What Is The Correct Height For A Dartboard?

What Is The Correct Height For A Dartboard?

Darts is a fun game that works well in a restaurant, bar, or club setting but is also an excellent option for a family game room or garage.

The game also requires very little specialized equipment, and the rules are easy to follow.

However, to make the game challenging but fair, it’s important that the dartboard is positioned correctly and that players stand far enough away from the board.

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What is the correct height for a dartboard?

Regardless of whether you’re playing with steel-tipped or soft-tipped darts, all dartboards must be hung at the same height. This is also true for every type of dart game, no matter the rules.

For regulation play, the dartboard must hang so that the bullseye is 5 feet 8 inches from the ground. Since the bullseye is in the middle of the board, the middle of the board must be this high off the ground or floor. Don’t measure this height from the top or bottom edge of the dartboard.

In a casual setting, positioning the board exactly 5 feet 8 inches off the ground isn’t strictly necessary.

If the board is off by an inch or two in either direction, it’s unlikely that it will greatly affect the game.

However, in a more commercial setting, a proper height is more important, and for the fairness of the game, it’s always best to position the board as close to this height as possible.

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What should the distance from the dartboard to the throw line be?

Once you know the proper height for a dartboard, you can also mark out the throw line. How far away the throw line should be depends on what type of darts you’ll be playing, though.

When measuring for the throwline, measure from the face of the dartboard out along the floor in a straight line.

If you plan to play with steel-tipped darts, the horizontal distance from the dartboard to the throw line should be 7 feet 9.25 inches. You can also measure the diagonal distance from the dartboard to the floor where the throw line will be.

The diagonal distance for steel-tipped darts should be 9 feet 7.375 inches.

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For regulation play, the dartboard must hang so that the bullseye is 5 feet 8 inches from the ground.


If you’re going to play with soft-tipped darts, the distance to the throw line should be a little farther. The horizontal distance should be 8 feet, while the diagonal distance should be 9 feet 9.5 inches.

It’s important to measure either distance from the bullseye on the dartboard and not from the wall the dartboard is on.

Dartboards are usually about 1.5 inches thick, so measuring from the wall instead of the dartboard’s bullseye can lead to an incorrectly placed throw line.

dartboard distance and throwing angle

What are the easiest ways to hang a dartboard?

Hanging a dartboard can sometimes be tricky, especially when you need to ensure that the middle of the dartboard is at a specific height. Luckily, there are some easy tricks to make hanging a dartboard simpler.

The easiest way to hand a dartboard and ensure that the bullseye is at the correct height is to use a U-shaped bracket.

These brackets mount to the wall and attach to the dartboard using a clip or screw placed in the middle of the dartboard, so you can ensure the board is at the proper height.

To use a U-shaped bracket, measure up the wall until you reach the 5-foot-8-inch mark. Make a mark and then mount the bracket directly over this mark.

You’ll probably need to use screws to secure the bracket in place. Some dartboards are relatively heavy, so many sure that you’re using a bracket and hardware that’s strong enough to support the dartboard’s weight.

After installing the bracket on the wall, install the complimentary slip-in clip piece or a screw at the back of the dartboard. Make sure the slip-in piece or screw is centered directly behind the bullseye.

You can then simply slide the dartboard down the wall until the slip-in piece or screw rests securely in the U-shaped bracket.

If you’re using different hardware, you can still ensure that the dartboard is at the correct height. To do this, measure from the center of the bullseye to the bottom edge of the dartboard or any case or frame surrounding it.

Subtract this distance from the total 5-foot-8-inch height, then measure up the wall to that height. Make a mark, and when you mount the dartboard, ensure the bottom of the board, frame, or case lines up with this mark.

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