How Much Does A Hoodie Weigh?

How Much Does A Hoodie Weigh?

Most people are familiar with hooded sweatshirts, also known as hoodies, but not many people stop to consider how much they weigh.

However, if you’re making custom hoodies, you may need to know how heavy they are so you can calculate shipping costs. Shipping can also be an important factor if you’re planning to send a hoodie as a gift or if you need to move your clothes.

Calculating the weight of hoodies can also help you determine how many you can stack on a shelf.

How Much Does A Hoodie Weigh?

How much does a hoodie weigh?

There are many different types of hoodies and many things that affect the exact overall weight of any specific hoodie, so giving one answer to this question is impossible. However, most hoodies weigh between 8 ounces, which is equal to half a pound or about 227 grams, and 25 ounces, which is equal to 1.6 pounds or about 709 grams.

What affects hoodie weight?

Two of the biggest factors when it comes to hoodie weight are the size of the hoodie and the material the hoodie is made out of.

Small hoodies use less material than large hoodies, so large hoodies weigh a bit more. In addition, a women’s small is smaller than a men’s small, and so on for each size, so women’s hoodies generally weigh a little less than men’s hoodies of the same size designation.

The fit of a particular hoodie can also change its weight. A medium-sized hoodie that is designed to be more formfitting or aerodynamic will use slightly less fabric than a medium hoodie that’s meant to be cozy, flowy, or offer plenty of movement, so the formfitting hoodie will weigh less.

Some fabrics are very thick and are designed to provide a lot of warmth, while other fabrics are lightweight and are used to offer just enough warmth on a chilly day.

grey hoodies shown from various angles

If the hoodie is designed to be warm and cozy, it probably uses a thicker fabric, which makes for a heavier hoodie overall.

The age of the fabric can also sometimes affect weight. When a hoodie is worn and washed often, the fabric gradually becomes thinner.

A hoodie that has been loved for many years will often be a little lighter than the same hoodie when it’s brand new.

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If the hoodie has a zipper, this will also add weight, as the metal of the zipper can be quite heavy. Some hoodies also have additional metal accents at the ends of the ties, which can also add more weight.

Any kind of vinyl decorations or any other appliques, beads, jewels, or other decorations will also add a bit of weight. A hoodie pocket can also add weight, as the pocket requires additional fabric.

The larger the pocket, the more fabric is used.

An average hoodie weighs between 8 -25 ounces.

What are the different types of hoodies?

There are two main types of hoodies, called zippered hoodies and pullover hoodies. Zippered hoodies, as their name suggests, unzip down the front, so they can be shrugged on like a jacket.

These hoodies are mostly worn for warmth or fashion. They’re often a bit more lightweight than pullover hoodies, but the additional weight of the zipper makes them heavier.

These hoodies usually weigh about 1.5 pounds or around 680 grams.

Pullover hoodies don’t have a zipper but are instead put on the same way you might put on a t-shirt. Most of these hoodies are also worn for warmth and fashion, but many pullover hoodies are designed for athletic wear.

pullover and zippered hoodies
pullover and zippered hoodies

Athletic hoodies tend to be made of polyester or fleece, which is warm but much lighter than cotton or other materials.

These hoodies help to wick away moisture and keep bodies at the correct, balanced temperature while exercising. Athletic hoodies can weigh as little as 8 ounces.

Many athletic hoodies weigh just under 1 pound, though.

Pullover hoodies are also available in regular cotton material. This is a bit heavier than the lightweight materials used for athletic hoodies, so most cotton hoodies weigh around 19 ounces, which is equal to about 1.2 pounds or 544 grams.

You can also find fashionable knit hoodies. These hoodies tend to use thicker materials, but they’re also more formfitting. Knit hoodies generally weigh about 1 pound.

knitted hoodie

What is the best way to ship a hoodie?

Many people prefer to ship clothing, including hoodies, in a plastic envelope mailer, as this is much lighter and smaller in size than a box.

If you’re only mailing one or two hoodies at a time, this is usually the best option. Always fold the hoodie as tightly as possible and use the smallest package you can, whether you decide on a box or envelope.

large mailer envelope

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