Cities Within 100 Miles Of New York

11 Cities Within 100 Miles Of New York (With Directions)

If you love New York, you may forget that this international city is a terrific jumping-off spot as well as a wonderful destination.

From here, you can rent a car, hop on the bus or take a train to many other beautiful east coast cities. If you’re ready for a driving adventure, consider the road trips below.

Please note that toll roads may not be listed and fees can change. Planning for tolls is a good choice as a driver or a route planner, as is planning for construction and traffic congestion.

The following cities are within 100 miles of New York.

  1. Philadelphia, PA – 94.5 Miles
  2. Trenton, NJ – 67.3 Miles
  3. Newark, NJ – 10.5 Miles
  4. New Haven, CT – 80.7 Miles
  5. Allentown, PA – 91.3 Miles
  6. Poughkeepsie, NY – 84.8 Miles
  7. Danbury, CT – 68.4 Miles
  8. Goshen, NY – 68.6 Miles
  9. Bridgeport, CT – 62.2 Miles
  10. Hackettstown, NJ – 52.8 Miles
  11. Buckingham, PA – 74.8 Miles
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1) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (94.5 Miles)

Take Interstate 78 west out of New York and merge onto Interstate 95 south. When you see signs for 676, you’re almost there. This loop will take you around the city to any exit you need.

You can also take State Route 440 south across Staten Island, then loop west over to 95 south, depending on your starting point.

2) Trenton, New Jersey (67.3 Miles)

Trenton is a straightforward drive out of NYC; take Interstate 95 south out of the city and merge onto 195 west into Trenton.

You can also see a bit more of the bucolic side of New Jersey by taking interstate 78 straight west of the city, then taking state highway 206 south to Kingston Rocky Hill Road.

From here you can get on US Highway 1, which will take you right into the city.

trenton, philadelphia highway signs
Famartin, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

3) Newark, New Jersey (10.5 Miles)

It’s only 13 miles from the edge of NYC to Newark; depending on where you start, your trip may involve more traffic. Take Interstate 78 across the river and keep going west on highway 139.

Once you pass the signs for Interstate 95, you can either take highway 9 south and pick up 21 north. On this route, you’ll take Broad Street into Newark.

If you stay on 139, take Market Street over to Broad Street and approach from the north.

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4) New Haven, Connecticut (80.7 Miles)

Take the FDR north along the East River and cross at the Harlem River to Interstate 278. From 278, loop onto 95 north and follow it all the way to New Haven.

If you want to stay inland, don’t cross at the Harlem River but stay on Harlem River Drive. Take the Cross Country Parkway east over to the Hutchinson River Parkway, or Highway 15.

You’ll merge with Interstate 95 south of the city.

5) Allentown, Pennsylvania (91.3 Miles)

Allentown is a straight shot west of New York on Interstate 78. You can also loop south on Interstate 278, but the majority of your trip will be on interstate 78.

You can enjoy a bit more greenery if you approach the city from the south; county route 627 to route 212 will require a slower speed and more stops, but it’s quite a pretty drive.

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Folks with children will find a great deal to do in Allentown, including the Lehigh Valley Zoo and the Da Vinci Science Center.

map of pennsylvania

6) Poughkeepsie, New York (84.8 Miles)

Taking Interstate 87 north is also the first step in getting up to Poughkeepsie. Once you’re out of the city, look for the Taconic Parkway exit, then connect up with state highway 55 west until you reach this charming city.

If the 87 is slow, Cross Country Parkway to the Hutchinson River Parkway will loop you around congestion so you can reconnect further north. Check out the Vanderbilt Mansion!

7) Danbury, Connecticut (68.4 Miles)

Timing will be the key to getting to Danbury without being slowed by traffic. The fastest route is to take Interstate 87 straight north.

If 87 is not moving, Riverside Parkway to the Cross Country Parkway may be more miles but at least you will be moving.

These parkways are part of the interstate 684 loop, which will merge again with Interstate 87 south of the city.

8) Goshen, New York (68.6 Miles)

If you need a break from the city, you can get to Goshen in less than 2 hours and enjoy a relaxing stretch of time in the country. There are several parks and hiking trails where you can stretch your legs.

The fastest way out of the city congestion is to take Interstate 280 over to 80 and head north, but that is the longer route. Another option is to cross at Weehawken and take Interstate 95 up to 80.

9) Bridgeport, Connecticut (62.2 Miles)

Bridgeport is less than an hour outside of NYC proper and can be reached by following the shore of Long Island Sound on Interstate 95.

If the weather coming off the water is grim, you can travel inland on the Hutchinson River Parkway or state road 15.

The 278 loop to 678 through Queens if interstate 95 is slow, but this will take you along the water. The inland route will bring you in north of the city. Take Seltsan Road south to your destination.

map of connecticut

10) Hackettstown, New Jersey (52.8 Miles)

Hackettstown is an easy drive from NYC; you either head north and get on interstate 80 or take Interstate 78 from the southern part of the city. Interstate 78 and 80 merge near Troy Hills.

This drive will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes if traffic isn’t too bad. You can also take the 278 loop north, then merge onto Interstate 80 once you’ve crossed into New Jersey.

11) Buckingham, Pennsylvania (74.8 Miles)

Buckingham, PA is a charming city about halfway between Allentown and Philadelphia. Take Interstate 95 out of NYC headed west.

Pick up Interstate 78 once you have crossed into New Jersey, then pick up highway 202 in Pluckemin. Stay on 202 through Bridgewater and within less than 2 hours you should arrive at your destination.

If getting out of NYC is congested, the 278 loop south to highway 440 may be a more logical choice. Your ultimate goal is to head southwest.

Getting out of NYC can look simple, but traffic patterns can change quickly. If you have up-to-the-minute GPS information, use it.

Be aware that sitting in traffic may ultimately be more time-effective than constantly changing your route. Fuel up and hang tight.

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