Car Length And Width Measured In Feet

Car Length And Width Measured In Feet (11 Examples)

Last updated on March 20th, 2023 at 12:53 pm

An important factor that often gets overlooked when purchasing a new vehicle is its dimensions.

Cars come in all different shapes and sizes, and depending on the make and model, vehicle class, year, etc.. the length and width of the vehicle will vary.

Knowing the exact measurements of a certain vehicle is not only important before purchasing a new vehicle, but it’s educational and interesting to know.

Here is a list of 11 vehicles including their length and width measured in feet.

Why is knowing car dimensions important?

There are a few reasons why you should know the dimensions of your vehicle

If you own a garage at home, you will want to make sure that the vehicle will fit properly in the space you have. 

Not all garages are the same size and some single car garages are quite small and very limited in space. With a small garage, your choice of vehicles will be limited.

Perhaps you have a small driveway which will only allow for a smaller vehicle. In this case, a larger vehicle may not fit and even a few feet in vehicle size will make a difference. 

Also, you need to know that not all parking spaces in public places are the same size. 

Depending on your location, parking spaces both in length and width can vary.

On average, a parking space at a mall or hospital whether it’s an indoor or outdoor parking lot will have dimensions of 8 feet wide and 16 – 18 feet long. 

This is suitable for most vehicles, but if you work in a location that only allows for parking a small vehicle, this can be a concern depending on your car’s dimensions.

What are the average car dimensions? (Length and width) 

Midsize car

As mentioned, the dimensions of a vehicle can vary quite a bit. When you consider the average dimensions of a car, normally a midsize car is referenced. The average car dimensions are 15 feet long and 6 feet wide. 

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The Toyota Camry is an example of a midsize car with these dimensions.

Mini car

A mini car or smart car is known for its compact size which can easily park in small spaces. 

The average smart car has dimensions of 8.83 feet (106 inches) long and 5.75 feet (69 inches) wide. 

The Smart Fortwo is an example of a car with these dimensions. 

Compact car

Compact cars are vehicles that are between 13.4 feet (161 inches) and 15.58 feet (187 inches) in length and have between 100 and 109 cubic feet of interior space. 

Most compact cars are around 5.83 feet (70 inches) and 6.66 feet (80 inches) wide. 

The Honda Civic is an example of a compact car with these dimensions.

Full-size car

The largest-sized vehicle in its class is full size. A vehicle that has more than 120 cubic feet of interior space is considered a full-sized vehicle.

These cars will generally have the dimensions of 16.4 feet (196.8 inches) long and 6 feet (72 inches) wide.  

The Nissan Altima is an example of a full-sized car with these dimensions.

Sports car

Sports cars are known as coupes, muscle cars, and sports sedans. With sports cars, the dimensions can vary from one car to the next. 

On average, a sports car will be 13 feet (156 inches) to 16.4 feet (196.85 inches) long and 5.7 feet (68.4 inches) to 6.5 feet (78 inches) wide. 

The Ford Mustang is an example of a sports car with these dimensions. 

ford mustang dimensions
Ford Mustang dimensions

Examples of car dimensions – length and width

VehicleLength Width
Smart Fortwo8.83 feet (106 inches)5.45 feet (65.5 inches)
Mazda315.3 feet (183.5 inches)5.89 feet (70.7 inches)
Ford Focus14.89 feet (178.7 inches)5.98 feet (71.8 inches)
Hyundai Elantra15.34 feet (184.1 inches)5.99 feet (71.9 inches)
Honda Civic15.3 feet (183.5 inches)5.90 feet (70.83 inches)
Nissan Altima16.07 feet (192.9 inches)6.08 feet (73 inches)
Kia Cadenza16.30 feet (195.7 inches)6.13 feet (73.6 inches)
Chevrolet Impala16.77 feet (201.3 inches)6.08 feet (73 inches)
Ford Mustang15.70 feet (188.5 inches)6.28 feet (75.4 inches)
Audi R814.52 feet (174.3 inches)6.36 feet (76.4 inches)
Nissan GT-R15.45 feet (185.4 inches)6.21 feet (74.6 inches)
Vehicle dimensions table – Note: Width is measured without side mirrors

SUV dimensions

SUVs are normally sold as either compact or large. Compact SUVs are around 15 feet long and 6 feet wide. Compact SUVs are similar to midsize cars with respect to length and width.

An example of a compact SUV is the Honda CR-V.

Large-sized SUVs are around 16.5 – 17 feet long and 6.5 – 7 feet wide. They are normally much taller than compact SUVs. An example of a large-sized SUV is the Chevrolet Traverse. 

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