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What Is The Correct Height For A Speed Bag?

Last updated on February 25th, 2023 at 10:02 am

A speed bag is almost like a miniature punching bag and is an excellent tool for developing your boxing form or simply getting in a fun, quick workout.

Because they’re so small, speed bags are also much easier to find a place for than a large punching bag.

However, to get the most out of your speed bag, it’s important that you hang it at the right height.

man using a speed bag

What is the correct height for a speed bag?

In general, a speedbag should be level with your face. The bottom of the speed bag should be between your eye and nose level, which means that the body of the bag should be level with the top half of your face.

This height mimics where you would be throwing punches if you were boxing against an opponent.

woman using a speed bag

For most speed bags with standard equipment, you’ll probably need to place the mounting equipment at a space between 6 and 12 inches above your height. This should allow the bag to hang at the perfect level.

Some people like to hang their speed bag slightly higher than the recommended level. This is acceptable, but you should only ever hang the speed bag about 3 inches higher, at max, than your eye level.

If you hang the bag too high, you’ll need to throw your punches up. Punching upward can change your form, and it can also place strain on your shoulders.

If you hang a speed bag too low, you risk hitting the speed bag’s board or mounting equipment with your hand. This can cause serious injuries.

You’ll also be punching down, which can strain your muscles and affect your overall form.

speed bag and mounting equipment attached to a wall

Speed Bag Placement

Aside from the height of the speed bag, you’ll also need to think about where to place the bag. These bags are small, so they don’t take up too much space.

However, you’ll still need to provide plenty of room for you to comfortably throw full punches. The bag will also move as you punch it, so you’ll need to provide enough room around the bag for the rebound.

It’s usually best to place the speed bag in an area with open space around it. Don’t hang the bag in a corner, for example, as a corner probably won’t give you enough room to maneuver around the bag.

It’s also best to hang the bag at least 1.5 feet from any standing objects, such as walls or posts.

Speed bags only weigh about half a pound, so you won’t need to worry too much about mounting them on a beam or wall that can support that weight.

However, some hardware, especially if its metal, can weigh several pounds, so it’s always a good idea to mount the speed bag to a sturdy support beam or stud.

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The bag will also be subjected to the force of punches, so if it’s only mounted into drywall, for example, it may pull away from the wall, causing damage.

Double-Checking the Speed Bag’s Height

The best way to check that a speed bag is at the correct height is to throw some punches. As you punch the bag, you should be punching straight so that, at the end of the punch, your fist is level with the floor.

Most people use a speed bag for short punches in rapid succession.

As you improve your form, you might notice that you drop your fists and arms slightly after completing the punch, creating an almost circular motion for returning to your starting stance and getting ready to throw the next punch.

Even with this circular motion, each punch should be level, and your fist should not move in an upward or downward direction.

If you feel like you need to punch up or down or you’re coming too close to the board or mounting bracket, your speed bag probably isn’t at the correct height.

woman using a speed bag

Adjusting the Speed Bag’s Height

For the most part, once you’ve hung your speed bag and double-checked that it’s at the correct height, you won’t need to move it or make any adjustments.

However, if you’re running a gym or more than one person in the house plans to use the speed bag, you might need to occasionally adjust the height.

The best option for quickly changing a speed bag’s height is to purchase an adjustable mounting bracket.

Adjustable mounting brackets feature a series of bolts that can be easily loosened. Once the bolts are loose, you can move the speed bag up or down on the bracket until it’s at the right height for you.

Then, the bolts can be tightened, and you’re ready to begin your workout.

Correct Technique

Hitting a speed bag looks simple, but it’s important that you start with the correct form and stance. This will allow you to hit the bag efficiently and will reduce the risk of injury.

First, you should be facing the bag head-on, and you should stand comfortably with your feet spread to about shoulder-width. Your punches will be short, so you’ll want to stand so that you only have to reach a couple of inches to hit the bag.

Remember that the bag will swing, though, so don’t stand so close that it will hit you as it bounces back.

Hit the bag with the side of your fist. Punch parallel to the floor, but finish the punch with a circular motion that brings your hand back up near your chin, avoiding the bag on the way back.

Listen to the rebounds of the bag. After one or three bounces, the bag will be in a position to hit again.

man using a speed bag in a gym

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