How Much Weight Can A Crib Hold?

How Much Weight Can A Crib Hold?

Being a parent is challenging. Even if you feel prepared, there are always fears in the back of your mind. Parents need to make many decisions for their children, and purchases are a significant part of parenthood.

One of the most challenging decisions parents must make is what crib to purchase for their sweet little one to sleep in at night and for naps. When searching for a crib, many parents have questions, including those revolving around how much weight one can hold.

We are here to answer this question in great detail and give you the information you need for making an informed decision. Knowing a crib’s weight capacity will set your mind at ease as you go shopping.

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What Is the General Weight Capacity of a Baby Crib?

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as we would like because there are so many factors to consider, including the materials, support system, and size of the crib.

On average, baby cribs hold between 30-50 pounds of weight. A smaller portable crib will hold between 22 to 40 pounds, depending on the materials it is made from.

Factors That Control How Much Weight a Crib Can Hold

There are a few factors that will determine how much weight a crib can hold. Understanding these facets will help you make the correct crib purchase for your baby, no matter his or her age.

The Materials

One of the most significant contributing factors to how much weight a crib can hold is the materials it is made from. Not all cribs are the same.

Some cribs are cheaply made and could be a danger, especially if you purchase an older crib or one that is used. Before selecting a new crib for your baby, research the strongest materials, and choose wisely.

Most cribs are made from wood because it is considered the safest choice, but you may also find cribs made of metal and a mixture of materials, including plastics. The following are the strongest wood choices for baby cribs.

  • American Beech
  • Maple
  • Ash
  • Oak
  • Birch

Pine is also a solid choice as far as the weight it holds, but it is a softer wood, so you will need to be careful about dents and scratches. You should avoid purchasing used cribs that have been painted because the paint may not be safe for your baby.

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The Stabilizer Bars

Another factor that determines the weight capacity of a crib is the stabilizers. Some cribs only have a single stabilizer bar, and some have none at all. For the highest level of strength, you need a crib that has at least two stabilizer bars.

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The Frame

The frame will also help you know how much weight a crib holds. Typically, you will see frames made of metal or wood. Wood slat frames usually hold more weight than flimsy metal mesh frames. Before purchasing any crib, make sure you check the components thoroughly to ensure the bed meets all safety guidelines.

The Size

The size of the crib also determines how much baby weight it can hold. Portable cribs, for instance, hold much less weight than larger stationary cribs. Generally speaking, if you want to purchase a crib that holds more weight than others, choose a larger crib.

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How Do Companies Determine the Weight Capacity of Cribs?

You may think crib manufacturers decide how much weight their beds can hold, but this is not entirely true. While the manufacturer carries out testing, it is up to the American Society of Testing Materials to test cribs and decide how much weight they can safely hold.

The American Society of Testing tests baby cribs with a highly specific testing procedure. They use a 45-pound weight and repeatedly drop it at different points on the mattress, measuring the response of the crib’s components.

On average, baby cribs hold between 30-50 pounds of weight.

What About Convertible Cribs?

Many parents today realize the value of purchasing baby furniture that has usefulness that extends beyond the first year of life. The market is being flooded with cribs that convert to toddler beds and even those that eventually convert into a full-sized twin bed to take a child from baby all the way to adult.

It is important to note that not all cribs convert. While some crafty parents do a little engineering and carpentry work and change their baby’s crib to a toddler bed or twin, this is not advised. Even if you convert a crib to a bed, the weight limit remains the same unless you use fortifying materials, including a conversion bar.

Choose a Baby Crib Carefully

Selecting a crib for your baby is one of the toughest decisions to make. There are so many factors to consider, including how much weight the crib can hold.

When buying a crib, make sure you do research and learn as much as possible about the materials and components. Researching and learning about the weight capacity of the crib will ensure you select the right one for your baby.

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