Everyday Items That Are 8 Inches Long

9 Everyday Items That Are 8 Inches Long

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Have you ever tried to determine the length of something without having a measuring tape or ruler handy? 

I have many times and it can be frustrating unless you can compare the length of the item with something else that is similar in length.

Instead of just guessing the length which is not very accurate, you can compare it to another item that will be very accurate.

For example, if you want to know the length of a certain kitchen knife and when compared to your iPad mini which is 8 inches long, then you also know the length of the knife is 8 inches as well. 

Comparing items of the same length is very helpful when you don’t have the option of measuring them with a tool.

Here are 9 items that are 8 inches long that you can use for comparison.  

Did you know? 8 inches is equal to 20.32 centimeters or 0.666 feet. 

  1. Small box
  2. Kitchen knife
  3. Banana
  4. 8 quarters
  5. 4 Golf tees
  6. Mouse pad
  7. Cake pan
  8. Adjustable wrench
  9. iPad Mini
Everyday Items That Are 8 Inches Long

1. Small box

An 8-inch small box can be used for many things including storing smaller items like pens, erasers, notepads, and anything else that will fit.

The great thing about an 8-inch box is they only need a smaller area to store them on a shelf. 

If you are moving and need a smaller-sized box, 8-inch sized boxes are available at most moving and storage centers. 

small cardboard box

2. Kitchen knife

An 8-inch kitchen knife or Chef’s knife is a popular option for chopping, slicing, and dicing.

If you need thicker items cut, the 8-inch knife is a good option as generally, they will be heavier than smaller knives.

Although there are many different sizes of knives available that are used for many purposes, the 8-inch kitchen knife is one of the most commonly used sizes. 

kitchen knife cutting board

3. Banana

Bananas are a very popular fruit that is used for cooking and baking or to eat as a dessert.  

Bananas are known to be used in some countries for cooking plantains which are eaten just like a cooked vegetable. 

Although bananas can vary in size, the average size is around 8 inches long.

bananas on a table with knife

4. 8 Quarters

In the USA, a quarter coin is worth 25 cents and 4 of them equal 1 dollar. 

The first quarter was produced in 1796 and has dimensions of 0.955 inches or 24.66 millimeters in diameter and a thickness of 0.069 inches or 1.75 millimeters thick.

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Knowing that the quarter coin is very close to 1 inch in diameter, if you place 8 of them lined up together, they would equal 8 inches long. 

8 quarters in a row

5. 4 Golf tees

If you love to play golf, you know that tees are an important item needed to play the game.

Golf tees are used in different sizes and are made out of wood or plastic. 

The standard golf tee that is commonly used has a length of 2.125 inches. So if you can picture 4 of these golf tees placed on top of each other, they would equal around 8 inches long. 

white golf tees on grass

6. Mouse pad

Using a mouse pad while using a computer is a smart idea. They will increase the effectiveness of the mouse when compared to using it on a table. 

A mouse pad will also protect your table from scratches and marks created from the mouse being used.

Mousepads will also prevent the mouse from sliding on the table and allow for more accurate scrolling and cursor movement.

Although a mousepad is not 100% required, they are recommended and will make for a smoother operation of your computer mouse.

Mousepads can also be purchased in different sizes including 8 inches in length. 

black mouse pad and white mouse

7. Cake pan

A cake pan or baking pan is used to bake a cake in the oven. 

These pans are normally made out of metal, ceramic, silicone, and glass. 

Cake pans also have a non-stick coating which prevents food from sticking to the pan. 

You can use a cake pan for cooking other foods like casseroles, lasagna, and desserts. 

An 8-inch cake pan is a commonly used size and is easy to find at most department stores. 

8 inch cake pan

8. Adjustable wrench

An adjustable wrench is a very helpful tool when performing maintenance on your car, bike, or working on a plumbing job.

The advantage of an adjustable wrench over a standard size wrench is being able to fit on a variety of sized nuts.

An adjustable wrench is sometimes called an adjustable spanner and are available in many sizes. 

The 8-inch adjustable wrench is great for working in smaller spaces or areas where it’s difficult to reach the nut.

adjustable wrench

9. iPad Mini

The iPad mini is one of the most popular tablets used around the world. The first iPad mini was introduced in 2012 and to date there are 5 models released.

The iPad mini 5th Gen is smaller than the regular-sized iPad and has the dimensions of 8 inches long x 5.3 inches wide x 0.24 inches thick.

It is also very lightweight at 0.66 pounds. 

ipad mini

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