9 Common Things That Are 10 Inches Long (#5 Is Surprising)

When trying to measure things, it’s not always possible to have a ruler close by. Although having a ruler on hand works great, there are other options available to determine the size of certain items.

Referring to other items can be very useful when determining size. If you are shopping for something that is around 10 inches long, comparing similar-sized items will be helpful.

Here is a list of common items that are 10 inches long.

  1. 5 Golf tees
  2. 3 Crayons
  3. 2 iphone 5S
  4. 50 Pencil erasers
  5. 1 Burpless cucumber
  6. 1.5 USA dollar bills
  7. 7 Paperclips
  8. 2 Soda cans
  9. 1 Envelope

Did you know? 10 inches equals 25.4 centimeters or 0.8333 feet.

Common Things That Are 10 Inches Long

#1. 5 Golf tees

golf ball on red tee

The average golf tee is around 2 inches tall. 2.1″ to be exact. If you can picture 5 golf tees back to back, they will equal about 10 inches long.

However, not all golf tees are this size and they can range up to 4 inches long depending on the club being used.

But the most commonly used tee is just over 2 inches long.

4 multi colored golf tees

#2. 3 Crayons

A crayon is around 3.5 inches long each. If you put 3 crayons together, they will equal around 10 inches long.

There are larger-sized crayons that are 4 inches tall and have a slightly larger diameter than standard crayons.

5 multi colored crayons

#3. 2 iPhone 5S

For anyone still using the iPhone 5S, you will notice that it is just under 5 inches long. Picture 2 of them together and they will equal close to 10 inches long.

iphone 5s

#4. 50 Pencil erasers

Pencil erasers can be found on the end of every pencil and each one is 0.2 inches tall. 50 pencil erasers placed on top of each other would equal 10 inches long.

wood pencil

#5. 1 Burpless Cucumber

Although cucumbers can range in size from 2 to 14 inches, the popular Burpless bush hybrid cucumber averages around 10 inches long. It’s possible for some to grow over a foot long.

burpless cucumber

#6. 1.5 USA Dollar bills

usa 1 dollar bill dimensions

The American dollar bill has the dimensions of 2.61 inches wide x 6.14 inches long.

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The dollar bill is a very popular item that is commonly used to compare the sizes of other items.

If you were to fold a dollar bill in half, you would have 1.5 dollar bills, and back to back they would equal about 10 inches long. Not exactly but it will be close.

#7. 7 Regular sized paperclips (#1 size)

The most common paperclip used is a #1 regular which is around 1.3 inches or 33 millimeters long. Picture 7 of these paperclips placed together in a row and they would equal around 10 inches long.

silver paperclip

#8. 2 Soda cans

red soda can and glass

A common 325 ml or 12-ounce soda can is 4.83 inches tall. Place 2 of these cans together and it will measure just under 10 inches long.

#9. 1 Envelope (11 size)

Envelopes are available in a variety of sizes. The 11 size is the common name for an envelope that has the dimensions of 4.5 inches x 10 3/8 inches.

The enclosure size of an 11 size envelope is slightly larger than 10 inches long.

white envelope size 11

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