How Long Is 8 Inches Compared To An Object?

How Long Is 8 Inches Compared To An Object?

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If you are wondering about the size of a certain item, it’s a good idea to compare it to something else you can relate to. 

If you don’t have a measuring tool like a ruler nearby, comparing items to each other is a great way to figure out the size of something.

Eight inches is a common way to describe sizes, but it can be difficult to picture precisely how long or tall 8 inches actually is.

Comparing 8 inches to household items, however, can help you estimate the length and can also help you accurately use the measurement to describe other items.

how long is 8 inches compared to an object?

How long is 8 inches?

8 inches is equal to 20.32 centimeters or 203.2 millimeters. 

Other items that equal 8 inches long are:

A Piece of Notebook Paper

In the United States, standard notebook paper is 8 and a half inches wide and 11 inches tall.

This means that visualizing the top or bottom of a notebook can make it simple to picture what a little more than 8 inches looks like.

Legal paper is also 8 and a half inches wide, but it is 14 inches tall, which is almost but not quite double 8 inches.

notebook paper that is 8.5 inches wide

Business Cards

Business cards are a handy way to quickly compare 8 inches to a common object or to measure out roughly 8 inches without using a ruler.

Most standard business cards are 2 inches tall, which means placing four edge to edge can help you accurately measure 8 inches.

In addition, standard business cards are generally 3 and a half inches wide.

You can visualize two business cards, lined up, and you’ll only be an inch shy of 8 inches.

Credit cards are also a similar size to standard business cards. Credit cards are usually just slightly over 2 inches tall and are generally 3 inches wide.

Here are a few more items that are 3 inches long.

Business Envelopes

Business envelopes are a staple whether you’re at work or in your home office.

Standard business envelopes are 4 inches tall, which means that simply placing two together can help you accurately measure or compare 8 inches.

These envelopes are generally 9 and a half inches long, so using height is a more accurate measuring tool, but you can also estimate 8 inches by picturing a length that’s slightly less than the length of a business envelope.

Kitchen knife

A kitchen knife or chef’s knife can be purchased in many sizes. If you buy an 8 inch knife, it can be used to slice, dice, and cut thicker foods. 

6 inch chef knife

iPad Mini

The world-famous iPad Mini is smaller than many other tablets on the market and has dimensions of 5.3 inches wide x 8 inches long. 

8 Paperclips

Using or visualizing paper clips is another great way to get a feel for how long 8 inches is.

Small standard paper clips are 1 inch long, so picturing eight paper clips will get you to almost exactly 8 inches.

Large standard paper clips are just shy of 2 inches long. In this case, you can picture four large paper clips, and this can help you estimate what 8 inches look like.

I also did some research on objects that are 1 inch long that you can read here.

Soda Cans

Soda cans and some bottles have a diameter of about 2 inches. This makes soda cans a great item to compare to 8 inches.

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Four soda cans, lined up and viewed from above, equal about 8 inches in length.

5 AAA Batteries

The commonly used AAA battery is 1.75 inches long. If you want to measure 8 inches long with AAA batteries, you will need 5 of them lined up together. It won’t equal exactly 8 inches but it will be close. 

8 Quarters

Coins are a handy way to measure or compare 8 inches to other objects.

For example, a United States quarter is about 1 inch in diameter. Picturing eight quarters, or using a quarter to measure, can help you get to 8 inches with a great deal of accuracy.

Another good way to measure using a coin is by using a penny. Pennies are about 3/4 of an inch in diameter.

Although this method isn’t as accurate as using a quarter, lining up 10 pennies can help you estimate what close to 8 inches looks like.

Dollar bills can also be compared to 8 inches. In the United States, paper money is 6 inches wide, which is just 2 inches shy of 8 inches.

Dollar bills are about 2 and a half inches tall, so you can also use the height of a paper bill to compare 8 inches.

Two Hand-Widths

Most adults’ hands are about 4 inches across at the area of your hand just below your knuckles.

This means that two hand widths are about 8 inches across. This is a quick and easy way to estimate or compare 8 inches with relative accuracy.

You can also use your hands to measure in other ways.

For example, most people’s thumbs, measuring from the tip of the thumb to the top knuckle joint, are about 1 inch long.

Placing your thumb down eight times can help you estimate 8 inches.

The measurement won’t be exact, but it will most likely be relatively close.

Drill bit

Although many drill bits are smaller than 8 inches long, there are plenty of longer drill bits available to hard to reach areas or areas where extra length is needed. 

Drill bits can be longer than 8 inches as well. Bits of this size is considered to be long or extra long in size. 

4 Credit cards

Most credit cards are just over 2 inches long and 3.4 inches wide. Placing 4 credit cards side by side on a flat surface would equal around 8 inches long.

credit card size


Bananas are a common fruit that can be used for cooking or baking. They can also be eaten as part of a dessert or by themselves. The next time you are in the grocery store, check out the length of the average-sized banana and you will see that it is close to 8 inches. 

Sports Items

Some balls, such as a pool ball, have a diameter of 2 inches, which means lining up four pool balls can help you get a good feel for how long 8 inches is.

Standard baseballs also have a diameter of two inches. Soccer balls, on the other hand, generally have a diameter that’s just over 8 inches.

Picturing a soccer ball can help you accurately estimate 8 inches and is a great way to compare that length to a real-life object.

Other sports items can also help you compare 8 inches to objects. For example, a golf tee is generally just short of two inches tall. Picturing four golf tees can help you estimate what 8 inches look like.

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