What Size Belt Do I Need?

What Size Belt Do I Need? Measuring For The Proper Fit

Last updated on September 22nd, 2023 at 05:46 pm

Knowing the belt size you need is not always easy, especially because different materials fit in various ways. Although you could always try on multiple belts to see which size works for you, there are more efficient and precise ways that will give you the correct measurement. Once you know your size, you can purchase belts with confidence.

What Size Belt Do I Need?

Men’s Belt Sizes

Men Can Go By Their Pant’s Size

When deciding on the belt measurement for a man, the general rule of thumb is to add two inches to your pant size. For instance, if you wear size 32 pants, you would need a size 34 belt.

While this is typically the way many men measure for a belt size, it is not always accurate. Your pants must fit precisely to use this method for purchasing the right belt size. If your pants are too large or small, the measurement will be slightly off.

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Men Can Also Measure Their Current Belt

If you own a belt that fits correctly but do not know the size, you can take a fabric measuring tape and measure the length of the belt. This will give you the proper size and ensure you get a perfect fit. You should measure from the end of the belt to the third hole. Do not include the buckle in the measurement. This is one of the most precise ways to get the right fit for your new belt.

Women’s Belt Sizes

Measure Your Current Women’s Belt

Generally speaking, the rules for measuring a woman’s belt size go by the same procedures as for men. If you own a belt but do not know the size, take a fabric measuring tape and measure the full length of the belt with it in a stretched straight form. Remember, you do not include the buckle in the measurement.

Measuring Your Waist for Your Belt Measurement

Another effective way to find your current belt size is to measure your waist with a flexible fabric tape measure. When measuring your waist, make sure to position the fabric tape measure evenly around your midsection. The measuring tape ends should meet at the belly button area. This is also where the belt loop will fasten.

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Women Should Consider Their Clothing Style

It is important to note women’s belt styles and the way they are worn vary significantly. Belts will fit differently based on where they are worn on the body. For instance, some belts are worn high up on the torso.

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Some women’s belts are meant to hang lower on the hips. You will need to measure for the type of belt you plan to wear. When in doubt, try on different sizes and styles to see which one offers the best fit and look.

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How Are Belts Sized For Men?

Men’s belts are typically available in even sizes. Unfortunately, a man’s belt may be listed in inches or in numbered sizes, which is where things get confusing.

Some men will find it difficult to purchase a belt off-rack. Men with a waist under thirty inches or one over forty-six inches may need to seek a custom belt maker.

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How Are Belts Sized for Women?

Women’s belts may also be confusing to purchase. A woman’s belt is sometimes available in waist inches and sometimes numbered sizes. The smaller or larger a woman’s waist, outside of the normal population, the more difficult it will be to purchase a belt off-rack. Many people women find customized belt options to be more effective.

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Consider the Materials

When measuring for the correct size belt, you also need to keep in mind the materials of the belt you will purchase. It is important to remember that some belts stretch over time. Leather and braided belts stretch more than cloth materials.

Even if a belt fits snugly at first, with long wear, it will eventually begin to stretch and fit more comfortably. Once a belt becomes too stretched out, it’s time to consider a new purchase.

Key Takeaways for Sizing Belts

  • Your belt size is NOT the same as your pant size. Always add two inches to your pant size.
  • If your waist measures in an odd number, make sure to purchase a belt three inches wider instead of two.
  • Most belts have five holes. You should wear the prong through the middle hole, which is the third one.
  • With a proper fit, a belt should end between the first and second loop of your pants.
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Belts Should Be Worn to Complete Your Outfit

One of the biggest mistakes many people make when it comes to wearing belts is thinking they are meant to hold up their pants. While they can cinch in the material and make your pants fit better, they should not be used as a rope to pull in bulky material.

If your pants are too large, you don’t need a belt. You need a good tailor or another size. A belt should be worn to complement your outfit. More than anything else, belts are worn as a finishing touch and pull an outfit together with style.

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