How Big Are Bandanas?

How Big Are Bandanas?

Bandanas are a common item that can be used to accessorize clothing or in a variety of crafts. However, although these cloth squares are popular, without one in your hands, it can sometimes be hard to remember exactly how big they are.

Learning about common bandana sizes can help you make the right bandana choice.

girl wearing a green bandana

How big are bandanas?

Bandanas are available in several sizes, but the most common adult size is 22 by 22 inches or 55 by 55 centimeters. These bandanas are generally big enough to fit all adults, and they can also be folded to fit children.

If you have very thick or curly hair that you want to hold up or back, you may want a slightly larger bandana. In this case, a bandana that measures 24 inches tall and 24 inches wide, or 60 by 60 centimeters, is a great option, and even larger bandanas measuring 27 inches or 70 centimeters along each side are available.

Children’s bandanas are smaller and usually measure about 17 inches or 45 centimeters along each edge. Baby bandanas, which are often used for bibs, are triangular instead of square.

They usually have one long edge, which measures 16.5 inches or about 42.5 centimeters across, and two shorter edges measuring 12 inches or 30 centimeters each.

Oversized bandanas are also available. These bandanas are usually made of silk or a silky material and usually have a height and width of 35 inches or 90 centimeters.

Some silk bandanas are rectangular in shape and may have sides measuring up to 51 inches or 130 centimeters.

Dog bandanas are another popular bandana type. These bandanas are usually triangular and can be attached to a collar.

The longest edge of the bandana, which is usually the top edge, can measure between 5 and 10 inches or 13 to 26 centimeters in length.

large black dog and small white dog wearing a bandana

How do you wear a bandana?

There are many different ways to wear a bandana, and how you wear it is largely up to personal preference. Many people fold the bandana into a triangle and drape it over their head.

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The ends of the bandana are tied behind the neck. This style helps to keep hair pulled back and can keep your head cooler in the summer.

Other people roll the bandana up and tie the ends either at the base of the neck or behind the head. With this style, the bandana holds back your hair and keeps sweat from running into your eyes. If you soak the bandana, it can also help to keep you cool.

Some people wrap smaller bandanas around their wrists and use them to wipe away sweat while working out or spending time outdoors. Bandanas can also be tied around the neck.

This style adds a pop of color to an outfit, but it also offers a way to wipe your face if you’re working out. A bandana tied around your neck can also be pulled up to cover your mouth and nose, protecting you from dust.

punk girl wearing a skull bandana on her face

Oversized bandanas can be tied around your waist like a belt. Other people use these large bandanas like a headscarf.

They’re big enough to drape over your head and shoulders, and they can protect your hair and face while offering a touch of style and elegance.

For a bit of extra color, some people also tuck a bandana into the back pocket of their pants or the front pocket of their jacket.

two women and a man wearing bandanas in the park

What else can you use bandanas for?

Bandanas can also be used in many crafts. Many people sew them together or into squares to create pillows or pillow covers.

They can be stitched together to make a simple, stylish drawstring bag. Bandanas can also be cut into strips and made into hair ties. Almost any fabric craft can utilize bandanas.

bandanas sewn into multicolor fabrics

What colors and patterns are bandanas available in?

Traditional bandanas usually have a small, repeating paisley pattern in the center and a paisley pattern around the edges. These bandanas are available in any color you might like, but bright, bold colors, such as red, green, blue, purple, yellow, orange, white, and black, are the most popular.

Bandanas with other images, decorations, or phrases printed on them are also available, although they are not as common as paisley bandanas. Bandanas supporting specific sports teams are also popular.

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