Cities Within 100 Miles Of Miami, FL

11 Cities Within 100 Miles Of Miami, FL (With Directions)

Miami is on the Atlantic Coast of the state of Florida. Though it backs up to the Everglades, there are many remarkable cities within 100 miles of Miami.

Please note that all of the cities listed below are located within the state of Florida.

1) Belle Glade – 82 miles
2) Boca Raton – 45 miles
3) Boynton Beach – 56 miles
4) Clewiston – 95 miles
5) Coral Springs – 46 miles
6) Homestead – 39 miles
7) Kendall – 20 miles
8) Leisure City – 35 miles
9) Pompano Beach – 35 miles
10) Sunrise – 37 miles
11) West Palm Beach – 70 miles

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1) Belle Glade – (82 miles)

From Miami, take Florida 91 north to US Highway 27 north. Belle Glade is at the southern end of Lake Okeechobee. The drive will take you through part of the Everglades Wildlife Management Area.

Once you arrive, Belle Glade offers terrific golf and plenty of hiking. Because there are many nature preserves in the area, you can probably enjoy a quiet break from the bustle of the city.

2) Boca Raton – (45 miles)

Boca Raton is a quick drive up the coast from Miami on Interstate 95 north. Take exit 44 for Palmetto Park Road and head for the coast and you’re there!

While in Boca Raton, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to dig into the culture and history of the state. Schedule a visit to the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center and consider booking a trip out on the water for some deep-sea fishing.

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA welcome sign
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3) Boynton Beach – (56 miles)

Your trip from Miami to Boynton Beach will not take long, but you will be surprised at how quickly you will shed the stress of big-city travel. Just take Interstate 95 north straight into the city for a bit of laid-back beach time.

Schedule a stop at the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum and Learning Center. Make time for some golf and make sure you get to enjoy some time on the sand.

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4) Clewiston – (95 miles)

Like your trip to Belle Glade, your drive up to Clewiston will take you to the shores of Okeechobee. Take Florida 91 north to US 27 north. Be ready to take photos and stop for a hike along the way in the Everglades Wildlife Management Area.

Do take care not to stop where vultures are sunning themselves. These protected birds love rubber and can be very hard on your window seals, windshield wipers, and even your tires.

When you get to Clewiston, you can learn more about the Everglades at the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Seminole Indian Museum. There is a long scenic trail along Lake Okeechobee that includes paved sections for wheelchairs and strollers as well.

5) Coral Springs – (46 miles)

Coral Springs is less than an hour from Miami and has a great deal to offer their visitors! To get there, take Florida 91 north to Florida 869 north. Coral Springs is right on the edge of the Everglades Management Area as well.

If you like culture and the arts, check out the Broward Stage Door Theatre. In addition, Coral Springs is a wonderful spot to shop for all your travel gifts.

map of florida

6) Homestead – (39 miles)

In less than 40 miles from Miami, you can be in a very different area of Florida. The city of Homestead is south of Miami. Take Florida 836 west to Florida 821 south to get there.

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Once in Homestead, check out the Coral Castle Museum. Take in a car race. Stay away from the big city lights and check out the more genteel parts of old Florida.

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7) Kendall – (20 miles)

By taking 836 west to 874 south and spending less than 30 minutes on the road, you can find a gorgeous spot to settle in and enjoy yourself in Kendall, Florida.

While many of the cities in this listing claim to be laid back, it’s important to note that this city offers a park with “hammock” in the name.

There’s also a child-friendly botanical garden and a monkey jungle. You and your family will have a blast!

8) Leisure City – (35 miles)

Head west out of Miami on 874, then head south on 821. If you’re looking for a hopping party of a vacation, Leisure City may not be the best choice for you.

However, if you love to stay somewhere quiet, rent a comfortable AirBNB and go out for a nice dinner over the course of a long weekend, this may be the ideal choice for you.

9) Pompano Beach – (35 miles)

Straight north of Miami on interstate 95 is Pompano Beach. Pretty simple directions! Do make some time to get in the water; the snorkeling in this area is especially fine.

Visit Butterfly World and book yourself some time to get on the water and do some fishing.

i-95 highway sign north and south

10) Sunrise – (37 miles)

Take Interstate 95 to Florida highway 91 north. This road cuts diagonally toward Okeechobee. Sunrise is only 37 miles north of Miami, but this small community has a rural charm that may surprise you.

There’s also a great deal of family fun available to you and yours. Visit the Sawgrass Plaza and enjoy America’s Escape Game amusement park. Visit the Fox Observatory.

If you or your children already own a telescope, bring it and join the other amateur stargazers that gather in the observatory parking lot to study the night sky.

If you need a bit of pampering, you can also find high-end shopping in this city, as well as a huge shopping mall loaded with great restaurants and specialty stores. Bring your credit card to Sawgrass Mills Mall!

11) West Palm Beach – (70 miles)

From Miami, take I-95 straight north to West Palm Beach. This genteel city has a lot to offer those who love slow travel. Visit the Norton Art Museum. Shop for antiques in the art & design district. If you love fountains, dine outdoors at Rosemary Square.

Take your time in West Palm Beach. Give yourself time to soak up the space. Take one day and go to the Norton, then spend a day at Mounts Botanical Garden.

Linger over a long lunch and check out the live musicians that add to the wonderful culture of this city.

It isn’t difficult to drive in and out of Miami. Within 100 miles of this town, you can find coral construction unique to Florida. You can find ways to study history and science as a family, and even find a reason to pack your telescope.

Finally, your travels in Florida will allow you to swim, snorkel and fish in the sea.

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