Cities Within 100 Miles Of Las Vegas

11 Cities Around 100 Miles Of Las Vegas (With Directions)

The city of Las Vegas thrives on the tourist trade. If you’re considering a trip to the southwestern United States, flying into Las Vegas puts you within easy driving distance of several beautiful national parks and natural wonders. You’re also close to several nifty cities.

The following 11 cities are around 100 miles of Las Vegas.

  1. Kingman, AZ – 107 Miles
  2. Oatman, AZ – 126 Miles
  3. Death Valley, CA – 149 Miles
  4. Needles, CA – 110 Miles
  5. Bullhead City, AZ – 100 Miles
  6. Pahrump, NV – 63 Miles
  7. Mesquite, NV – 81 Miles
  8. Shoshone, CA – 90 Miles
  9. Overton, NV – 63 Miles
  10. Boulder City, NV – 26 Miles
  11. Henderson, NV – 15 Miles

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1) Kingman, Arizona – (107 Miles)

Like many cities within 100 miles of Las Vegas, there’s a big difference between distance as the crow flies and distance on the highway.

The trek between Las Vegas and Kingman will take you close to several unique historical features and some amazing sightseeing from your vehicle.

Take Interstate 515 south out of Las Vegas. As you curve straight south, this parallels Highway 93, 95, and Interstate 11. Enjoy the view of Lake Mead National Recreation Area!

2) Oatman, Arizona (126 Miles)

Oatman is also southeast of Las Vegas, but the road is not a straight shot. Take 515 south out of Las Vegas, then follow state highway 95 straight south.

Before the Nevada border, take 163 east and hook back up to 95 south. At Mesquite, Arizona, take Boundary Cone road east to Oatman.

This route will keep you out of the Lake Mead Rec Area, which can lower your risk of dealing with traffic congestion.

3) Death Valley, California (149 Miles)

Death Valley is more than just torturous desert. This region offers remarkable topography and can be an amazing spot to be when the desert blooms.

However, the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area is between Las Vegas and Death Valley, so you’re going to have to drive further than 100 miles to make this trek.

Take 515 west out of Las Vegas to 95 north. This route will take you north of the Red Rock Canyon region and through Indian Springs.

Highway 127 south will take you directly into the town of Death Valley; highway 190 west will take you to Badwater Road. If you follow this south, you will see the actual valley.

Death Valley, California - Empty infinite Road in the Desert

4) Needles, California (110 Miles)

Interstate 515 east out of Las Vegas to highway 95 south will set you well on your way to Needles. Just south of the Dead Mountains Wilderness, take Interstate 40 east into the city.

Long stretches of desert driving may put you in the mood for a bit of racing. To save legal hassle, visit the Mohave Valley Raceway!

5) Bullhead City, Arizona (100 Miles)

Bullhead City, Arizona, is at the southern end of the Lake Mead Recreation Area. If you. Take Interstate 515 east out of Las Vegas and highway 95 south.

Before you get to the southern border of Nevada, take highway 163 west into Laughlin, then highway 95 south into Bullhead City.

You can also take the route you took to Kingman, just take Interstate 40 west to highway 95. If you have the time, the Lake Mead area is gorgeous, but if you’re in a hurry, stay on the west side of it.

highway leading to Bullhead City NV

6) Pahrump, Nevada (63 Miles)

Follow 95 west out of Las Vegas and get on 27 south. Take state highway 159 west through Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, then catch 160 west.

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Once you’re through the Potosi Mountain wilderness, you will enjoy a straight shot into Pahrump. Take your time through Spring Mountain; there’s a sizable elevation gain.

Pahrump is a great spot for any desert dweller who is tired of the relentless heat of Las Vegas. While it can get warm, it’s high enough in elevation to be comfortable after sunset.

There are also wineries that make this region quite a lot of fun.

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7) Mesquite, Nevada (81 Miles)

Interstate 15 will take you northeast across the state to Mesquite, Nevada. This route will take you through the Moapa Indian Reservation. It will also take you through some serious desert.

Make sure to fuel up, have plenty of water, and a check-in at the end of your trip. The desert can be unforgiving should you have car trouble.

8) Shoshone, California (90 Miles)

Follow the same instructions you used to get to Pahrump. From there, take 372/178 south into Shoshone, California.

This route will take you near the Nopah Range Wilderness; if you have the time, consider stopping for some photos or a short hike. This wilderness is especially beautiful at sunset as you loop around the northern rim before the straight shot into Shoshone.

Do take your time as you travel on the highways in Nevada and California that loop around mountain ranges. It is easy to struggle to see around curves and over rises.

You may encounter other travelers stopping for photos or wildlife on the road.

9) Overton, Nevada (63 Miles)

Take Interstate 15 northeast out of Las Vegas. Once you pass through the city of Moapa, head south on state highway 169, also called North Moapa Valley Boulevard.

Give yourself time on this drive; the first part of your trip takes you through flat desert, but the drive down on the boulevard includes more mountainous terrain.

Once you get to Overton, consider a trip to the Lost City Museum.

Vector color map of Nevada state. Usa

10) Boulder City, Nevada (26 Miles)

Take state highway 93/95 southeast of Las Vegas to Boulder City, Nevada. This is a pretty straightforward drive. In fact, for a chunk of it, you’ll be in East Las Vegas.

Even if you don’t gamble, a trip to the Bellagio would be a treat. Great food and an indoor botanical garden will keep you busy until the fountain show starts!

11) Henderson, Nevada (15 Miles)

It should be noted that Las Vegas to Henderson is less than 30 miles. However, Henderson has its own vibe as well as its own airport.

Take Interstate 11 southeast out of Las Vegas until you get to Interstate 215, or West Lake Meade Parkway. Follow this east into the city of Henderson, Nevada.

Once you get there, enjoy! There’s great golf, a bird preserve, and many fun water park options for the whole family. You can even show off your knowledge at the Pinball Museum.

Because Las Vegas is at a low point in the topography, you can enjoy a big change in climate by driving just a short way away. Check out the nearby wilderness areas if you need a break from the heat.

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