Examples Of Things That Are 20 Feet Long

10 Examples Of Things That Are 20 Feet Long

Twenty feet is a measurement that’s commonly given in order to offer an estimate or size comparison.

However, visualizing 20 feet can be a bit difficult unless you have a reference. Imagining some different objects that are 20 feet long can help.

Examples Of Things That Are 20 Feet Long

Two Basketball Hoops

A standard basketball hoop, such as one that might be used in an NBA or Olympic game, must be exactly 10 feet tall.

This means that two basketball hoops, stacked together, are equal to 20 feet. Visualizing a basketball hoop, therefore, makes it simple to visualize what 20 feet, or half of 20 feet, might look like.

Shorter hoops are occasionally used in schools or on children’s courts.

basketball player dunk

A Giraffe

Giraffes are the tallest land animals, and they can grow to nearly 20 feet in height, although most giraffes reach a total height of closer to 18 feet.

These amazing animals actually have the same number of vertebrae in their long necks as humans do.

As they grow, the vertebrae in the neck lengthen.

Giraffes are born with much shorter necks, proportionally, than adults, as this makes birth easier.

Giraffes use their long, muscular necks to reach leaves high up in the branches of acacia trees.

These trees are quite spiky, but giraffes have special, flexible tongues that help them gather up food while avoiding the spines of the tree.


A Moving Truck

Moving trucks do vary a bit in size, depending on what type of truck it is and what it’s designed for.

However, many medium-sized moving trucks are exactly 20 feet long.

This size helps to ensure that people can fit all of their belongings into a single truck.

If you can picture a U-Haul truck, you can easily visualize what 20 feet looks like.

uhaul truck

An Extension Ladder

Extension ladders make it simple to reach your roof or high tree branches in order to perform maintenance.

These ladders are available in a range of sizes, but many extension ladders can extend to a height of 20 feet.

Picturing a tall ladder can help you imagine what 20 feet looks like.

Many of these ladders can be folded down into a smaller size, and a folded extension ladder might only measure 15 or 20 feet.

extension ladder

Four Park Benches

Not all park benches are exactly the same size, but, for the most part, park benches are almost exactly 5 feet long.

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This means that four park benches, lined up next to each other, are equal to 20 feet.

Not only can visualizing several park benches help you visualize 20 feet, but imagining a park bench’s length can help you break down 20 feet into fractions or sections.

wood park bench

An Orca

One of the most well-known whale species, orcas, which are also sometimes called killer whales, can grow up to 20 feet long.

These massive black and white whales are known as excellent hunters, and they usually travel in groups known as pods. Orcas can live for between 10 and 45 years, and they’re found in every ocean in the world.

orca whale

A String of Lights

During the holiday season, strings of brightly colored lights are a popular sight, but these lights and LED light strips are also commonly used in homes throughout the year in order to create a fun or natural lighting effect.

These light strings are available in a range of lengths, but one of the most common lengths is 20 feet.

string of led lights

Two Long Rugs

Rugs can vary greatly in size, but many long, rectangular rugs, which are often used for covering the floor in hallways, measure either exactly or right around 10 feet in length.

If you can picture two of these large rugs laid out end to end, you can easily visualize what 20 feet looks like.

multi colored rug on wood floor

Four Folding Tables

Most dining room tables measure about 6 feet across, but folding tables, such as those used in schools, for crafts fairs, or for setting up booths, are usually around 5 feet in length.

Four folding tables, therefore, are equal to almost or exactly 20 feet.

A folding table is something that most people are familiar with, so it’s easy to picture a folding table or several folding tables in order to get an idea of just how long 20 feet is.

folding table


A carnivorous dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period, the Carnotaurus generally grew to about 20 feet in length.

Only one skeleton of this dinosaur has been found, but because it was a complete skeleton, scientists were able to glean a good deal of information about the animal.

Carnotaurus was a very large dinosaur, but because of the unique structure of its vertebrae, scientists believe that it was also very fast, meaning it would have been an excellent hunter.

Other dinosaurs that could grow to around 20 feet in length include the carnivorous Saurosuchus and Dilophosaurus and the herbivorous Tenontosaurus.

Carnotaurus dinosaurs

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