How Much Is 10 Pounds Of Aluminum Worth?

How Much Is 10 Pounds Of Aluminum Worth?

Last updated on May 8th, 2023 at 11:15 am

Many people collect or save metal so they can sell it for scrap at a profit. However, in order to be successful, it’s a good idea to know how much the metal you have is worth.

How Much Is 10 Pounds Of Aluminum Worth?

How much is 10 pounds of aluminum worth?

The price of aluminum, like the price for any metal, fluctuates slightly depending on a number of factors that include how much of the particular metal is available, what the demand is, and what inflation is.

As of 2020, the price for a single pound of aluminum was about 89 cents. This means that 10 pounds of aluminum is worth about $8.90.

However, this price for a pound of aluminum can fluctuate quite a bit. In general, a pound of aluminum is usually worth between 50 and 75 cents, so 10 pounds of aluminum will generally be worth between $5 and $7.50.

In addition, most scrap yards won’t offer you the retail price for the aluminum, as they must also resell it later, so they’ll need to purchase it for less.

10 Pounds of aluminum is worth about $8.90.

How many empty cans are in 10 pounds?

Many people bring their empty aluminum soda cans to the recycling center because the recycling center often pays for these cans.

How much you can get for your empty cans depends on the recycling center and the laws and regulations in your particular state.

On average, most recycling centers around the United States pay about 25 cents per pound of cans.

Some states, however, have a flat rate for each can, and these states will pay between 5 and 10 cents per can.

To find out how much you can make on cans that are returned to the recycling center, you’ll first need to figure out how many cans are in 10 pounds.

crushed aluminum cans

One aluminum soda can weighs about 14.9 grams. There are about 453.592 grams in one pound.

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We can divide 453.592 by 14.9 to find that you will need about 30 cans to make 1 pound, so you’ll need about 300 cans to make 10 pounds.

This means that, on average, 10 pounds of cans that are turned in to the recycling center can earn you about $2.50 if they’re measured by weight, and between $15 and $30 is the center pays a flat rate for each can.

If your recycling center pays per pound, you may feel frustrated because you’ll be making less than the price of aluminum.

However, remember that the recycling center has to sell the cans to an aluminum scrap company, so they have to buy the cans for a lower price initially.

This also saves you the hassle of finding a metal scrap company and working out a price with that company yourself.

It’s generally easier to find a local recycling center than it is to find a scrap metal company that will take a small number of cans.

recycling depot with aluminum cans

What is scrap aluminum used for?

A great deal of scrap aluminum is used in construction, particularly for building bridges. This scrap metal can also be used to make guardrails for roads.

Scrap aluminum is also heavily used in the automotive industry, and it can be turned into many different car parts. Other scrap metal is broken down and remade into new cans.

aluminum car parts

Is it worth it to sell scrap metal?

Although it may take some time to make connections and find good sources of scrap metal, many scrap metal collectors can make a tidy profit.

Scrapping aluminum cans can often bring in $50 to $100 a week, and if you collect other metals, such as copper, and bring those metals to scrap yards, you can often negotiate for a high price.

If you want to make money scrapping, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on metal prices, collect the most in-demand metals, and sell when the prices are highest.

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