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5 Best Tools For Measuring Length (#4 Is Impressive)

Last updated on February 9th, 2024 at 11:06 pm

When it comes to measuring length, there are a number of different tools that can be used. These include rulers, yardsticks, tape measures, and more.

If you are looking to accurately measure the length of something, you will need a tool that is reliable and easy to use.

But which is the best tool to use?

Here are 5 of the best tools for measuring length.

1. Ruler

A ruler, or measuring stick, is an object people use to measure length. There are many types of rulers used in different places and for different purposes.

In the United States, a few common types of rulers include the yardstick (36 inches), the meter (1 meter = 100 centimeters), and the foot rule (12 inches).

Rulers have been used for many years for measuring length and drawing straight lines.

The lines on a ruler are called hash marks. You can use these lines to measure imperial units like inch, or metric units like centimeters.

There are some advantages to using a ruler to measure length.

  • Rulers are inexpensive and easy to find
  • You can use a ruler in any country, even if you don’t speak the language
  • A ruler is always accurate because it has markings to tell you where the decimal point should be
  • A ruler doesn’t need batteries or electricity to work
  • If your hands shake, you can still use a ruler

2. Tape measure

A tape measure is a long, flexible strip of cloth or plastic that has both metric and imperial units printed on it. It’s typically used to measure the length of an object.

Tape measures are usually made out of metal with a flexible steel blade inside a casing.

A tape measure is a very popular and convenient tool for measuring length. They are available in many different sizes and weights that are suitable for everyone.

Some advantages to using a tape measure include:

  • Accurate measurements in inches or centimeters
  • Fits easily into a pocket, purse, or backpack
  • Measures both inside and outside length of objects
  • Can measure the height of an object by using its width as a reference point
  • Doesn’t require batteries

3. Vernier caliper

A vernier caliper is a measuring tool that can be used to measure small distances and thicknesses.

Typically, the vernier caliper has two jaws which are moved until they close around an object such as a wire or bolt head.

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The number of millimeters between the jaws when closed will indicate how far apart they were set before closing.

These are available in 6 – 24 inch sizes.

The VINCA DCLA-0605 Electronic Digital Vernier Micrometer Caliper Measuring Tool is a sensitive and powerful digital caliper with high functionality.

This instrument measures ultrafine objects down to 0.001mm or 0.3 thou (30 microns) accuracy, an industry standard for the most precise measuring instruments.

The extra-large LCD screen provides a higher degree of precision and convenience when reading measurements, even in difficult lighting conditions; plus all measurements are displayed instantly on the huge 1/2″x1 1/2″ (13mm x 38mm) screen with a backlight.

4. iPhone measure app

Yes, there is an app for that. Apple has created an app that can be used for measuring the size of any object.

The iPhone measure app is a free and easy to use tool that provides you with the ability to measure any length, distance, area or volume. It can measure in inches, feet and meters and can also calculate weight by converting measurements into kilograms.

According to Apple Support, “The Measure app uses augmented reality (AR) technology to turn your device into a tape measure. You can gauge the size of objects, automatically detect the dimensions of rectangular objects, and save a photo of the measurement.”

Some benefits of using this app:

  • The iPhone measure app is easy to use and doesn’t require any extra equipment
  • Very accurate
  • You can measure in both inches or centimeters
  • It’s free to download and you don’t have to pay for anything else
  • You can save measurements so you don’t have to keep inputting them each time
  • The app will automatically calculate the area of a room

5. Surveyor’s tape

A surveyor’s tape is a measuring device used by surveyors. Surveyors tapes are made of cloth, paper cord, or steel wire and have two metal end caps.

When using the tape to measure length or distances, one end cap is pressed against the starting point and then pulled out so that it hangs over the desired distance. The other end cap is then placed at this second location which will be marked with a tick mark on the ribbon.

This process can then be repeated to get measurements for more than one distance in order to create an accurate map or plan of a particular area.

The Surveyor’s tape is normally available in different sizes and can measure 100 feet or 30 meters.

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