How long is 800 meters?

How long is 800 meters? With Visuals

This article will show you how far 800 meters is along with some visual examples for reference. 

The distance of 800 meters can be seen with the human eye easily. 

Although measuring this distance with a standard measuring tool like a measuring tape or ruler is not convenient but it can be done.

To get a better sense of how far 800 meters is, here are some items of similar length or distance for you to reference. 

800 meters is equal to 874 yards or 0.5 miles.

How long is 800 meters?

53 Bungalow homes

As you know, not all homes have the same dimensions and they can vary in overall size. A bungalow is a common-sized family home that ranges in length from 40-50 feet. 

A bungalow that is 50 feet long is equal to just over 15 meters in length. To visualize how far 800 meters is, you would need to place 53 bungalows one behind the other. 

Since each bungalow is equal to 15 meters long, 53 bungalows equal 800 meters long.

bungalow house surrounded by shrubs

13 Hockey arenas (Ice surface)

If you are a hockey fan, you will be familiar with the size of a hockey arena. Not all hockey arenas are the same size, but in professional leagues like the National Hockey League (NHL), the dimensions of the actual ice surface are the same. 

The actual length of the ice surface in a hockey arena is 200 feet. This is from one end of the ice to the other. 200 feet equals 60.96 meters. 

If you can visualize the length of 13 ice hockey surfaces, it will equal very close to measuring 800 meters.

ice hockey arena

⅓ Airport runway

An airport runway is a great reference to use when determining how far away something is. If you have traveled on a commercial airliner, you know that the runways used are quite long. 

Although not all runways at airports around the world are the same size, most large international airports have runways that are around 8,000 to 10,000 feet long. 

A large commercial passenger jet requires a runway of this length to takeoff safely. 

Using an average runway length of 8000 feet which is equal to 2438 meters, if you divide the runway into 3 equal parts, each section would equal close to 800 meters long. 

overhead view airport runway

160 Canoes

A canoe is a thin lightweight boat or watercraft with pointed ends that are normally moved along the water by using paddles. Canoes can vary slightly in size and either a single person or multiple people can ride in a canoe. 

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Although the size of a canoe can range from 14.5 – 17 feet, the average length is 16 feet which is equal to just under 5 meters long. 

If you could place 160 canoes together in a row, they would be very close to being 800 meters long. 

couple paddling in a canoe

66 Shipping containers

Shipping containers are commonly used for shipping large items that travel overseas on a boat. A car is a good example. Many people will ship vehicles overseas on a boat. 

The size of shipping containers used for this purpose is 20 feet long which is suitable for most vehicles as they are less than 20 feet long. 

Shipping containers are normally either 20 or 40 feet long which is equal to 6 and 12 meters long. 

If you could place 66 shipping containers that are 40 feet or 12 meters long together in a line, they would equal 800 meters long.

stack of shipping containers

Eight -100-meter running tracks

If you like to watch the Olympics or track and field events, you will be familiar with the 100-meter dash. This is a fast sprint between various athletes over a 100-meter distance. 

The 100-meter sprint is the shortest race completed in an outdoor event and is usually covered in under 10 seconds. 

The world record for the fastest time ever in a 100-meter dash is held by Usain Bolt.

He ran the 100 meters in a time of 9.58 seconds in 2009. 

If you can visualize the length of the 100-meter track, placing 8 of them together in a row would equal 800 meters in length.

100 meter running track

How long does it take to walk 800 meters?

If you wanted to walk a distance of 800 meters, you should know that it won’t take very long. Although not all people walk at the same pace, the average person walks at a speed of 3 miles per hour (MPH) which is 0.05 miles per minute. 

800 meters is equal to 0.497 miles. Therefore a person will walk 800 meters in 9.94 minutes.

people walking on sidewalk

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