this space.

Measuring screen size

If you are in the market for a new TV, you will notice that all TV’s are given a number referencing a size. 32-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, etc..

This number reflects the screen size of the TV and not the actual width or height.

Screen size is the diagonal measurement of the screen in inches.

The actual dimensions of the tv will vary based on the brand and model. For example, not all 55-inch, 65-inch, TV’s are the same size.

A 50-inch tv has the average dimensions of 45 inches wide x 26 inches tall x 2 inches thick but the screen itself measured diagonally from corner to corner is 50-inches.

These dimensions are for the tv only and don’t include the stand.

50 inch tv dimensions

How far should I sit from my TV?

Just like we can calculate what size TV to use for a certain size room, we can also calculate how far away from the TV to sit.

This assumes that we already have the TV in the room and need to calculate viewing distance.

When determining the normal sitting distance from your TV, you need to consider both the size of the TV and the screen resolution.

You should also consider the viewing environment and the type of program you are watching at the time. 

According to, the recommended viewing distance for a high-definition TV is 3 times the height of the TV.

For example, for a 50-inch TV that has a height of 26 inches, you should sit 78 inches away from the TV. 

26 inches x 3 = 78 inches. 

If your TV is smaller, you can sit closer and if the TV is larger, you should sit further away. 

Final thoughts

To summarize, the best size TV for a 10×10 room is a 42-inch to 55-inch.

Consider the viewing distance and screen resolution when choosing the proper size TV.

Avoid choosing a TV that is too large for the room as you can experience eye strain and headaches.

If the room is too small for the TV size, you won’t be able to sit at a proper distance for optimal viewing.

Choosing the proper size TV for your room will provide for the best viewing experience allowing you to enjoy your new TV even more!

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