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9 Things That Are 30 Meters Long

Meters are often used to describe distance, but in the U.S., which more commonly uses the imperial system, it can be difficult to estimate just how long a given distance is. Thirty meters equals about 98.43 feet, and a distance this longer is often even harder to picture.

You can, however, compare this distance to a few familiar objects to get a better feel for it.

2 Buses equal 30 meters long

Buses vary in size depending on their use. Some are only as big as a van, but many buses are up to 45 feet in length. Most regular city or school buses are between 35 and 45 feet long.

Two buses measuring 45 feet long would equal a length just shy of 30 meters. If the buses were shorter, you would need closer to two and a half to equal around 30 meters.

Buses work well for estimating the long distance of 30 meters, but you can also use smaller vehicles. For example, although cars vary in size, most average cars are about 14.7 feet long.

You could line up six or seven average cars to reach a distance of 30 meters.

city bus image to reference how long 30 meters is

Telephone Poles

Telephone poles can be of different heights depending on where they are used. For example, telephone or utility poles used along the highway are often between 60 and 120 feet tall.

Most telephone poles used in more rural areas and neighborhoods, though, are about 30 feet tall. Three of these poles would be about 8 or 9 feet shy of 30 meters.

telephone pole with mountains used to reference how long 30 meters is

14 Couches equal 30 meters long

Although couches can be many shapes, they’re surprisingly uniform when it comes to size. Most couches are about 84 inches long, although they can range from 72 to 96 inches.

The average length of 84 inches equals 7 feet exactly, which means you would need 14 couches to equal 30 meters. If you can visualize a couch, you can easily picture a breakdown of 30 meters.

blue full size couch used to reference how long 30 meters is

2 Small pine trees equal 30 meters long

There are many pine tree varieties, and each grows to a slightly different height. Many pine trees, however, regardless of variety, grow to between 15 and 45 meters tall. Two smaller pine trees should, therefore, equal a height of about 30 meters. If you can picture a pine tree, you can probably picture half of 30 meters.

small pine tree with mountains used to reference how long 30 meters is

3 Squash courts are 30 meters long

Squash is an indoor game that’s played on a relatively small court. The court doesn’t need to be too large, as the ball is bounced off the back of the court instead of passed over a net like in tennis or pickleball.

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Squash courts are also a great way to visualize 30 meters in sections because one squash court is 9.75 meters long. Three squash courts, therefore, equal a length less than a meter shy of 30 meters.

Other sports equipment or courts can also be used to visualize 30 meters. Diving boards are a good option because they must all be a uniform length to be used for competition.

A diving board is 4.87 meters long, so you would need six to equal a length only a bit short of 30 meters.

squash court used to reference how long 30 meters is

1.5 bowling lanes equal 30 meters long

Even if you’ve never bowled, you can probably picture a bowling lane. Bowling lanes are surprisingly long, measuring a total of 60 feet or about 18.29 meters. One-and-a-half bowling lanes equal just under 30 meters.

bowling lane used to reference how long 30 meters is

6 Canoes equal 30 meters long

You can find canoes in a few different lengths, and their total length will depend on how many people they seat and what they’re designed for. For example, longer canoes are easier to maneuver, while shorter canoes are lighter and usually a little faster.

Most average canoes are around 15 or 16 feet long, so six canoes measure about 30 meters.

Kayaks are similar to canoes but tend to be faster and lighter. They’re also usually smaller than canoes. One kayak measures about 3 meters, although, like a canoe, you can find them in different lengths.

You would need 10 average kayaks to add up to 30 meters.

trio of canoes on the shore used to reference how long 30 meters is

A house can measure 30 meters long

Houses can be any shape and size. You might find a long, narrow house, or you might see something that’s more square in shape. Many houses use similar dimensions, however, especially when it comes to length.

This helps houses look a bit more uniform in a neighborhood. Many houses measure about 100 feet or just over 30 meters in length.

cape cod home used to reference how long 30 meters is

20 Queen mattresses equal 30 meters long

All queen mattresses are 60 inches or 5 feet across. This standard size makes them a great visual tool for estimating distances. In this case, you would need to line up 20 queen mattresses right next to each other to reach a distance of about 30 meters.

queen sized bed used to reference how long 30 meters is

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